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  1.                                Dawson


    Iorfa.              Lees.             Borner.         Palmer



                Windass.                      Bannan


         Da Cruz.             Wickham.           Forestieri 


    like the look of that team!

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  2. Fox on a 2yr deal

    Fletcher 1yr (he will no doubt be looking for 2 as will his agent anything more than a year I would release he’s our top earner) 


    Rest of them get rid 


    Try and offload Rhodes on loan for the season covering his wages.

  3. Bannan is in shocking form, I’d stick him on the bench




    Palmer.           Iorfa.             Lees.           Odobajo


    Murphy.          Windass.        Hutch.        Reach 


                          Wickham.         FF

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  4. Hopefully this summer we can refresh the squad...lots of gaps to fill in my opinion 





    ?????                Iorfa.             Borner.            ??????

    Palmer.              Lees.             ?????                Fox


                  Luongo.          ??????       Bannan

                   ??????          ??????


         ??????                   ??????              Reach

         ??????                   Rhodes.              Harris



  5. So we could pay circa £1 million in wages until the end of the season and then if we go up we pay £20million if we don’t we return back to the toon no hard feelings.


    DC has blown way more cash on rubbish over previous seasons than an educated chance / gamble of £1 million pounds of wages.


    Gayle scores goals in this division, pace, diving, whinging at the ref etc etc rather have him playing for us than against us in any of the other top 6 teams.

  6.                              Dawson


    Iorfa.            Lees.           Borner.         Fox


    Murphy.        Hutch         Bannan.        Reach


                         Nuhiu.         Harris.  


    Don't play out from the back,...will just invite pressure, get Harris running the channels and play direct.


    Luongo or Hutch alongside Bannan either works for me.


    Wickham as sub comes on and scores the winner :cool:

  7. 4 minutes ago, rickygoo said:


    It may be the audit trail of the contracts, decisions to sell etc mean in accounting terms it's actually all fine.  


    How can you have an audit trail that leads back to a company that never existed?


    Its clear what he’s tried to do, unfortunately for us, he did it too late and this big cover up to try and back date it screams of dodgy practices. 


    He’s been charged so the EFL know they have a case. If we are still in the championship next season it will be a miracle. 

  8. 50 minutes ago, rickygoo said:

    If it was then that's a problem


    From Times  15 Nov 2019

    "In the accounts filed by the club to Companies House for the period ending July 31, 2018, the “profit on disposal of stadium” is stated to be £38,061,000. However, documents filed with the Land Registry say that the transaction for the purchase of Hillsborough, by a company owned solely by the Wednesday chairman and owner, Dejphon Chansiri, took place only five months ago. The document says: “The price stated to have been paid on 28 June 2019 for the land in this title was £60million exclusive of VAT. Indeed the company that made the purchase, Sheffield 3 Limited, was not incorporated until June 21 this year. The one listed officer of Sheffield 3 Ltd is Thai millionaire Chansiri."


    If these dates are accurate, we are going to get the book thrown at us.


    How can you even begin to defend something like the above.


    We all pretty much know he’s tried to back date the transaction but to backdate it to a company that didn’t even exist in the previous financial year...ridiculous 


    I think it’s nailed on he will get banned from football activities. And we’ll get a hefty points deduction, hopefully not enough to relegate us.

  9. 1 minute ago, billyblack said:

    Lets cap it then. No club allowed to lose any money over a season. Would that be fair?


    No because that’s completely unrealistic. Utopia but never going to happen. You could count on one hand the profitable clubs across all 92 members of the EFL.


    We are competing in a division where multiple clubs that are receiving parachute payments are operating under a different set of rules. How that is FFP I have no idea.  



  10. 3 minutes ago, billyblack said:

    And.... whats your point? 


    They have extra income but higher outgoings, they still have a set amount they can lose over 3 years. 


    Why should one team be allowed to lose more than another? In the same league, competing for the same thing.


    Make the allowed loss over a 3yr period the same as the relegated clubs, if owners want to supplement their own cash in response to parachute payments let them. All the EFL need to govern is that it’s equity injections not 3rd party loans.



  11. 28 minutes ago, sweetsheri said:

    They are all owed to spend the same. It's just the relegated clubs coffers are fuller to the tune of £16+ million a year

    So, over 3 years a relegated club can afford to spend £48m more and remain within the rules.


    First year after relegation teams get £40 million, second year they get £35 million, third year they get £15 million.


    £90 million additional revenue over 3 years...hardly an even playing field for FFP

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