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  1. The players should just ignore Irvine and sort it themselves. If they then win 5-0 he wont be able to fine them etc and the press etc would think it was all his idea anyway. So come on lads ignore the manager - you know you want to. :ph34r:

    Yeah just imagine, Irvine goes to hand in the team sheet and Heffernan swipes it out of his hand, followed by Coke and Miller locking him in a cupboard with JOC

    few quick scribbles, hey presto....












    guaranteed 5-0 :biggrin:

    If only things were that simple.....

  2. Players like Teale have every right to be pissed off

    The first half against Bournemouth was an utter shambles, no wonder the subs changed the games it couldnt get any worse!!

    If you are telling me we trained all week with a set up of 4 CM across midfield for a home game and I was a winger i'd hand a transfer request in....it still baffles me as to how Irvine arrived at such a fcuking awful tactic

    What makes it even more cringeworthy is I can just see Irvine going with Coke Potter JOC Miller in the Charlton game its the sort of thing he'll do

  3. First we need England to win the 2018 bid

    Then we need to be confirmed as a host venue

    Then we need to get agreement on various grants

    Then we need about 10million of our own money to inject into the 4 or 5 stage re-development

    Then we can see the redevelopment start

    My guess is we wouldnt even start until 2015, why would we spend money now when we dont need to and frankly havent got

  4. Its almost got to the stage where i'm hoping that they both pick up little niggles to keep them out of the side for a few weeks, i'd never wish an injury on a player, but the only way Irvine is going to change it is if they are unavaliable.

    ALAN you are a 'football' man FFS sort it out

  5. As the squad stands it should be good enough for promotion

    BUT looking at the next 18 months if we have some money to spend i'd like

    McMahon - Replace Semi

    Nolan - Replace Buxton as the utility player

    Purse - Release

    Hinds - Release

    Bring in 2 Championship standard centre havles who aren't cast offs

    A new Left Back

    O'Connor - Release

    spend decent money if needs be on a aggressive ball winning quality midfielder which would mean Coke, Miller and Potter could all play alongside him depending on form fitness etc

    Sedgwick - Release

    We need more options with pace in right and left midfield

    Morrison - Release

    Mellor - Send back

    We need to spend money on powerful athletic strikers who aren't injury prone and are doing the business for their clubs now rather than take a gamble

    So in a nutshell i wouldnt renew any contracts and just release players upon contract expiry and recruit players with pace and power

    I'd be looking at roughly 10 new players and if we are in a position to go for the 'cream of the crop' that probably means spending some serious funds on transfers and wages

    Having said all that I dont think we will see us throwing much cash about so pretty pointless really :rolleyes:

  6. Knobheads. Probably the same knobheads that boo when we keep possession. I'd hazard a guess that 98% of fans in the ground today have never played football at any kind of level. The level of ignorance and lack of football knowledge is a real issue with our fans. We were today faced with a team that played with 10 men behind the ball, and it required patience.

    After 35 seconds, Spurr played a ball back to Purse, instead of launching it down the line.

    A group of 'fans' behind me groaned, and shouted at Spurr.

    Absolute flipping dipshits.

    Yeah because it's the 'fans' fault we have a bunch of players who look like they've never even met before

    We do have some impatient fans but FFS that tension and frustration is driven out of having to watch the painful spectacle of 11 clueless individuals being told to defend for 90 mins

  7. Oh flip.

    I thought Purse and Buxton (aside from his goal) weren't great today. Purse in particular was terrible.

    Purse is always terrible if and it's still a BIG IF we get much needed funds we need 2 new centre halves and a quality centre midfield

    And a manager who can get them to play some form of 'football'

    But Purse for me is shybo just a big slow thug who's distribution is woeful

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