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  1. 8 years.... Out of 27. Admittedly more than us, but still......
  2. Every team has them, unfortunately. The thing is, if these kids want to fight they should join a boxing gym or do MMA or Ju Jitsu or something. There are gyms all over the city. The truth is they are cowards and wouldn't dream of confronting another person in a fair fight. My brother used to help out at a boxing gym at Stannington and says that every now and then a football 'lad' would come along. They would never last though and a few sparring sessions would sort them out. I never liked sparring so just used to do it for fitness - that said I wouldn't bounce around shouting at a fence or whatever these weapons are doing. The same thing happens down at the Lane. The amount of times I have pulled some little ****** for acting like a big man over the years. BTW - whoever it was lobbing stuff at JOC is rubbish. He is a big lad. i bet I could land a lucozade on his massive swede from 10 rows back UTB
  3. Proud bipolar, father of 2 with a tendancy to sell my house following failed promotion attempts.


    Looking for fun, dancing partners and someone to join me on long country walks

  4. I've got my details pre loaded on rightmove in case it goes boobies up Friday night.
  5. summat like that..... Main thing is - I am alive and well. Happy new year
  6. My god. Where have you been? I move house quicker than your wit works. We are waaaay down the list of things to have a go at me over. Your jokes are so old they have a good chance of getting a start against us Friday. #bants
  7. Yeah... he has a youtube channel. I heard someone saying he has become billy big balls since his videos have taken off. Not my cup of tea.
  8. haha. That is roughly the age my kids were when they stopped asking me for help with homework. My eldest is in his last year of college. I cannot even communicate with him now without him dropping in some words I don't understand.
  9. We sound like my kids sometimes: 'your scoreboard is rubbish' your defender has uneven sideburns' 'your kit is late' your kit is a template' your kit looks like bacon' your kit looks like ipswich' 'we made a big cake' ............................................and on and on and on. I remember back in the day we just used to have banter about results and actual football. I honestly can't remember it ever being as childish between the 2 clubs as it is now.
  10. I think it does too, but i'm not 100% I will get my 14 year old lad to check and confirm. Lovely piece of irony. Well played Spike.
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