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  1. The atmosphere at Hillsborough is very poor ,when the band's not there.People on here rubbish them why at the match yesterday .very poor we need the band to give the fans a something to get the team going.Instead off all the glum faces around.So all I can say is Keep the faith.
  2. I would like to say i was one of the BOO BOYS at the match last sat , the player BOOTHROYD was awful to say the least not FIT to wear the shirt just like TAYLOR where is the PASSION .at this GREAT CLUB .Those what have left had more passion than those what have come in WHERE IS IT from last season
  3. what a lott o dribble people talk on here sounds like u want wednesday to sign a load of cripples, might as well go and get ,THE MIGHTY LEGAND HIRST OR EVEN B.JOICEY out of retirment
  4. brilliant day, used to think meggo was poo but after sunday he is THE MAN. so come on MM back the man.
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