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  1. March 1960. We'd come out of a period of doldrums in Nov. 59. We'd assembled one of the best sides in my lifetime, Springett,- Johnson, Megson,- McAnearney, Swan, Kay,- Wilkinson, Craig, Ellis,Fantham, Finney. We played West Ham, who were top of the league, at home, in November, and beat them 7-0. We then went unbeaten, in league and cup, right through to March. We were due to play Man City away, so a few of us decided on the friday, at school, to go to the game. So we went by train, saw Stuart Hall outside !!, paid at the turnstyle, which you could do then, and watched a dismal Wednesday lose 4-1.
  2. Not replaced any of those lads on the picture have we? Apart from Madine at the back !
  3. Johnny Quinn. Another smashing lad. Like all players he'd done his two years National Service at 18, which seemed to knock all traces of Prima Donna out of aspiring pros.One of the rare breed of Owls players to play in an FA Cup Final.
  4. This is going back a bit, Keith Ellis. He worked for my grandad as a draughtsman , at Edgar Allens on Shepcote Lane. He seemed a lovely lad and was impressed that I'd just passed to go to High Storrs. He was still part time then but soon went full and became centre forward in one of the best Wednesday sides in my lifetime. He took my new autograph book and later returned it full of the signatures of the Owls squad plus several teams they'd played against. Naturally, as a draughtsman, his was the neatest signature.
  5. Thinking back, we had a few lads who were proud to wear the shirt back then. Llera, Rob Jones, Batth, Reda, O'Grady, Buxton etc.
  6. One of the reasons Norwich wanted Rhodes back, was because of his contribution behind the scenes. As my Norwich cousin tells me, they love him there.
  7. Countless Premier League teams have parked the bus against City in recent seasons. I don't believe in ifs and buts, but, had their goal been disallowed or saved ( both very nearly) and Fletcher or Lees got a toe to their chances, we were that close to a big upset.
  8. Imagine how good Bannan would look in the Man City team, with multiple options short and long. How hard it must be for him, playing for us at present.
  9. Oh and btw, Aguero in his interview said we are a good team who will do well ! Although there was a translation issue as he searched for the words.
  10. Lets defend like that late in games when we're leading please.
  11. I mute the sound when he's on.
  12. Watching games on tv like last night's, are we playing a different game ? I'm sure they must speed it up.
  13. I know, so Monk's had to resort to hoofball and we've only got Fletcher who can cope with that. I think basically what i'm trying to say is too many players are past it or not good enough. So that's not Monk's fault.
  14. Not condoning the mistakes, but watching them again, Lee does brilliantly to get back after Lees' error and gets in a great tackle, only for the ball to squirm straight to Lawrence. And for goal 3 it looked as if Borner could have won that 'pass' from Harris if he'd have gone forward hard and not decided to go backwards and let their kid have it. Just saying.
  15. We have too many players not getting the basics right. There are continual mistakes all over the field. Too many players seem incapable of receiving a pass, controlling it, keeping the ball if necessary, or passing it to a teammate. Exceptions are Bannan, Lee, Fletch ( & Dave). And now Windass, Modern Championship teams always have players who can do these things well. Most of these players we've never heard of. I'm sure all the teams we've played this year have been told to press us and we'll panic.Because most of our players do. So when Monk says his methods work well in training, but not in games, it;s easy to understand because we haven't the players to play a fluid passing game, or play out from the back. So what is Monk supposed to do. The only option is to hoof it.
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