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  1. Some are looking to far into this,Just remember that objects in the rear view mirror they appear closer than they are
  2. I don't know if this has been posted in other freds or how true the tweets are but for anyone with twitter take a look at what he claims https://twitter.com/spadger09
  3. I applauded him as he walked off.Hes a young lad & was heartbroken.You can see how much it means to him to play for us in his interviews.At least he wasn’t hiding like some on probably 10 times what he’s getting paid
  4. I think your not alone with that one
  5. That’s our lasses mate.She does have blue varnish on though lol
  6. Found some keys today in Rotherham Tesco car park.Handed in to customer service desk
  7. When I was young I had no sense. I bought a tannoy for 50 pence The only thing that I could yell Was fornicate Gibson,Parry & the EFL
  8. Wednesday fans need a scapegoat.Even St Sheridan was 1 in his day.Its about time these fans started doing what they pay to do & support the lads who pull on the shirt.
  9. If we run short of centre halves I'm sure Kieran Lee could fill in seeing as he's 6 foot odd
  10. Dawson's save looks even better from the front camera angle
  11. Good to see a referee applying the laws of the game correctly for a change funny as it may be.
  12. They cant afford foreign holidays. They are too busy saving up their benefits for bank holiday shin digs to skeggy market so they can stock up on fake Nike trainers & crosshatch jeans
  13. It makes you wonder if referees are sponsored by sky bet to give more free kicks & decisions to certain teams as you can bet on more or less anything in games these days.Sky ploughs that much money into the game maybe they are trying to claw some back through match fixing
  14. There is 17 laws to the game with 6 about the playing area players kit size of the ball & duration of the game. These supposedly level 1 referees cant apply the correct laws even though they are professionals. I have honestly seen better interpretation from level 8 under 16 refs on a Sunday morning
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