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  1. Yep loads wearing blunts shirts lately.
  2. dazaston

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    You can bet your life at the 1st game on it next season someone will remark"The pitch looks well"
  3. dazaston

    Rory McArdle

    Rory is definitely an owl.My kids mothers cousin Greg Mason who was in our academy with Rory is his best mate.
  4. dazaston

    Is it true?

    All you need to know is they won the league in November so must have got relegated back to the championship by boxing day & eventually finished 10th.
  5. dazaston

    800k for Fred

    If it is true about the 800k if hes given say a 4 year contract that's only 200k plus wages per year so shouldn't really impact ffp.
  6. Looks like I've got to put up with the missus instead of sunning it up in Portugal again. O well 2 weeks away with the family it is then
  7. Anyone who doubts Hooper needs to watch his contribution in the Brighton play off games. His movement & distribution is 2nd to non in this division. If he starts the season on fire like this last 1 everyone will be s*cking him off until he gets an injury.
  8. dazaston

    Wednesday Towels

    There's a bloke on some Wednesday Facebook groups called Darren Higgins he sells them.
  9. dazaston


    Who's put the 50p in the idiot?
  10. dazaston

    Turkish Owls

    Will be spreading the gospel in Altinkum on the 23rd July Taking a kit over for Serkans daughter from the Sky bar
  11. dazaston

    Blast from the past - Gerry Young

    I never realised he was that old
  12. dazaston

    So David Hirst regrets

    Hirsty is a Spurs fan
  13. dazaston

    Players Songs

    On the right on the right Lewis Buxton Reda Reda Reda/Jermaine Jermaine Jermaine Johnson
  14. dazaston

    Forestieri's goal

    Kissing the badge & making love heart signs to the crowd not bad for a player wanting away from the club