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  1. After Mcsues latest statement on BRP the pigs credit rating has dropped drastically so cant see our "minted" chairmen entertaining any offers from them paupers
  2. Taken from Tom lees interview in the stir Lees said: "We have been told already that it is going to be tough so we will have to come back in shape. "We know that it is going to be hard; the trip to Portugal is going to be very difficult and I’m sure we will be fit and ready. Probably fitter than we have been in the time that I can remember being here so I think that will stand us in good stead." Bruce intends to sign young, hungry players as part of his summer revamp.
  3. We got a borner new kop chant Lol
  4. league cup final v Man u. 2 cup finals v Arsenal + 1 replay & 1 cup semi v our neighbours
  5. I wonder if SYP will adhere to the laws about using drones. Where can and can’t I fly my drone in the UK right now? Seen some snazzy airborne footage on YouTube? Well, it might have been captured illegally as, according to UK laws regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, consumer drones (classed as those that weigh under 20kg) must be flown no higher than 400 feet (120 metres), and be kept at least 50 metres away from people and private property, and 150 metres from congested areas and organised open-air assemblies of more than 1,000 people.
  6. I'm lucky I have 3 sons. It goes without saying they would follow me in supporting this wonderful club of ours. They are all over 18 now & have helped me also steer my nephew in the right direction. Like the saying goes you don't choose Wednesday, Wednesday chooses you.
  7. My point is that I pay less than the cheap prices for games like Birmingham & save more against the higher categories of POTG prices so I don't feel the club is not looking after the season ticket holders. Yes some will be paying more to sit in other areas of the ground but that's their choice of where they sit.
  8. My season ticket cost works out at £19.77 a game on the kop.
  9. Ive not seen or heard anyone criticising Bannan for geeing the crowd up just before the corner Lees scored from is that no different to what Nuhiu did after the goal? No because Bannan is not 1 of the fans scapegoats but he must have made 10 simple passes that were misplaced in the first half. One of the moaners behind us was on Joeys back from the 1st minute & was going crazy every time we passed the ball back to the defence or keeper screaming ffs get it forward. I think Bolton had a corner & Dawson caught it & took a long kick out of his hands towards Mattias that he didn't control. The moaner started screaming wtf was that keep hold of it so I lost it & asked him what he wants the players to do keep it or get it forward.His reply was well I didn't kick it did I. Some don't have a clue. He was quiet after that so we had a bit of peace from his crap but he's at it every game same players same abuse.
  10. I always thought the ups & downs of following Wednesday was what made us become hooked.Theres been times over the years I could not afford to go to games due to bringing up a family.The kids are all grown up now & I have a better paid job & less of a daily financial burden so last few years had memberships but went to around 20 home games a season. The kids have had season tickets for a good few years now & I have tried to get to most games as POTG. I invested in a season ticket last season but due to working nights missed around 6 home games. This season I have managed to make all the home games so far. Will I be renewing season ticket for next season?You bet your arse I will be as will the kids as its blue blood in my family veins & I love this roller coaster ride I have been on with this amazing football club for the last 45 years. Up the Owls.
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