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  1. Everyone will be fit for the Chelsea match, expect Hooper to start
  2. Thanks for explaining, appreciate it, going back on topic I’d sell Reach to the highest bidder hopefully for close to 15 million.
  3. I see where your coming from, I just thought you had to make allowances in the accounts for future/further revenue, multi year season tickets being an example. So there’s nothing stopping DC selling the ground for 30 million this income ALL showing in 2019 and then we pay DC ‘friend’ who we sell the ground to for 500k per year on going. Meaning we clear FFP this season and have 20 million left over to spend without selling anyone.
  4. I understand that, what I’m struggling with is we have to show the EFL a projection of income for the following year. You can’t account for things twice so if you have a 10 million hole this year then you need 10 million of income THIS year. No good getting it in 3-4 million chunks as we would fail this year surely?
  5. The chairman said we are failing FFP / P&S by ‘8 figures’ so north of 10 million. That’s the hole that needs plugging THIS season never mind future projections. I’d sell FF for 3-5 million if we could get him off the wage bill Reach for 12 million and we would have had a good January, let Bruce plan for the exodus in the summer and go again next season.
  6. Are you sure? 10 million now in jan will fall into this years figures which would go along way to solving P&S for this year. If we got paid over 3 years we would only be able to account for a 3rd of it this year and show a 3 million projection for next year and the year after. We would then have to find another 7 million this year to bridge the gap with P&S for this season.
  7. I would take £10-12 million if cash was payable up front not over 2-3 years plus Hourihane coming the other way and a 20% sell on clause. Would be great business....and if Wolves do want him stick another 5 million on.
  8. Both back in first team training end Jan early Feb. Imagine going into Feb with Hooper, Lee, FF all in the matchday squad
  9. I was under the impression we need to raise circa 10 million in fees in January and shed 8 million in wages in the summer, ie not renew any of the expiring contracts. Im amazed Bruce would take a job under these constraints so ground sale or third party cash injection something must be going on.
  10. Such a refreshing press conference compared to both Carlos and Jos. SA speaks in a very knowledgeable way but with a steely....we are going to grab this club and league by the f**king scruff of the neck type of way. fantastic stuff
  11. Wishful thinking as David Jones is a wednesday fan and he’s happy to take his 300k per week
  12. I’d rest Lees, Hector, Hutchinson, Bannan, Reach & Matais Dawson Palmer. Thorniley. Pudil. Penney. Pelupessy. Jones. Boyd Abdi. Winnall. Nuhiu. Wildsmith Baker Fox Bannan Reach Matais Fletcher
  13. Dreadful is a little disrespectful to a player who has played 400 games half of them in the premier league and the other half challenging for promotion in the championship.
  14. To early to tell but would love a few of his old mates Gary Cahil loan Elmohamady nominal fee Hourihane 3 million Abel Hernandez 5 million I’m spending the ground sale cash quicker than DC
  15. The rules are clear they specifically refer to ‘fair market value’ and transactions at arms length. legally means we cannot over inflate the value of our stadium / training ground / shirt sponsorship etc etc in terms of bringing increased revenue into the club. arms length means there cannot be any financial connection between the buyer and the seller and no collusion is going on. even if we’ve found a loop hole, we are currently losing that much cash that 30 mill won’t go that far...
  16. Yes it’s his cash to a certain extent, but if he gambles and loses he’s £100 million out of pocket he flys back to Thailand and washes his hands of us. Our losses this season will be circa £10 million, knock that of the reported sale fee and it gives us cash for a couple of decent players....is it really worth the risk, would we become auto candidates, I don’t think so. His money, his gamble but I don’t like the prospect of renting Hillsborough to a third party who’s interest will only be a return on their investment.
  17. I just don’t see how this gets past the EFL. Arms length means no collusion between the buyer and the seller. Anything remotely linking DC and a prospective buyer will be deemed as collusion. There are plenty of mega rich owners in this league, if is was acceptable way of pumping 20-30 million into a club they’d all be at it.
  18. The appointment of Jos was the biggest car crash of a managerial appointment I can remember in all my years supporting Wednesday. zero experience of English football in semi retirement stubborn didn’t have a clue what his best team or system was alienated key players .....thanks Jos, you muppet we could have 5-10 points if not more without him
  19. Nuhiu is also a fraud of a footballer, has a purple patch to earn a contract and now looks unfit, uninterested and just generally rubbish. Winnal can’t come back soon enough
  20. I thought Tom Lees had his best game in ages just defending and heading....non of the Maldini rubbish Jos was trying to make him do.
  21. I’m fed up of Joey telling everyone around him to pass it back to Lees and Hector. Slowing us down so frustrating. there is acres of space down the flanks as Preston are playing so narrow, ball in midfield should be going wide at every opportunity not back to the centre halves. Should do the business in the second half hopefully
  22. Jos got ripped apart because 90% of his decisions were completely baffling. The way he set us up was completely anti football. No clue about the opposition / EFL. If Westwood, Hutch, Boyd, Jones are included in the squad today it’s pretty damming that Jos didn’t have a clue what he was doing other than alienating senior pros
  23. Westwood Hector. Lees. Pudil. Palmer. Hutchinson. Onomah. Reach Boyd Fletcher. Joao
  24. Bruce it is, but his back room staff arriving before him as he wants Xmas with the fam
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