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  1. Missed a few at home this year and I don't think I've seen us score from open play . . .
  2. Him and Baker added nothing. Actually detracted work rate and commitment.
  3. I'm not anti playing long ball. But they've gotta be channel or to chest/feet. Not just fight ball after fight ball. Too much flat stuff from the CBs too.
  4. Mate bought me a Boro shirt and this happened to me. Luckily I know enough to still have a decent conversation about them without looking like a total twonk. Had AC Milan shorts on too but didn't meet any Iti's.
  5. He was class. Which is odd because he's normally dross.
  6. I always thought he was decent.
  7. Ate a full chocolate gateaux from the Asda next to stadium:MK before kick off once. Sneaked a giant pork pie into Molineux.
  8. Trying to drag the woman along. She's never seen us lose. Deffo a keeper.
  9. We scream out for a goalscoring poacher of a striker, then we sign one, then we play him on the wing. Baffling.
  10. Was never as bad as people made out.
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