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  1. You can't have VAR helping Chelsea out with a poor penalty decision at Stamford Bridge, but VAR's absence at the Den denying Everton that same 'fairness'. For Cup competitions, VAR should be switched off for fixtures at Prem grounds, thereby levelling the field for all teams.
  2. Bizarre that in the same FA Cup competition, we can have a penalty decision overturned through VAR yet had we been at home it would have stood, and Millwall's goal would have more than likely not stood under VAR review had they been playing at Everton. Doesn't seem fair.
  3. 'George, why did you just step on that snail?' 'It's been following me around all day'
  4. As 'first game of the season' performances go, Leeds look organised, aggressive, fluent, confident and full of individual flair. Looking at our performance against Wigan, we showed none of these qualities often enough for long enough. Early season or not, it's disheartening.
  5. Watching Wolves hammer another awful Yorkshire team, and although there are many ways they outclass us, the really obvious ones are their physical strength and superb fitness levels, surely the bedrock of Championship success. When you look at our wretched season of watching players in poor physical condition picking up injuries that then take an eternity to heal, it's clear what needs to be a priority in the close season, regardless of what division we're in.
  6. Too true! Ominous stats belie CC's bullish assertion that he is '100% sure' we will be promoted this season. He seems, as you say, to have the strange notion that points dropped early in the season somehow won't affect our final league position because we will 'get better'! Also heartbreaking that stats would suggest that with only 10 games gone we can already discount automatic promotion.
  7. Have to agree. Leeds have the grit, commitment, physicality and desire we lack. Add these qualities to our undoubted technical attributes and we would be a team to be feared. Recent results against Brentford, Burton and Reading highlight this season-long weakness.
  8. Watching Wednesday this season has made me think along the same lines. Alex Ferguson said, 'You give in once, you'll give in twice' and although I wouldn't accuse our players of 'giving in', there seems to be a mental fragility that has compromised the undoubted technical talent of the squad. Recent games against Brentford, Burton and Reading have highlighted a season-long trend: 'lesser' opposition totally committed to the cause, dominating the physical battles and displaying a ruthless desire to be winners. Our tepid play-off performance at Wembley last season seems to have set the tone for much of this.
  9. Apparently, it's rumoured Carvalhal is ready to spend another £4million in January on another player to help Abdi wash and iron the kit.
  10. Apparently Joao had to drive to Reading on Saturday. He had intended to go on the team coach but missed it.
  11. According to BBC Sport, the average points needed for automatic promotion from the Championship over the last 10 years has been 86. After 17 games, that means Wednesday have to average 2.103 points per game to meet that total and of course that may not guarantee an automatic spot. The average minimum playoff points total needed has been 73, which works out at 1.65 points per game for the rest of the season. At present we have averaged 1.47 points per game. Given that we are averaging little over 1 goal per game, it's a huge challenge ahead.
  12. Bronco was a powerful, goal-hungry 'centre forward' and really exciting to watch. I watched him as a kid and marvelled. He owned a cafe called 'The Squirrel' and sometimes, if you were lucky, he'd serve you with a cuppa. Peter Swan was one of the most elegant defenders I've ever seen and always played with his shorts up his arse! The 'betting scandal' meant their reputations suffered, although compared to modern corruption in the sport. ( FIFA, bungs etc) their misdemeanours were relatively minor.
  13. A grateful Rotherham United board have paid tribute to departed manager Steve Evans, highlighting that his absence will make space available for 3,000 extra fans.
  14. Head says we'll lose, heart does too. We miss chances, they do, but not all of them. 0-1
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