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  1. From what I've picked up Crystal Palace have got a buyer and a notice of sale has been completed.

    I'm not going into all the wednesday stuff but if we do go down and they do stay up yet another club who have benefitted massivley from the poo poo or bust route, and will now be looking to push towards the prem.

    why does everything with wednesday always turn to poo poo.... we'll still be talking about investment in 2018 when the world cup is on and we are playing Morecambe in the lower leagues

  2. To be honest we've had our chances this season, I just cannot see us getting a win at Cardiff, I don't think they will be resting players either (they are still challenging for 3rd place)

    With the Palace game on monday they will know a win and they are safe if we havn't already won on Saturday.

    Added to that I don't think the players have got the bottle to perform in a winner takes all match against Palace if it does come to that

    I just had a scan at the potential teams in that league next year there are some poor poor teams in there...



    Leyton Orient


    Bristol Rovers






    to name a few...

    all makes me feel very sad

    If we do go down they should scrap the lot and start again, administration...everything.....lets get one block of shares, one owner and a new team on a small wage budget, i'd take league 1 football knowing that when we finally got back out we would be in a position to kick on and never revisit that steaming pile of poo poo league ever again...

    At the moment its just a slow painfull death every season, i'm fed up!!

  3. The difference between Laws and Irvine's team is when we dont have the ball, we have a solid shape, work hard to win the ball back and make it hard for teams to break us down.

    It really is amazing what a difference there actually is...and also very scary to think where we may have been had laws still been in charge

    AI knows exactly what he wants and he seems to have communicated this to the players, we are no longer in a honeymoon period this is effective winning football and I much prefer this to Brians open attacking getting beat every week stuff

    Keep it up boys we're not safe yet....

  4. No. I would assume they pay way below the value? Promble is, assets will be flogged off cheap now they are in the hands of the administrators to pay creditors. They should have sold them off cheaply prior to this, at least they'd avoid the 10 point penalty as well!

    The top man at P&A is a wednesday fan hope he picks the phone up to our Lee and gets us a few players on the cheap :biggrin:

    Moses will go for 500-750k others 250-500k max they'll be left with reserves and youth and any of the first team other clubs don't fancy....

  5. I think the club it is have a player on their books who is a very big prospect and could well be sold for a big amount of money.

    If they have to do this to satisfy the Tax Man, and thus avoid the 10 point deduction, I'm sure they will.

    Which means the 7/1 on offer for them to go down hardly looks appealing with the chances of a 10pt deduction being slim..?

    I got 9/1 and I think they will get hit with a 10pt deduction

  6. It's imperative we get to 50 points asap....but if we take maximum points in the next 2 games and that's a big IF we will be a lot closer to teams like Boro and QPR who have genuine play-off ambitions then who knows....

    Personally I'd be happy with 12th and beating the pigs at S6

  7. Here's the so called latest figure's, i'm very surprised we haven't issued a figure.........

    Sheffield United boast the third highest tally of season ticket holders in the Championship ahead of the forthcoming campaign.

    A survey conducted by Channel 4 News online shows the Blades trailing only Derby County and Norwich City with a total of 18,700 fans having signed up to watch Kevin Blackwell's side try to win a return to the Premiership.

    According to the figures, South Yorkshire rivals Barnsley have sold 8,500 and Doncaster Rovers around 8,000. No figure was available from Sheffield Wednesday.

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