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  1. I am not sticking up for them....far from it

    But for some people on here to think Cardiff were going to roll over was absolute rubbish

    They had an outside chance of finishing 3rd and possibly playing Blackpool, they have quality right through their side and we are just poo poo

    we were always going to lose today

    Fingers crossed AI builds a side that fits his style of play and we may have a chance next year in Lge 1

  2. AI would compile the list of 5 players to buy for the vote, all of whom he would want in his squad. Surely a player at around 500k mark would walk into our side. I don't see it being a major problem.

    You've just highlighted the problem, you 'expect them to walk right into the side' what happens if thats not the case, as Brownlad says further up what would be the impact with in the squad the money would have to be spent with regards to the whole players contract as a one season injection would leave you short in years 2 and 3 when you look at it if a player is on 5k per week thats £780,000 over 3 years, you are not going to be getting a player of great quality as we have found out this season to our cost.

    I just think we should leave all team matters to AI and all politics/investment to LS and support the team, i'm as frustrated as the next guy, but I am yet to see where any kind of scheme like this has been a success

  3. The business man in me can't help but not want to put money in that I am not going to get back only for some other business person to profit from my money via a takeover when the club is on the up again. At least with the original idea I get the money back when we reach The Premier League.

    Well we're up to £8,500. Not bad for 30 minutes :cool:

    I know what you're saying and i hope this can be successfull

    I just think with things like this there is always an initial push then it fades away, but with Lee in charge now i'm sure there is no better time/chance of it working.

  4. If 200 did put in, then the 200 should have a vote from a list of players of who to buy. Like that non league club owned by various people and they vote on player sales/purchases, etc.

    £500k on the player and the rest towards wages

    Then what happens when the player doesn't get picked by the manager if they are out of form etc etc

    Leave AI to look after the team we have enough mud slinging as it is nevermind tantrums from some fans if the player 'they' bought wasn't getting a game

  5. It is a great idea in principle but I to think the operational side of a scheme like that could potentially be a nightmare.

    If we had 20,000 people willing to part with money for a season ticket we would be fine....

    Or all the wealthy could buy 20 season tickets each and raffle them off if it makes people feel better.

    With the way Lee runs things we all have clarity on how many tickets are sold and what that means to the player budget.

    Buying a season ticket or numerous tickets is the single best way to swell AI tranfer budget

  6. Say we keep those currently under contract whether thats bacause they are poo poo or nobody else wants them, i'd like to resign Nolan and Varney if we can and as much as it pains me to say it i'd offer JJ a 2yr deal.

    Getting rid of Simek, Hinds, Gray, Esajas, Boden, McAllister, Jeffers, Clarke, Sodje and the transfer of Wood must and will have freed up a hefty chunk of wages.

    Even if we retained Nolan and Varney we would probably need another 7 players hopefully we could get a couple of long term prem loans in







    Nolan (poss)



    Johnson (2yr)








    Varney (poss)



    For me that should be our base whichever league we end up playing in and work from there

  7. Purse is useless. He is one of the worst centre halves I have ever seen. I cannot remember a season when one player has single handedly cost us so many goals. The amount of times he misjudges the flight of a ball and it ends up going straight over his head is ridiculous. But since Christmas he has tried hard...............................

    Just like JOC. The problem is that he is the slowest player in the League, the shortest player in the league, genuinely isn't strong enough to kick it above head height (its like watching an eight year old), can't pass it, can't shoot, can't tackle, BUT he tries hard.........

    In League 1, I would keep Grant, Spurr, Beevers, McAllister, Potter (who despite what most say has more ability in his little toe than most of our squad), Miller, Tudgay and JJ. If we could get him I would also sign Nolan. Anybody else who is still in contract (such as Purse) we will also definitely be keeping as nobody else will want them for the ridiculous wages we are paying. Therefore, the fact is that the only players we can get rid of are the ones out of contract and lets face it if they were any good we would have already re-signed them. The following are definitely out of contract:-




    Varney (loan)

    Nolan (loan)






    Getting rid of that should severely slash our wage bill. The only ones I would consider keeping would be Nolan and if we went down maybe Hinds as well.

    Does anybody know if JOC is also out of contract?

    I am in a bad mood. :angry:

    I'm not sure but I think Johnson is also out of contract and obviously Soares will leave as well

    So that leaves under contract being:










    Irrespective of which league we are in thats one hell of a recruitment drive we need to do in the summer

  8. They have a remote chance of getting promoted to League one this season ;-)

    Tell me about it....i've got lots of mates who are morecambe fans who would like nothing better than to be playing us next year

  9. From what I've picked up Crystal Palace have got a buyer and a notice of sale has been completed.

    I'm not going into all the wednesday stuff but if we do go down and they do stay up yet another club who have benefitted massivley from the poo poo or bust route, and will now be looking to push towards the prem.

    why does everything with wednesday always turn to poo poo.... we'll still be talking about investment in 2018 when the world cup is on and we are playing Morecambe in the lower leagues

  10. To be honest we've had our chances this season, I just cannot see us getting a win at Cardiff, I don't think they will be resting players either (they are still challenging for 3rd place)

    With the Palace game on monday they will know a win and they are safe if we havn't already won on Saturday.

    Added to that I don't think the players have got the bottle to perform in a winner takes all match against Palace if it does come to that

    I just had a scan at the potential teams in that league next year there are some poor poor teams in there...



    Leyton Orient


    Bristol Rovers






    to name a few...

    all makes me feel very sad

    If we do go down they should scrap the lot and start again, administration...everything.....lets get one block of shares, one owner and a new team on a small wage budget, i'd take league 1 football knowing that when we finally got back out we would be in a position to kick on and never revisit that steaming pile of poo poo league ever again...

    At the moment its just a slow painfull death every season, i'm fed up!!

  11. The difference between Laws and Irvine's team is when we dont have the ball, we have a solid shape, work hard to win the ball back and make it hard for teams to break us down.

    It really is amazing what a difference there actually is...and also very scary to think where we may have been had laws still been in charge

    AI knows exactly what he wants and he seems to have communicated this to the players, we are no longer in a honeymoon period this is effective winning football and I much prefer this to Brians open attacking getting beat every week stuff

    Keep it up boys we're not safe yet....

  12. No. I would assume they pay way below the value? Promble is, assets will be flogged off cheap now they are in the hands of the administrators to pay creditors. They should have sold them off cheaply prior to this, at least they'd avoid the 10 point penalty as well!

    The top man at P&A is a wednesday fan hope he picks the phone up to our Lee and gets us a few players on the cheap :biggrin:

    Moses will go for 500-750k others 250-500k max they'll be left with reserves and youth and any of the first team other clubs don't fancy....

  13. I think the club it is have a player on their books who is a very big prospect and could well be sold for a big amount of money.

    If they have to do this to satisfy the Tax Man, and thus avoid the 10 point deduction, I'm sure they will.

    Which means the 7/1 on offer for them to go down hardly looks appealing with the chances of a 10pt deduction being slim..?

    I got 9/1 and I think they will get hit with a 10pt deduction

  14. It's imperative we get to 50 points asap....but if we take maximum points in the next 2 games and that's a big IF we will be a lot closer to teams like Boro and QPR who have genuine play-off ambitions then who knows....

    Personally I'd be happy with 12th and beating the pigs at S6

  15. Here's the so called latest figure's, i'm very surprised we haven't issued a figure.........

    Sheffield United boast the third highest tally of season ticket holders in the Championship ahead of the forthcoming campaign.

    A survey conducted by Channel 4 News online shows the Blades trailing only Derby County and Norwich City with a total of 18,700 fans having signed up to watch Kevin Blackwell's side try to win a return to the Premiership.

    According to the figures, South Yorkshire rivals Barnsley have sold 8,500 and Doncaster Rovers around 8,000. No figure was available from Sheffield Wednesday.

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