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  1. and who would YOU replace Irvine with?


    I'd do a better job with this squad

    I don't mind watching 'effective' football if it produces results and the shape of the team is very important but FFS we are devoid of any attacking threat, look completely unbalanced and are picking players that should be sat on their arse on the bench

    We have some good talented players at this club and AI is making them look like they've never even played together


  2. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, after seeing AI first eleven before the game it was nailed on what sort of performance we would get....

    I guarantee you now I could do a better job in this league with the squad we have at our disposal

    flipping shocking decisions from Irvine

    Southampton and Oldham up next could it be 5 on the bounce :dry:

  3. This is why Irvine needs a pat on the back he has assembled a squad of experienced pros who will be nothing but professional and get the job done, with a defence of Buxton, Purse, Beevers, Spurr and the firepower of Conan, Morrison a rediscovered Tudgay and Heffernan we are simply to good for this division, it's about time we were a bit arrogant and play without the fear we have seen over the last few seasons.

    The dressing room will be bouncing and with Morrison in there I'm sure the banter is off the scale, the only thing to guard against is complacency but in Irvine we have a gaffer who demands perfection, you only had to see his reaction after the bury game.

    Irvine will lead us to top spot in this division, this month really is the marker and for the first time I can see us winning ever game......roll on tomorrow!!!

  4. This is going to be a problem, Teale and Sedgwick have done nothing wrong and played well it would be harsh to drop either of them, i'd use Johnson off the bench for the last 30mins of games and rip the oppos a new one

  5. Confidence plays a big part in football added to that competition for places

    There certainly is a feel good factor around the team at the moment and its clear to see they are enjoying their footie

    Potter is human afterall he along with quite a few others had a shocker last season but all credit to AI he seems to have got them playing with pride and without fear of making any errors long may that continue

  6. This was the infamous Lee rant on Radio Sheffield after the game about the missing 5000 from the Barnsley game. A bit of a pattern there then but three season ticket holders who come with me were not at The game on saturday due to other commitments. There is also the holiday issue with many going towards the end of school holidays taking in the bank holiday as well.

    season tickets are counted in the total whether they attend or not, i would imagine that if people are away they normaly pass their ticket onto someone else meaning less in walk up numbers

    Holiday season, before pay day plus the bank holiday coming up will have an effect on the attendance.

    Can't remember our attendance records for the last time we were in League 1 but i would imagine we will be somewhere close to that figure this year.

    The only problem this year is we have Huddersfield and maybe Saints who will bring a few thousand, the rest of the teams have very poor away support

    Theres not many teams within say one hour or even two of Hillsborough this year

  7. Weaver






    o connor





    think it will be a really difficult game so would take a draw now i think!

    That team will bring back three points, I used to play in the same team as Perkins at Colchester and we have nowt to fear, they aren't the same team that's spanked us in the past that's for sure

  8. Hard to take on board really, he picked the shitty team.

    Consider our midfield in the last friendly.

    Sedgwick JOC Palmer Boden

    It's as flat as a witches ***.... we ain't guna flippingscore unless the strikers create their own... and Mellor and Tudgay aren't that type of players, they need service.

    That was the problem, Palmer maybe a little gem but until we play Johnson, Miller, JOC, Teale with Morrison and Mellor/Tudgay/Heffernan we won't see our best side IMO

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