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  1. We sold our original allocation which was 38k so they gave us more tickets
  2. You have been total bobbar? Try being a Town fan for the last 45 years and then talk to me about total bobbar. If we continue our upward curve then we will continue to grow our fanbase
  3. I'm honestly not sure. Can only put it down to Sunday 12pm kick off and being on Sky We had more fans turn out for our play off semi final in League Two against Lincoln. Maybe they're more attractive for the fair weather fan to watch than Wednesday
  4. That means 8% of Sheffield turn out to support your clubs while 14% of Huddersfield turns out to support us Maybe your marketing department need to work a bit harder
  5. Not one bit, given all Town fans are fully aware of the size of our support/fan base. We are a Town of approx 140,000 people and therefore our attendances stack up very well Take Sheffield, 600,000 population and a two team City. That gives you a damn sight more folk to go at yet your average attendance this season was only 7000 more than ours.
  6. This unbelievable atmosphere against Hull didn't do much good did it? Your players crumbled under the pressure Be interesting to see if they can handle it better this time around
  7. The same as the gulf between you and Newcastle but it didn't stop you from competing with them twice this season
  8. Let's be honest for a second. It really should have been three 0-0 draws this season The league game at ours was settled by a penalty given for a shot that was going miles over the bar and smashed at his face from pretty close range. Very harsh decision. Neither team looked like scoring otherwise The league game at yours we missed two very good chances in the first half after being the better side. The referee then allowed Wells to be dragged to the floor ignoring the most blatant foul before Wallace scored a worldy. He then sent off Payne where other referees would have just given a free kick and then allowed an offside goal to stand Those 2 games could have gone either way. Sunday's game could only have been a draw or a Town win because lets face it, you didn't get close enough to our goal to score. I still expect you will win tomorrow night but it's not as nailed on as some of you may think. Two very evenly matched sides
  9. Just think about what you're saying for a second. Wagner puts centre backs up front because we don't have another striker on our books. We're trying to rectify that in January but are not in the fortunate position of being able to pay big wages like you and hold 6 strikers on the books. The wages for your 6 strikers is likely more than what we pay our whole squad. Yet despite this, Wagner still has his side one point above yours. He's doing a tremendous job with a budget that is bottom 6 in this division
  10. You clearly don't understand the offside rule. It is offside
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