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  1. Prehaps he is so far away due to AI coaching and the focus on shape and not the man ?

    We play or have attempted to play a zonal midfield four.

    Works well when the opposition have 4 players in midfield, not so well when they play 4-3-3 and we play an attacking 4-4-2.

    There were massive gaps either side of o'conner and miller was bobbins yesterday.

    A Ball winning midfielder wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference.

    Our defensive system is too easily worked out by fluid / decent teams.

    It works against crap sides but not half decent ones.

    Agree about Miller he was poor but I cannot carry on wtaching JOC in our midfield whether its the team set up or not hes poo

    I'm pretty sure they played 4-4-2

    Roberts Arfield Kilbane Pilkington

  2. No doubt we could do with someone more athletic in the middle of the park but I think are problems arrise with being absolutely bobbins at closing the opposition down and are general shape

    I lost count how many times JOC was AT LEAST 5 yards away from a Huddersfield midfielder when he collected the ball in OUR half, shocking no matter what the level of ability you dont see teams conceding posession like we do

    What we need is a central midfielder who knows how to play in central midfield not someone who can play right side or just behind the striker etc we are crying out for a specialist midfield general

  3. He has bought the club for £1 but to do that he had to pay our creditors off mainly the bank

    The only debt currently would be the extra 750k plus nominal amounts owed to Dave Allen and the old board payable on a return to the Prem

    SWFC the bargin of the footballing world :cool:

  4. I believe we will see a PR offensive later this week - this will reveal the 'deal' the LNH have reached - and on paper it will look great - but they know it has no chance of succeeding in keeping us out of admin. DA will be blamed for admin - and HW set that up perfectly on the radio this morning.

    The LNH's will bring the club our of admin - and the PR of "We did what we could by writing off/down our loan notes but now we've rescued the club you should all get behind us" will be trotted out...

    Only my opinion - but its feasible..

    I'm afraid that is very close to the actual truth

  5. The thing for me with JOC is that he does not put himself about too much. He seems to run beside the opponent or close to him trying to win the ball instead of getting stuck in and actually winning the ball.

    He runs around a lot but as for winning the ball it's non existent really if we are being honest, i thought Macca won the ball more than JOC.

    SPOT ON!!

  6. What, just because you heard his name twice he played badly?

    I thought he did well today, closed them down and got some good tackles in - nice touch for Morrison's 2nd as well.

    He was a yard off the pace all afternoon, I heard his name twice because if you watch it back I bet he didnt touch it more than that....shocking for a central midfielder against that type of opposition

    What Miller has to do to play in central midfield i don't know

    JOC should be nowhere near the first 11 and should be sat on the bench next to Potter

  7. Like the bit from DA at the bottom, only 2 left now with Wednesdayite on board as well.

    Is it just me then that doesn't get it...

    DA wants 1.5million payed to release his shares....we haven't got 600k to pay the flippingtax man how the hell are we going to get uncle Dave his money as well.

    Complete non-starter, the SA are trying to get the shares released for ZERO Dave wants 1.5million they both couldn't be further apart if they tried


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