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  1. Pelupessy has had an absolute shocker today, given Dack the freedom of Ewood Park. Such a limited footballer and cost us multiple points this season
  2. Dawson injures his little finger...time for Westwood
  3. Everyone of our players are isolated when they get the ball, there’s hardly any movement, no leaders, no direction from the touchline, just limp uninspiring hoof ball. It’s as bad if not worse than the darkest Alan Irvine days as the players are technically far superior to back in those days. Awful stuff
  4. Reach to Wolves FF to Leeds Bannan to Villa Hutch to QPR Dave Jones to Barnsley No incoming players
  5. The next 18 months are going to be painful, 19/20 next season could be a real struggle We have to hope players stay injury free and try and play a similar 11 every week Somthing along the lines of Dawson Baker. Lees. Thorniley. Penney Pelupessy. Kirby Joao. Winnall. Forestieri Fletcher I expect Bannan & Reach to be sold raising £15 million Hutch paid up and released The rest all released who’s contracts are up Going to be painful to watch
  6. Depends on the player sales in Jan, very likely if Reach, FF & Bannan leave.
  7. Give Jos his P45 Appoint a charismatic manager (anyone who can pick our best 11 players and play them in most matches will do) We have a decent first 11 not all the money was wasted, it needs someone to galvanise the squad and the fan base, build some momentum and consistency. It sounds daft after one of the worst games I’ve witnessed in a long time tonight but we really aren’t a million miles away from the top 6. DC needs to ride the storm out if he can (I’m one of his biggest critics but I don’t see a queue of willing buyers lining up) Decisive and effective management is what’s needed from DC, rally the troops, play your best players & watch the feel good factor return over the coming weeks....we might even shift a few season tickets with the right manager at the helm.
  8. I’m completely at a loss with DC....if I’d have spunked millions like he has, why is he not going flipping mental. If Jos is really alienating senior pros for attitude reasons not financial reasons and DC is paying their wages he should be throwing Jos out tonight. We need a big personality to rescue our squad. DC must act NOW
  9. Will be something along the lines of this no doubt... Dawson Palmer Lees. Thorniley. Fox. Penney Hector Pelupessy. Bannan Reach. Nuhiu Players that will narrowly miss out due to specialist tactics to counter act Lampard and his troops will be Fletcher, FF, Matais, Joao (we may see a cameo from these once we are 2-0 down in the final 20mins) We will lose and it will be as dull as dishwater
  10. He will rest Fletcher and play 6 defenders.
  11. What you waffling on about? Such a patronising tone to the majority of your posts, how does me highlighting the way their chairman has gone about this in a positive/effective way, that their fans will no doubt appreciate have anything to do with our fans on an internet message board and leaving me to ‘shoot up some more’ ........bizarre
  12. Also that’s how to make an appointment. Chairman decides it’s gone stale/not working. Talks with potential manager. Sacked and replaced swiftly giving team best chance to improve fortunes without days / weeks of who’s it going to be etc etc with stand in coaches.
  13. Reach was isolated, Bannan was isolated & Fletcher was isolated all down to the way Jos set us up. You cannot blame Reach when every time he got the ball there were 3 united players on him, same for Bannan & Fletch. While we had 5 players stood in a line marking Billy Sharp
  14. I just don’t get him at all, play Penney where fox played and then he could have had Joao or Matais on. Hes making it more difficult for himself, no wonder he looked nervous complete anti football. Got to go.
  15. Anti football Matias showed in 30seconds that a positive mindset can create a chance. Win lose or draw, tonight doesn’t make a differance Awful way to set a team up
  16. JOKE no other club in the championship would stand for this
  17. We have 4 academy lads in plus Fox for one of the biggest games of the season Chansiri for all your faults win lose or draw tonight please sort this circus out!
  18. 6 defenders.... Get this guy out of our club! Awful team selection. 3 academy defenders and a academy goalkeeper. Where have things gone so wrong
  19. The thing that anonoys me most about picking 6 defenders (if the team is as confirmed) Jos is automatically playing 1 or 2 out of position, when there is no need. It doesnt need much for eg swap Joao for Fox in this line up we then we look much better balanced. Dawson Lees. Hector. Thorniley Baker. Pelupessy. Penney Reach. Bannan Joao. Fletcher If Jos is going to pick Baker, Lees, Hector, Thornily, Fox & Penney then we have virtually no attacking intent, which will intern mean we lose the ball cheaply as Fletcher will be isolated and invite pressure onto ourselves. Really hope the ‘confirmed’ line up is a load of cobblers
  20. It’s a Jos special ladies and gents....just what’s needed for derby day. Dawson Baker. Lees. Hector. Thorniley. Fox. Penny Pelupessy. Bannan Reach Fletcher its an abomination of a team sheet
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