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  1. So we can justify it or we can’t ?? Is it set in stone or isn't it a little bit more fluid than that? The onus is on the club, ergo DC to come up with the justification I’d bet it’s as justified as our £90 memberships...
  2. Round and round we go. If you cannot grasp that DC could inject further money in the commercial side of the club (and is either choosing not to or doesn’t have the finances too) without sanctions by the EFL let’s just leave it there. Its like me saying to you, name the 12 clubs you quote are being monitored, tell me what they are all doing with regards to P&S. Lets pick this up after tomorrow night...should make interesting reading!
  3. Where what is written down?!? The onus is on the club to justify the income is ‘fair value’ to the EFL....which shouldn’t be difficult seen as most of the larger clubs put us to shame in this area. As an extreme example Stoke City will recieve £3.2 million THIS year just in shirt sponsorship alone, yes they were in the premier league recently but when you add in the rest of their owners investment on the ground sponsorship and corporate areas, If we really had the means and the motivation there are ways to inject further funds.
  4. There are plenty of clubs in this division that are light years ahead of us in terms of sponsorship and commercial revenue. £1.2 million in the 2017 accounts is ‘ok’ DC could inject upwards of 5 million in multi shirt sponsorship, ground, seats, corporate etc each season without sanctions and still deem it within commercial rates. If you refuse to accept this, not my problem.
  5. Think you will find the above is my opinion not fact... But if you want to be pedantic maybe you missed the excessive ticket prices, £90 memberships, “promotion or trouble” from DC. All points to a happy ever after doesn’t it.
  6. Taken from the last financial accounts....D Chansiri paid a total £1.2 million for shirt sponsorship, elev8, D Taxi’s, seat sponsorship etc etc basically his name plastered everywhere. Based on P&S we have to demonstrate a ‘fair market value’ i’ll leave you compare us with the top 6 sides in the division on how much they receive in sponsorship. He could inject huge sums to improve the commercial side of our club to enable us to compete but he doesn’t.
  7. I know the score thanks, no need to patronise me at all.
  8. There are ways to invest more cash in the club if he wanted too....he doesn’t, he’s run out of cash. I would be happy to support the promotion of under 23s into the main squad and will always cheer them on regardless but I am not paying £35 a time to watch average football in an attempt to try to bridge the gap of his spend or bust roulette job he has overseen. I’ve said it multiple times, he has spent the multi year season ticket money in one go in a boom or bust chuck some cash at it, and now he has the prospect of covering the losses year on year. We are in serious trouble. This is a guy who thought £90 memberships in the second tier of English football represented ‘good value’ Tomorrow will pave the way for him to wash his hands of us and leave us right in the poo
  9. Saturday takes me back over 15 years...same type of situation and similar time of year. Yorath quit and we had Bill Green (chief scout) step in to manage us against Derby, the atmosphere was horrible worst I’ve ever known if we lost 3-1 We then had Turner rock up with ‘Europe in 5 years’ ...... maybe history repeating itself
  10. It’s an extreme view...BUT if we go down then we could be another Portsmouth. Chansiri has run out of cash We would be a league 1 side hemorrhaging cash in debt of tens of millions Admin would be a possibility and if it isn’t we would get the book thrown at us by P&S so a points deduction would be inevitable. The next 18 months are absolutely critical we stay in this division. It was bad under Allen, bad with HMRC but we could be sleepwalking into something disastrous in my opinion
  11. Westwood Hector. Lees. Thorniley Reach. Hutch. Bannan. Penney Joao. Fletcher. FF With an experienced championship manager, playing fast direct football.
  12. He could put in way more money if he wanted too....but he has put the minimum in for the shirt sponsorship, Chansiri is plastered everywhere. I would have a lot more sympathy if he was investing heavily, but he isn’t. I bet my mortgage he used the multi year season ticket money in one go (even tho it’s accounted for over each season) now this has run out his only way to try and get money into the club is raise prices on everything. He’s gambled and lost, and I don’t think he has the cash to prop us up next season.
  13. You simply cannot have a Q&A with 1000 people. Just does not work, DC and the club know this....it’s been moved on purpose, the minute the first of his words upset some disgruntled fans (so about 30seconds in) will descend into chaos. Theres some hidden motive here in my opinion, I’m worried DC wants a fight so he can turn round and say to the mob off you go do it on your own, I’m off to Thailand and I ain’t coming back etc etc. Its been shown in multiple ways he could still put extra cash in but has decided not too....I think he’s run out of available funds he’s willing to spend on the club. A chaotic slanging match will pave the way for him to leave. And put us in a complete mess.
  14. There is no need to change the venue, agenda going on here without doubt.
  15. You would like to think it was lost in translation again, but quiet frankly he knows and we know it wasn’t. We just need Katrien to come out and call us all customers and the circle will be complete. We desperately need Jos out of the club, I’ve never seen a more stubborn individual in all my life. Awful appointment in the first place, wish he would go back and live in his past of semi retirement before he decided he needed one more pay day from us. Awful Awful Awful
  16. Only made 2 subs, despite being at home and having Fletcher on the bench. Disgrace, not even trying to win a football match. The guy hasn’t got a clue Needs to go tonight!!
  17. Have you spent all the fans multi year season ticket money already?
  18. All fines and potential points deductions happen in the current season. As far as I understand it you don’t carry anything over to the following season other than a embargo on players. Think we have to give our 19/20 season projection in March 2019 therefore if we are still over the rolling 39million we face further sanctions Thats why we will see player sales in Jan, regardless of contract expiry in the summer we need a cash injection from player sales of around 12 million to stop a fine and points deduction. Probably why DC has set up the fans forum this month to pave the way for a fire sale
  19. Takes a consistent team selection especially defensively to allow attacking players to play. No fluke that we had loads of clean sheets with a settled back 4 and we were in and around the playoffs because our attacking players didn’t have to score 4 goals to draw a game A manager needs to be consistent in the way he sets a team up, so the players understand/believe in what they are doing. We have some good players what we need is a manager to use them correctly in the right system for the majority of games.
  20. Pelupessy has had an absolute shocker today, given Dack the freedom of Ewood Park. Such a limited footballer and cost us multiple points this season
  21. Dawson injures his little finger...time for Westwood
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