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  1. Well from listening to that first half we have been played off the park...they've battered us and Granty has pulled off some cracking saves... Yeah we've hit the post but I hate to say it we can't keep up with their 'sexy football'
  2. It really is amazing what a difference there actually is...and also very scary to think where we may have been had laws still been in charge AI knows exactly what he wants and he seems to have communicated this to the players, we are no longer in a honeymoon period this is effective winning football and I much prefer this to Brians open attacking getting beat every week stuff Keep it up boys we're not safe yet....
  3. The top man at P&A is a wednesday fan hope he picks the phone up to our Lee and gets us a few players on the cheap Moses will go for 500-750k others 250-500k max they'll be left with reserves and youth and any of the first team other clubs don't fancy....
  4. The problem for palace is that P&A will now be dealing with the playing squad and I know for a fact as happened at Luton players will get sold at nominal fee's whether Colin and the fans like it or not I'll be amazed if Moses, Ambrose, Scannell etc are there in a few days time
  5. The ITK thread yesterday said it all it you fancied a few quid, not sure what their odds are now tho fingers crossed I win enough for my holiday wooohooo oh and we finish above em innit...
  6. I got 9/1 and I think they will get hit with a 10pt deduction
  7. Well the topic starter is correct but I hope he/she doesn't get into any trouble all will become clear in a few days My advice would be get to the bookies and keep shut Last Great Hope, i'm hoping my winnings will pay for my summer holiday
  8. It's imperative we get to 50 points asap....but if we take maximum points in the next 2 games and that's a big IF we will be a lot closer to teams like Boro and QPR who have genuine play-off ambitions then who knows.... Personally I'd be happy with 12th and beating the pigs at S6
  9. Finish 21st and beat the pigs at S6 and that will be a successfull season IMO
  10. Here's the so called latest figure's, i'm very surprised we haven't issued a figure......... Sheffield United boast the third highest tally of season ticket holders in the Championship ahead of the forthcoming campaign. A survey conducted by Channel 4 News online shows the Blades trailing only Derby County and Norwich City with a total of 18,700 fans having signed up to watch Kevin Blackwell's side try to win a return to the Premiership. According to the figures, South Yorkshire rivals Barnsley have sold 8,500 and Doncaster Rovers around 8,000. No figure was available from Sheffield Wednesday.
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