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  1. I'm not sure Iorfa will go, cannot see Chansiri selling him unless its for serious cash and i'm not sure teams will be throwing money around in the next couple of months, plus he's recovering from a serious injury.


    I don't think there will be many player sales full stop across the leagues just free transfers moving clubs.











    The above should be good enough for league 1, at the very least a midtable finish so we don't potentially slip down again like Wigan are showing is possible.

  2. Taken slightly out of context, however agree with the above sentiments.


    What i’m trying to say is in our specific case in the here and now if there was any thought to try and hope we would stay up and delay the inevitable then it’s pretty much a waste of time.


    No point trying to get Adam Reach to take £10k per week instead of £18k. Bin him off now...the feeling in both camps is mutual I expect, (as an example tbh I’m surprised he doesn’t already have a pre contract in place like Shaw) let’s plan and try and find a left winger who will play for £3k per week who has aspirations to earn £5k etc etc in league 1.


    Blessing in disguise was probably the wrong thread title given the latest result but if there is any opportunity for DC to take his medicine this season and put measures in place to give us half a chance next season to rebuild we should be doing everything to take it.



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  3. Let’s push through any costs we are trying to mitigate into the previous years accounts...and what’s left over into last years accounts get both sets published take an embargo and further points deduction if that’s what’s needed and wipe the slate absolutely clean. 

    Any player not willing to sign an extension on reduced terms or is not under contract for next season needs to stay at home and we pick squads from what’s left for the remaining games.


    Our season is over.


    If there’s any remote chance we could face any further sanctions on spending we need to get it done now so it gives us a chance next season.


    Utterly depressing state of affairs. No direction, complete disarray from top to bottom.


    Trying to be positive now is the time to start from scratch, give DM time, let’s see what he can do in league 1 next season...but it’s a hell of a rebuild he’s got on his hands.



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  4. 2 minutes ago, pioowl said:

    NO. Its iconic like Evertons ground.Ok it still has the scars of the disaster perhaps because people like you insist on bringing the subject up but obviously havent been since the new North stand was built ? i dont want a bigger ground or any MODERN infrastructure.I agree with most West Ham fans about modern ,high capacity stadia.


    Everton are moving with the times, their new stadium on the docks is going to be amazing. The days are long gone unfortunately where tradition and history play a part in modern day football. 





  5. Luongo comes in for Shaw when fit. Brum game probably too soon tho.

    Maybe Penney for Reach for 45/60mins 

    Other than that there’s not much to choose from. Tonight was our best 11 on paper.

    Pelupessy & Katchunga were both woeful and should be no where near the first 11 I’d sooner give some young’uns game time than those two.



  6. Any sub that involves Joey taking the field is a ******** stupid decision.


    If I was the manager/coach he wouldn’t make a single squad at this level, Palmer would have been better or Brown, or Windass anyone that can actually play football would have been better.


    And you can see from the players they know that too. Somebody at our club thought it was a good idea to give him an extra year...awful truly awful.


    Agree we were shocking second half...but the subs made no sense whatsoever...Katchunga for Rhodes Christ that swap is nearly as bad as bringing Pelupessy on.

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  7. I think we are going to be trouble after these fixtures.


    Cant see anything other than losses against Swansea and Brentford.


    You just know Fletcher will score the winner at Stoke


    And I’m convinced the footballing gods will make sure Birmingham sack their boss and replace him with Cook who will take great pleasure in getting a result at Hillsborough.


    Maybe a couple of draws hope I’m wrong tho.

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