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  1. A kid darn grimsby docks as sed couple of tycoon russians on way......
  2. Teal Blue for me! Some nice shades out there :)
  3. This thread sends out the wrong impression, some what a message of violence, i found myself attacking my partner...
  4. Just to confirm DAVE JONES OUT! MEGSON IN! Jermaine Johnson has a big black donger!
  5. This guy is one complete cockend hey pal do us all a favour jump off a cliff yea thanks in advance...
  6. Noway he's finally put his hand in his pocket 'what an addition'
  7. 1930–1933 Sheffield Wednesday 132 (90) Back to when football was FOOTBALL
  8. You wanna watch your mouth mate! Id think very careful befor talking to me like that you got it! Might have to send the boys round! Now be a good boy and fetch me a pork pie!
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