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  1. Gayle has scored 60 goals in the championship in 100 games. That’s some record.
  2. Gayle and Wickham up front for the rest of the season
  3. Dawson Iorfa. Lees. Borner. Fox Murphy. Hutch Bannan. Reach Nuhiu. Harris. Don't play out from the back,...will just invite pressure, get Harris running the channels and play direct. Luongo or Hutch alongside Bannan either works for me. Wickham as sub comes on and scores the winner
  4. How can you have an audit trail that leads back to a company that never existed? Its clear what he’s tried to do, unfortunately for us, he did it too late and this big cover up to try and back date it screams of dodgy practices. He’s been charged so the EFL know they have a case. If we are still in the championship next season it will be a miracle.
  5. If these dates are accurate, we are going to get the book thrown at us. How can you even begin to defend something like the above. We all pretty much know he’s tried to back date the transaction but to backdate it to a company that didn’t even exist in the previous financial year...ridiculous I think it’s nailed on he will get banned from football activities. And we’ll get a hefty points deduction, hopefully not enough to relegate us.
  6. Our best football in the final third was always when FF, Bannan and Lee were on the pitch. FF needs to start home games, we are so one dimensional with Fletcher up front on his own.
  7. No because that’s completely unrealistic. Utopia but never going to happen. You could count on one hand the profitable clubs across all 92 members of the EFL. We are competing in a division where multiple clubs that are receiving parachute payments are operating under a different set of rules. How that is FFP I have no idea.
  8. Why should one team be allowed to lose more than another? In the same league, competing for the same thing. Make the allowed loss over a 3yr period the same as the relegated clubs, if owners want to supplement their own cash in response to parachute payments let them. All the EFL need to govern is that it’s equity injections not 3rd party loans.
  9. First year after relegation teams get £40 million, second year they get £35 million, third year they get £15 million. £90 million additional revenue over 3 years...hardly an even playing field for FFP
  10. Fletcher Nuhiu from the start does not work at all
  11. No he would have then dealt with the cross either way...think you are missing the point of my post..
  12. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but thought Dawson should have tracked the cross/commanded his area and punched it away before the chance even came about. Should have smashed the ball/ player everything. Great save no doubt but I thought he could have dealt with it much sooner
  13. Dwight Gayle Pedersen from Brum (Was Monk’s first signing there, he’s just the type of LB we need) Maybe a cheeky loan bid for Ndiaye at Stoke if there is unrest and their season is over by January.
  14. I thought he would really bust a gut and prove his doubters wrong when he came on tonight. He was awful, he is so off the pace and his body language is pathetic. I was one of his biggest fans but if you can’t at least try and put a shift in, then he may as well give up. Only thing that awaits him now is a league 1 club taking a punt on him, anyone else would be mad to go anywhere near him. Its turning out to be commercial suicide from us greater even than Abdi / Jeffers levels.
  15. Westwood Iorfa. Lees. Borner. Reach Murphy. Luongo Bannan. Harris Rhodes. Fletcher. Dawson Palmer Thorniley Hutchinson Lee Nuhiu Winnall
  16. That’s a long winded way of saying nothing at all if you ask me. I think we are probably talking currently regards compensation, player budgets, backroom staff negotiating etc etc Otherwise all he has to do is say nothing in the link to the Owls...committed to Lincoln will not be moving to Sheffield Wednesday, that would put an end to it all.
  17. What a uninspiring, unbalanced side that is... Dawson Bates. Thorniley. Fox Iorfa. Pelupessy. Luongo. Murphy. Winnall. Nuhiu. Rhodes Maybe 3 at the back?? You can still freshen the team up, but I’m fed up of players being picked & playing out of position most weeks
  18. Newcastle fans are raging about potentially appointing Bruce. If he goes the fans will be against him straight away, nobber of a chairman, good luck to him, they will be in the bottom 6 all season with protests galore.
  19. Think he had 3 months out with an ankle injury, worth the gamble in my opinion
  20. Most Cardiff fans are upset he’s left, they think he could do a great job for them in the Championship. I trust Bruce, right type of signing, Young, athletic, doesn’t get injured that much best years ahead of him hopefully if we’ve signed him.
  21. Sounds like we are about to bid £20 million for Gayle if you ask me
  22. Westwood Lees. Borner. Odubajo. Lazarr Hutchinson Diame. Bannan Reach. Forestieri Fletcher Dawson Thorniley Palmer Iorfa Lee Joao Nuhiu
  23. Westwood Hector Lees. Borner Odubajo Lee Hutchinson. Bannan. Reach. Fletcher. Joao I’d like to give 3 at the back another go if we get Hector, Borner & Odubajo
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