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  1. I loved his expression after the penalty save as if to say take that ya cheating piggy barstewards
  2. dazaston

    The 'pen'

    Never a pen he won a free kick 5 minutes before by doing same thing. Now we know how they get so many at the stain cheating tvvats
  3. dazaston

    Same old fans every time.

    Its definitely there just not in big enough groups yet. There's a few who sit behind us that make criticising remarks as the team is read out then go on to slag every player in turn. Next thing they are wankcing the same player off if he does something good. Its madness. We have always had these fans but they have a greater platform now to be heard. I'm old school & believe the term supporter means to support & when I'm at a game I will give every player who wears the shirt 100% support. WAWAW
  4. dazaston


    All the more reason to bring VAR into the game.The level of refereeing these days is dire.I think they all have little man syndrome
  5. dazaston


    He should have come on in place of Penney for last 15 minutes.Penney has done nothing for me last 2 or 3 games he looks burned out.
  6. This is true but as tax payers we expect a little back in things like health care education & police protection of ourselves & property. Unfortunately the tory cuts in budgets towards the things normal tax payers want or need is less important to funding tax breaks for the rich & funding their own pay rises while the other government.local council employees get a pittance of a pay rise.
  7. The full grown pigs wont get near him so what makes you think piglets can?
  8. dazaston

    Well this is awkward

    There's some right moaning w@nkers sit a few rows behind us.One of them calls every player a w@nker at least once during the game
  9. Looks like the scumbags are back out.More cars done on Herries road during today’s game.
  10. It didn't look like his hip to me.He seemed to stretch the knee a few times & was asked if he was ok & he gave a thumbs up.Then signalled after about another 5 minutes to come off.
  11. Just listened to it.Radio Sheffield are running scared of being implicated in any lawsuit if they allowed the bile to continue to be spouted by the bitter pig.
  12. I think he took a knock as he was holding & stretching his knee for about 5 minutes before he came off.He had a bit of a limp but was still mobile.Probably got took off as a precaution.
  13. You just know they will get a slap on the wrist & be out doing it all again in the next few games.The time never fits the crime.
  14. dazaston

    Excellent Press conference

    This is why Westwood is out of the reckoning.Dawson & Wildsmith have not lost the shirts so far & he’s not seen Westie play competitively yet.Hopefully it kicks the senior players up the jacksy to start performing.
  15. I bought this while on holiday in turkey amedspor.I just liked the look of it & for 6 quid can’t go wrong.