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  1.                                Westwood


    Palmer.          Iorfa.          Borner.        Penney


    Harris.          Brown.        Bannan.       Reach


                         Windass.       Paterson


    May as well have a go, direct football, overlapping full backs. Bannan/Brown can’t play in a 2 man midfield etc etc time to change our shape and be positive.



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  2. This is the problem, we know it, the opposition know it Dawson will make a mistake in most games.


    While his shot stopping is pretty decent, he has a habit of parrying it back into dangerous areas and it keeps costing us.


    Dawson, Wildsmith & Westwood all three probably aren’t the answer.


    So frustrating seeing Dawson make the same mistakes over and over, over a season it’s going to put us in trouble.

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  3. 3-4-1-2




               Iorfa.              Lees.          Borner 


    Harris.           Luongo.        Bannan.         Penney




                  Kachunga.              Windass 



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  4.                               Dawson


                  Iorfa             Dunkley       Borner


    Harris           Luongo           Bannan          Reach




                   Windass             Katchunga


    Think the side picks itself, happy with the 3-4-1-2 formation.


    I would try Harris in place of Murphy on the right and put Reach on the other side for a few games 

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  5. 34 minutes ago, SouthStand75 said:

    He’s made bad decisions but the turning point was the play off final. Had we won that we wouldn’t be having this concert or in this mess now. Small margins and crazy how one game of football can change your future. 

    If you don’t run a football club properly doesn’t matter if we would have won the play off final. Look at Hull....hardly changed their future did it.


    We are a basket case of a club, no structure, losing culture, and heading rapidly in the wrong direction.

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  6. Am I right in thinking if we win the EFL case and we are allowed to show the stadium sale in the accounts, we are trying to say it was technically sold in the 17/18 yearly accounts not the 18/19 accounts. Based on a rolling 3 year of 39 million losses we will only get the benefit of the sale this year.


    17/18 accounts 2 million profit

    18/19 accounts 20 million loss

    19/20 accounts published shortly but somewhere close to 20 million loss


    So even with the ground sale we have no room for manoeuvre.

  7. I think it boils down to having two big personalities in the dressing room. Hutch came through the ranks at Chelsea, nearly had to retire though injury he probably comes across as a “I don’t give a poo attitude” “rants and speaks their mind” potentially undermining the manager...he needs a strong personality to manage him and keep him in line. Westwood is and has always been a bit petulant...again needs managing.


    End of the day, your best team is your best team whether you are playing Under 10s footie or professional football, and all the players know who is the best...it’s natural selection.


    Something kicked off after the Stoke game and we’ve not recovered since.


    Down to the manager to “manage” the situation not bomb senior pros out of the squad imo.

  8. 9 minutes ago, S72 Owl said:

    Dawson 5 - nothing he could do about the goal 

    Palmer 4 - not really in the game. Not a wing back

    Lees 4 - much improved performance from Barnsley. Our best defender 

    Iorfa 3 - looked out of place in the middle of the back 3. Surely him and lees should swap

    Borner 3 - Poor again

    FF 6 - Not a wing back but looked like our biggest threat first half and worked hard

    Bannan 4 - overun, outbattled, in midfield on his own against 3 again

    Lee 5 - neat and tidy and worked hard but can no longer play in a 2 

    Windas 4 - didn’t do enough 

    De Cruz 5 - worked hard, few good touches, no support

    Wickham 3 - awful again, lazy again



    On the wind up surely lol

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