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  1. Would not be such a big loss. P W D L WP Bruce 18 7 8 3 38.9 luhukay 48 16 13 19 33.33 Carvalhal 131 56 38 37 42.7
  2. Megson has offered to do it for free until the end of the season. He ha unfinished business.
  3. Ad blocker worked for me too. cheers
  4. http://wiz1.net/channel90 usually online just before the start.
  5. Rotating substitutes. Similar to ice hockey or basketball. Ability to change formation or tactics as the game demands
  6. Exactly the same for me. Very poor.
  7. Introduced him to my daughter at Euro u19. I told her, one day he might be a Wednesday legend like his dad. His reply " I hope so" Seems he is still an owl at heart.
  8. And lost, but still had a contracted player they had to pay.
  9. Maybe it is more to do with player registration rather than employment. Only new registrations are allowed in a certain period, this would not affect employment law.
  10. Middle of our holiday.Last nights Euro u19s in Finland.
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