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  1. On the stories thingy, no idea how to bring them back up once you have looked at them.
  2. Hector just pointed out his image on the SWFC calendar on Instagram, think he is dropping a MASSIVE hint!!
  3. What you actually find is that manufacturers hold back a huge amount of promotional support until the end of November, and then it's a free for all as everybody tries to empty the warehouses. The two big Korean manufacturers love it though as they shift huge numbers of TV's.
  4. Couldn't agree more mate to be honest, but it's part of the furniture now in the UK and if we don't get involved we may as well close the doors for two weeks.
  5. How would I go about setting this up? Would it be through @OWLSTALK??
  6. If you are after a big screen TV to watch the mighty Wednesday, could I suggest that rather than supporting the multi national tax dodging website that is Amazon, you actually keep the money in the local economy and support a local firm owned by a couple of lifelong Owls!! You won't be disappointed!! https://www.williams-electrical.co.uk/black-friday
  7. A mate of mine is a sound engineer, and over the next 6 months he has the job of replacing the entire PA system at Hillsborough. It has been failing for years and some of the speaker mounts need replacing due to wear and tear.
  8. I have one that I won't be using, no PP's but it's a valid ID. I'll PM you the details now.
  9. Was at the game on Tuesday and lucky enough to have been in the directors box a few rows behind Milan and the new owners. The guy that invited me to the game was pretty certain that the takeover would be announced today and that Mcgugan would be announced on loan on friday for the rest of the season as no-one has contacted Watford about a permanent move.
  10. Got to be Kirkland or Lee for me, total consistency from both this season. If there was an award for effort though it would have to be Nuhiu!!
  11. Reda was a smashing guy and more than happy to chat with everyone as was Seme. I just assumed Antonio would have a passing interest in his team winning even if he isn't able to play. There were around 10 guys in the box all in the kit but most were academy players I think as none of us had a clue who they were! Was very impressed with the food provided on the night but the boxes could do with a lick of paint and a refresh, looked very tired to be honest. Hirsty was there as always knocking back the vino and having a chat with everyone. Overall it was a great evening and I'm very grateful to my mate for letting me tag along.
  12. Was lucky to be in a box for last nights game at the kop end and the box next to us was full of injured or not featured players. Reda, Semedo,Floro and Antonio were the main ones (must admit I didn't recognise the rest). Had a chat with Reda and Semedo and both were very friendly and approachable for a chat and were sat outside the box watching the game. Antonio however didn't step foot outside once and never looked up from his phone even when we scored, looked like a right miserable sod. Anyway it was probably the dullest game I've been to for years but having the players to chat to made it a much more enjoyable game and one of the guys I went with even dared to hug Reda when the goal went in!
  13. I remember when I was about 6 being a blade for a couple of weeks because my best mate was but I soon realised the owls were more important than he was and came to my senses! Never looked back since.
  14. The only time it has been good to hear was at the blunts first game in prem. Liverpool set off with YNWA which I absolutely hate and they got totally drowned out by the pigs. The missus tried putting Annie's song on my ipod and it got deleted straight away, can't listen to it without feeling sick!
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