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  1. I thought he would really bust a gut and prove his doubters wrong when he came on tonight.


    He was awful, he is so off the pace and his body language is pathetic.


    I was one of his biggest fans but if you can’t at least try and put a shift in, then he may as well give up.


    Only thing that awaits him now is a league 1 club taking a punt on him, anyone else would be mad to go anywhere near him.


    Its turning out to be commercial suicide from us greater even than Abdi / Jeffers levels. :sad:





  2.                                     Westwood


        Iorfa.               Lees.               Borner.          Reach


        Murphy.           Luongo         Bannan.         Harris


                               Rhodes.         Fletcher.   










  3. That’s a long winded way of saying nothing at all if you ask me.


    I think we are probably talking currently regards compensation, player budgets, backroom staff negotiating etc etc Otherwise all he has to do is say nothing in the link to the Owls...committed to Lincoln will not be moving to Sheffield Wednesday, that would put an end to it all.

  4. What a uninspiring, unbalanced side that is...




              Bates.        Thorniley.       Fox


    Iorfa.          Pelupessy.      Luongo.      Murphy. 


              Winnall.        Nuhiu.     Rhodes 


    Maybe 3 at the back?? 


    You can still freshen the team up, but I’m fed up of players being picked & playing out of position most weeks






  5. 3 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:


    I may be wrong but I think I read he has suffered with a bad injury not that long ago. 

    Think he had 3 months out with an ankle injury, worth the gamble in my opinion 

  6. Most Cardiff fans are upset he’s left, they think he could do a great job for them in the Championship.


    I trust Bruce, right type of signing, Young, athletic, doesn’t get injured that much best years ahead of him hopefully if we’ve signed him.

  7.                              Westwood


                     Lees.                  Borner.  

    Odubajo.                                              Lazarr


                 Diame.                     Bannan


    Reach.                                        Forestieri 










  8.                                Westwood


                    Hector            Lees.          Borner 


    Odubajo          Lee      Hutchinson.       Bannan.       Reach. 


                          Fletcher.        Joao 


    I’d like to give 3 at the back another go if we get Hector, Borner & Odubajo

  9. He’s a top top striker / link man in this league. Would love him to be with us next season.


    It’s a huge IF but a fully fit side all season including the likes of Hooper, Lee, Hutch, FF, Aarons, Bannan, Hector, Lazaar, Westwood, Fletcher...managed by Bruce would go really, really close next year

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  10. If no Aarons I’d go 4-3-3




    Iorfa.            Lees.             Hector.           Palmer



        Reach.                                 Bannan




               Hooper.                Fletcher.  


    Can easily get Hooper to drop back into a number 10 role and push FF wider left 

  11. Bannan did everything asked of him in a 2 Man midfield tonight.


    We all keep saying it but we are missing Lee in every department...he makes everyone become better players, and it’s not because he’s been out for months he just makes us play like we’ve got 12 men.


    Pigs have a team full of grafters with a bit of quality in Norwood, I can’t stand Wilder but the system they play is top drawer 




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