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  1. Flag Needed

    Thanks for the replies, all sorted now
  2. Could anyone supply an England flag with SWFC on or a SWFC flag ? Or Know where I could buy one and have it shipped to Finland or UK if before Easter? Now it seems England will qualify for the U19 Euro champs and possibly with George playing. As I live in Finland and holidaying in one of the towns where the finals are taking place at that time, I will be attending Englands games. Obviously I would cover any costs. Thanks WAWAW
  3. Lutv live stream via a vpn

    Just purchased the match day pass on their website. 99p. Hope it was worth it
  4. Don't worry, we will be Red Bull Wednesday by next season.
  5. Here in Finland it will be -24 by kickoff. Beer will be ok, Just hope bbc's satellite signal doesn't freeze.
  6. No new contract but more first team appearances should increase his value at tribunal
  7. Remember my first time in there. Only 16 and guy on door said sorry guys. Then a voice came from back "they're ok". Felt so proud.
  8. Conspiracy theory

    Elev 8 to be replaced by Red Bull
  9. Conspiracy theory

    Katrien Meire brought in to help find a buyer Steve Mcclaren seen at ground. Looking to buy a club.
  10. Here's a conspiracy theory. Any player who is injured is covered by insurance (wages and availability). So if a player is "injured" the club gets the wages covered plus a sum due to the player being unavailable. Seems it's all the potential high earners who are injured. All goes towards FFP.
  11. Next manager odds

    CC Besiktas 11/12 (Aug 2, 2011) 11/12 (Apr 2, 2012) Manager 47 Games 1,60 ppg Bilic Besiktas 13/14 (Jun 28, 2013) 14/15 (May 30, 2015) Manager 89 Games 1,82 ppg Go get him DC.
  12. Next manager odds

    Bilic that is all.
  13. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Tonight wildsmith venancio lees van ake wallace lee bannan reach hooper rhodes fletcher or hunt lees aken reach wallace lees bannan matias rhodes hooper formations are endless. but more attacking
  14. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    After seeing that squad selection, And for the first time in my history of support ( 38 years) I hope we lose. Zero attacking options, Zero attacking from the bench. This is CC looking for a draw or hoping to pinch a win to save his job. For me time for CC to go, And I was a big fan of his appointment.