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  1. Ive been through every site I can think of and nothing, even my most trusted which has never failed before.
  2. Whoever came up with this idea, Do they not see this as potentially offensive to some. Maybe land the club in trouble, It needs to be stopped. I'm not woke, rant over.
  3. Think I've been here before, only last time i was on the Kop cheering with ten mins to go then thinking hey ho.
  4. Last time we played them. 1892 Lost 4-2. Might fly in next season to watch us do it again next season.
  5. https://twitter.com/pennybunty/status/1371096391641133064
  6. I use google chrome as the browser then chrome-cast to TV, No problem.
  7. Last year I paid é130 . Now £140 so é154 at current rates
  8. team 2 dawson palmer bates van aken fox harris lee pelupessy forestieri nuhiu winnall
  9. like the old days of Irish and king. overlapping fullbacks and whipped in crosses. westwood iorfa lees borner odubajo murphy louongo bannan reach fletcher rhodes
  10. Westwood Westwood Iorfa Iorfa Lees Lees Bates Borner Borner Odubajo Odubajo Hutch Loungo Luongo Bannan Bannan Forestieri Reach Fletcher Rhodes Reach Harris
  11. Would not be such a big loss. P W D L WP Bruce 18 7 8 3 38.9 luhukay 48 16 13 19 33.33 Carvalhal 131 56 38 37 42.7
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