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  1. chrysoar


    Yep very poor
  2. chrysoar


    Exactly the same for me. Very poor.
  3. Introduced him to my daughter at Euro u19. I told her, one day he might be a Wednesday legend like his dad. His reply " I hope so" Seems he is still an owl at heart.
  4. chrysoar

    Question re: transfer window

    And lost, but still had a contracted player they had to pay.
  5. chrysoar

    Question re: transfer window

    Maybe it is more to do with player registration rather than employment. Only new registrations are allowed in a certain period, this would not affect employment law.
  6. chrysoar

    Owls on holiday

    Middle of our holiday.Last nights Euro u19s in Finland.
  7. chrysoar

    Possible player exit?

    Kieran Lee rwb ?
  8. chrysoar

    Possible player exit?

    Wasn't there a rumour of Palmer to Bolton?
  9. chrysoar

    Possible player exit?

    Westwood £2m
  10. Wimbledon, Plough lane many years ago, rained all day. Dennis wise hit one over the bar straight to me. Stopped the ball but not the mud with it.
  11. chrysoar

    Flag Needed

    Thanks for the replies, all sorted now
  12. Could anyone supply an England flag with SWFC on or a SWFC flag ? Or Know where I could buy one and have it shipped to Finland or UK if before Easter? Now it seems England will qualify for the U19 Euro champs and possibly with George playing. As I live in Finland and holidaying in one of the towns where the finals are taking place at that time, I will be attending Englands games. Obviously I would cover any costs. Thanks WAWAW
  13. chrysoar

    Lutv live stream via a vpn

    Just purchased the match day pass on their website. 99p. Hope it was worth it
  14. Don't worry, we will be Red Bull Wednesday by next season.
  15. Here in Finland it will be -24 by kickoff. Beer will be ok, Just hope bbc's satellite signal doesn't freeze.