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  1. They obviously learned a lesson from Norwich last week.They were falling all over slow timing throw ins,goal kicks etc..They did a job on us stifling our play at every opportunity.How there defenders got away with the assaults on Hooper without any yellow cards I will never know but yet Bannan gets a yellow in the 1st few minutes for nothing.
  2. Illegal Free Kick?

    The ball is in play when it is touched & it moves/
  3. This is the reason we have come in my sons Corsa.My car would get trashed with OWL on my reg.Utter dole scrounged who wouldn't be able to afford the fine if they got caught.
  4. Lavery will be able to play next week with a mask so he's out of the game on Sunday
  5. Donaldson was 60%fit on Tuesday
  6. Clarke has trained today fat lad was with their fitness coach so both will play
  7. Tomorrow

    Great post Nigel .Knowing you through kids football with Danny & Jordan playing in same junior team we have had some good chats over the years.Trying to sell to your kids what it means to follow this great club of ours has never been hard as they have always worn the kits with as much pride as we did at their age.But to be there on magical moments like the play off final with 45k other die hard owls is something that we all as parents will cherish for ever.Kist remember you don't choose Wednesday,Wednesday chooses you.WAWAW
  8. Westwood

    Only dives I believe
  9. FF in a Good Mood

    Big Dave would be in the away strip all the time if that was true with how defenders man handle him.
  10. Portugal roll call

    Can't be any worse than some of the dives I've stayed in while working away in this country.Plenty of super bock & I will be fine
  11. Portugal roll call

    Brilliant saves me having to hire a car to get there
  12. Portugal roll call

    Myself 2 sons & nephew going the 18th to 21st from East Midlands to the Albufereira Jardim apartments.
  13. I would have gone for something better but the missus is not coming & we are off to Gran Canaria 12 days after we get back
  14. 4 of us flying from East Midlands on the 18th for 3 nights with Ryanair through travel republic all in cost £568.