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  1. He already owns the ground.... Did you miss the desso & Chansiri splashed everywhere
  2. No wonder Gibson was throwing his teddies out the pram. Hope we sold it to DC’s Dad for 500 million
  3. Since Bruce came in we’ve been top 6 form....pretty much half a season. whatever the gaffer thinks is best is fine by me. although I’d give Hooper a 3yr deal in the morning
  4. He’s a top top striker / link man in this league. Would love him to be with us next season. It’s a huge IF but a fully fit side all season including the likes of Hooper, Lee, Hutch, FF, Aarons, Bannan, Hector, Lazaar, Westwood, Fletcher...managed by Bruce would go really, really close next year
  5. If no Aarons I’d go 4-3-3 Westwood Iorfa. Lees. Hector. Palmer Hutchinson Reach. Bannan Forestieri Hooper. Fletcher. Can easily get Hooper to drop back into a number 10 role and push FF wider left
  6. They are effectively being punished for the last 3 yr period of going over 39m. I guess from a legal point of view they cannot be punished for the same thing twice so therefore the accounting period has to start again.
  7. We really should take the hit this season if we can. Shed all the out of contracts and we could chuck 20-30 million at it without any sanctions for another 36 months EFL have completely lost the plot with FFP if the sanction on Brum is true
  8. Birmingham mail, bbc & sky all reporting they will face no further economic sanctions and no more transfer embargo’s. Accounting period reset, and back onto a new 3 year cycle
  9. It does look like it’s a clean slate, based on what’s coming out of Birmingham. If it really is true that’s very lenient...let’s get this sorted take a circa 6 point deduction now, and go for it next season.
  10. I didn’t want to tempt fate but this needs Big D to do a proper run in if we win on Saturday
  11. Our goal difference is so bad compared to those around us that the only way we get 6th is on points (highly unlikely anyway) Just need to take our chances and bring back 3 points, i’d take 0-1 right now.
  12. Bannan did everything asked of him in a 2 Man midfield tonight. We all keep saying it but we are missing Lee in every department...he makes everyone become better players, and it’s not because he’s been out for months he just makes us play like we’ve got 12 men. Pigs have a team full of grafters with a bit of quality in Norwood, I can’t stand Wilder but the system they play is top drawer
  13. Never been a yellow card offence EVER Ridiculous decision I hope the ref is pleased with himself, all you ask for is a bit of consistency sadly seems like another ref who couldn’t resist not being the centre of attention. ANYONE who thinks FF deserves a yellow for that hasn’t got a clue about football or an emotional bone in their body.... complete farce of a decision.
  14. We play Swansea and Brentford before the pigs now way does he miss that game
  15. Hopefully Bruce will have a squad something like this going into next season Offer contracts to Westwood and Palmer only. Try and sign Hector and Arrons on permenant deals if possible. Westwood Dawson Wildsmith Ifora. Lees. Hector. Prem Loan?? Palmer. Prem loan? Thorniley. Fox Reach Hutchinson. Bannan. Forestieri Prem loan? Prem loan?? Arrons. Fletcher. Joao Winnall. Rhodes. Try and off load Nuhiu, Van Aken & Pelupessy Release: Pudil Jones Abdi Boyd Lee Hooper Matias Then refresh the squad completely in 2020 season, we might be something like competitive again in 2020 if Bruce is allowed to do his own thing.
  16. I’m confident for next season, pick a consistent team, manager now knows the division inside out etc etc....we need a bit of luck with injuries but so does everybody else. If we could scrape together the funds to resign Westwood & Hector (on a loan) then find a way that FF, Fletch, Joao , Reach, Bannan can do their stuff consistently then we’ve got half a chance
  17. I can see someone taking a risk on Hooper, strikers are always at a premium and a team will say ‘IF’ we can keep him fit etc etc. He may end up going to the states As for Lee, I’m not sure anyone would take the risk on a normal contract even if it was just a 1 year deal. There maybe a chance he sticks around at the club on some type of pay as you play deal, but I think that’s unlikely. Were both fantastic players for us in their own way but think Bruce will release both in the summer.
  18. Yeah massive week Think if we have taken 9 points by 5pm next Saturday then we can have a tilt at it. Im sure Villa fans think they still got a shot at the play offs and they are 6 points in front of us but played two more games, Big week this tho!
  19. Take Pelupessy and Boyd out and swap with Joao and FF then we might play some attacking football for a change
  20. To be honest I’d start him then bring him off second half, we will probably be out the game in the last 30mins so I’d try and get him to make an impact from the start
  21. We’ve got enough to stay up just about with the team below even if we sell Reach and release all the out of contracts Dawson Hutchinson. Lees. Thorniley Baker. Pelupessy. Bannan. Penney Joao. Fletcher. Forestieri Wildsmith Fox Van Aken Kirby Winnall Nuhiu Rhodes Really weak in wide areas but if we can get through this season and next, then we can reshape the squad in 20/21 season and we would have circa 20 million plus scope for players if the chairman wants to give it another go within FFP/ P&S
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