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  1. Like the bit from DA at the bottom, only 2 left now with Wednesdayite on board as well.

    Is it just me then that doesn't get it...

    DA wants 1.5million payed to release his shares....we haven't got 600k to pay the flippingtax man how the hell are we going to get uncle Dave his money as well.

    Complete non-starter, the SA are trying to get the shares released for ZERO Dave wants 1.5million they both couldn't be further apart if they tried


  2. Only missed One home game this season. Bournemouth (wife in hospital). Some would say I was lucky!

    Must say that I really haven't enjoyed it this year.

    Wife has just asked if I'm going tonight. I said, "I don't know"!

    That's never happened before.

    I probably will because I'm scared to death of missing the game where it all clicks and we really do "Rip a Team to Bits"

    Thought that before Bournemouth but I got away with it.

    Can anybody give me a GOOD reason to go (not a blind faith support the club reason, been doing that for 30 yrs)

    I can think of plenty of reasons not to go:

    £26 to get in, £15-£20 spendo, cold, poo football, Champions league on TV etc.

    Help me out here boys.


    I understand completely why people choose not to go!

    I haven't done that yet but I've never been so close to it!

    JOC and Potter in midfield should make your mind up :biggrin:

    oh and the weather in S6 at the moment is borderline typhoon conditions

  3. To me it don't matter if Larry the flippingLamb is the Manager, I would support him and the team, what's more I'd expect us to win tonight because we are at home.

    If someone is not doing well I'll encourage them to do better wether that be at work with me or at the match with my team. We have to much invested in players staff and management just to throw by the wayside what we don't immediately like.

    For the fans in general (not all by any means) to wish a poor performance in order to get rid is bang out of order ("Go a goal down and the Irvine out chants will start (quite rightly too imo) Go a goal up and alot of the same people will be singing Alan give us a wave (quite wrongly imo)" Dan 27 et al.)

    and makes just as much sense me slagging off all our fans for not putting in more effort through their lives and not reaching the lofty status of multi millionaire and taking us to the promise land.

    I know you all want flowing football, I want flowing football but as much as i want it; I am 100% that Irvine is doing what he believes is the best way of achieving his remit ...Promotion first stab ! If we can't have flowing football lets at least wish him well in his mission, I felt sorry for him last night that we the fans have driven him so much on the deffensive.

    So come on Wednesday 3 points tonight UTO WTID SOO2010

    That’s the thing...

    I'm not after 'free flowing football' that isn’t a prerequisite for attending games and following my team. What I do demand are 11 players who at least look like they have met each other before and play together in a team that resembles an element of cohesion.

    Miller is and always has been a CM play him there see what happens.....

    I want us to at least go toe to toe in midfield (with so called better players who knows we may start to dominate teams) not just to keep a rigid shape and concede territory at every opportunity until we have every man behind the ball and deem it safe enough to put a tackle in.

    Free flowing football only comes when you have confident footballers excelling in their own ability, putting their stamp on a game, which lets face it is never and I mean never going to happen whilst AI is at the helm

  4. central midfielders Darren Potter and James O’Connor taking stick from fans for being eclipsed.

    Irvine is equally trusting of the experienced pair, saying: “They can do a good job, no question.”

    Certainly, their showing at a higher level would suggest Potter and O’Connor ought to be a more commanding combination in League One.


  5. But isn't one of the main issues the very few chances and efforts we're having on goal anyway?

    Absolutely and if we were creating chances all the stikers would be in the goals, but how Irvine can say Heffernan hasn't been scoring goals is just flipping stupid

    The pressure is getting to him if you ask me

  6. I take it you did not hear hear what i heard on the radio this morning, some more "i have a coaching badge so im qualified to speak" garbage from our leader.

    It was on the lines of Heff has not grabbed his chances when playing this season, goalscorers are judged on goals and unfortunatly he has not scored.

    WTF is that all about, i would more than likely say it is more to do with Irvine judging him on his ability to bring something to the side when we are defending,

    How come our strikers have ALL suddenly lost the art of attacking, all at once, and all under the same Manager, answers from suitably qualified persons only please.

    yep goalscorers are judged on goals


    managers are judged on results

    flip OFF IRVINE


  7. The difference tonight is that there is no chance of Uddersfield turning up and trying to play it tight with a packed midfield like a lot of other sides have this season..

    They appear to be an attacking side , play 442, and high tempo.

    So we will either react to this and for once our attacking players come good , or we will get stuffed.

    Can't see it being a 1-0 game , fancy a few goals , just hope we get most of 'em.

    I see what your saying but teams haven't come to Hillsborough this season and defended in numbers...it has been us defending in numbers not the other way round

    Even D&R were the better side for 65mins on the opening day, the first half against Bournemouth was practically ole champagne football from the visitors

    I can see it being a poo poo game, poo poo atmosphere and if they score first it will either stay at 1-0 or we might sneek an equaliser...maybe...

  8. Whatever the opposition there is always a chance you may concede first, good goal, mistake etc The problem tonight is the crowd will get on AI back if he puts out a defensive team and we struggle to keep possetion

    Maybe we could send Alan off for extra training with a view to him passing the 'how to set a team up properly' and '101 ways to attack when playing at home' if he managed to get those two badges i'm sure we would have a good end to this season....


  9. Anyone who thinks Weaver hasn't been our best player is living in cloud cuckoo land. I dread to think where we would be in the table if we hadn't signed him.

    The simple fact is we are set up in such a way the it makes creating goal scoring opportunites very difficult, with Irvines brand of football we will always keep it tight but it is more than feasible we will be on the wrong end of 1-0 results because we negate any attacking threat by isolating our strikers, giving defensive duites to our wide players, ask our fullbacks to be the main if not sole provider of crosses when we do finally manage to get into the oppositions final third.

    The games we have been poor in massivley out number the games we have played well in

    18 games this season and apart from the Brighton, Notts County and Hartlepool games we have been the poorer side in the majority of the 90mins

    Bouremouth first half was an absolute horror show and proved to me Irvine despite all his flipping badges doesn't have a clue

  10. Its so depressing at the moment, but I can see why fans are going with option 1

    its the short term pain long term gain aspect.....

    end of a fragmented shareholding, end to all the politics, fresh boardroom....a fresh start/clean slate whatever you want to call it (fingers crossed end of Irvine)

    We've lost players in the past and this club at this level is still a relatively BIG fish to attract players and rebuild


    irrespective of the death by a thousand cuts I just cannot wish admin on us, my wife works at the P&A Partnership in town and trust me admin isnt all rosey

    its just such a flipping mess!!

  11. I'd play 4-5-1 with either Mellor or Morrison up front. In the centre of midfield I would have Miller, Potter and Coke and play Johnson (Rightside) or Teale (Leftside) and put Tudgay on the other side. I'd pair Tudgay up with their fullback who looks the weakest in the air. This way we can still attack and defend where needed in numbers.

    Away from home I agree thats the perfect way to set us up given the players we've got

    4-5-1 or 4-3-3

    Mellor as the front man supported by Tudgay and JJ

    And a midfield 3 of Coke, Potter, Miller looks good

    At home i'd still go with two wingers and play 4-4-2 tho...

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