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  1. Went to the game last night and while Abdi looked tidy was not our best player in the 1st half. FF was excellent, as was Hutch, and his range of passing was better than Abdi's. Abdi seemed a little slow/tired and played simple short passes but Bannan when he came on was simply better. BB offered more energy, more range of passing and created the 2nd goal with great vision. I really want it to work out for Abdi but not sure he is right for the style we play.
  2. Normally just read this site as most rumours are rubbish but thought i'd share this one with you lot. I've heard we are signing Evaeverson Lemos da Silva, commonly known as Brandão. Striker from St Etienne. He was picked up from Birmingham airport yesterday and is set to sign.
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