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  1. He lives in Birmingham I think so maybe he's stayed over in Sheffield so not to have an early drive up?

    They also have buzzers on their flags. All the technology today & they used it all wrong.

    Put it this way I took a team of kids off a pitch that were being kicked to pieces by the other team.It was witnessed by the league child welfare officer who told me I had to take them off to protect them.I got charged & found guilty by the FA for causing a game to be abandoned.Followed by a fifty quid fine.

    I have had dealings with the Sheffield & Hallamshire FA through junior football believe me they are corrupt it’s rife through football from top to bottom.
  5. Beautiful..

    Where would you set these cranes on a million pound pitch?
  6. Beautiful..

    Its a far better sight than that pit down the lane with its painted over pink cladding.
  7. Fox and Palmer

    Sorry it wasn't a dig at you personally. Im sick of the but he's an owl so should get a shirt over better players in the squad.For me Liam Palmer is either lazy or not very good.Just like you I want to see every player give 100% in every game & most of us would accept their limitations.After all WAWAW
  8. Fox and Palmer

    Mel Sterland started out as a centre forward & was converted to fullback by Big Jack.He is a wednesdayite & always gave 100%.Whats Liam Palmers excuse?
  9. Ashley westwood

    I think some supporters need to take off their blue & white tinted specs regarding Palmers abilities. Where was he here for the Dingles goal?
  10. Ashley westwood

    Not just at defending but as a footballer he offer nothing.He cannot defend he loses the ball he will not sprint back & we know he has a bit of pace but gets left behind if he has to sprint
  11. Ashley westwood

    Put it this way I have been watching Wednesday for 40+ years
  12. Ashley westwood

    Liam Palmer has to run them all close
  13. Jordan Rhodes

    He wore number 11 in most of that video maybe that's what he needs.
  14. Harry Maguire

    Who the feck are you?
  15. Just been in Maida Vale on west street Harry maguire was in said to him WAWAW knobhed said we’re all blades fecking pig