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  1. 5YearPlan

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I’d hope it’s that but you’d have to swap Hutch and Pessy as the latter needs Bazza within 5 yards of him.
  2. 5YearPlan

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Praying for another Joey wonder goal at the den then.
  3. Same problem with Ifollow and it looks like we are playing 11 smurfs.
  4. 5YearPlan

    Wednesday - V Preston OMDT

    Was about to post exactly this. Huge amount of pressure lifted and hopefully Bullen will tell them to express themselves and go for it as should be the case at home. You can really sense the relief after yesterday’s news amongst the fans and I’m guessing the players will share that. Clean slate from today so let’s cheer them on.
  5. 5YearPlan

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Liam Palmer having a nice stroll back.
  6. 5YearPlan

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    I was going mental at Joao for not playing the quick ball to FF. Suppose I will let him off.
  7. 5YearPlan

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    Cracking knackers too! I’ve just had a weird wave of optimism. 1-2 Wednesday. Goals from Bannan and Hector.
  8. 5YearPlan

    Soccer am

    Will be on part 2 later I imagine.
  9. 5YearPlan

    Song for Lucas Joao

    Lucas, Lucas, Lucas, Lucas Joao smash the ball in the back of the net here and don’t go home tonight come out and have a beer with the fans that love you. To the tune of Sheila take a bow by The Smiths. I’ve already got mi coat!
  10. Nice to hear Davy Jones trying a long shot. He's got that in his locker!
  11. Weirdly saw someone today with an Owls shirt and a Celtic tracksuit top tied round his waist. Worst type of person.
  12. Chansiri's barmy army!
  13. It seems really over the top that the club has to gain planning permission to put a sign up on the ground they own.
  14. 5YearPlan

    Players are all in Amsterdam

    Showed the Mrs and she asked who the one in the pink with the camel toe was.
  15. 5YearPlan

    Reach song

    Not sure why but since he signed I've had Personal Jesus in my head. Reach out to Fessi.