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  1. Fantastic centre half, part of that great side of 60/61. Wonderful half back line of MacAnearny,Swan Kay. Brilliant in the air, long giraffe legs, hard as nails. RIP Peter Swan.
  2. Quite simply he was behind the ball when it was played, which you can see from the other available camera angle.
  3. I remember driving away from the game at Leicester when Wickham had given us a 1 nil win, and their fans were all phoning in saying Pearson out.
  4. Its pronounced queuook by the way.
  5. But thats after the game due to the amount of shouting he does, like Shaun Dyche.
  6. I won't list them but we've had a few tricky , man beating wingers in on loan in recent seasons, few of whom made much impression, usually brought on for the last ten minutes when we needed a goal.
  7. Used to be one of the great sights in football to see the winger skin the fuiiback and cross the ball for the centre forward to power in his header.
  8. I think defenders are instructed to foul whenever a player tries to run with the ball in potentially dangerous areas. Even take a yellow, sub the player if he's in danger of being given a second. Then it's easier to defend a free kick than let the player through while you're exposed.
  9. I would suggest Pulis would have walked promotion working with those players.
  10. First you'll need to join ifollow and make up your password etc. For now,go onto Sheffield Wednesday Ticketing..Sign in with client id/password, Your s/t id no is p/w...Go to Tickets and Travel, drop down menu..click on 20/21 ifollow match passes...Under the event called ifollow pass Owls v Barnsley.. click Add box... Enter quantity of number of passes required...click Add to Basket.... proceed to checkout. Thats that for now. You'll get an email confirmation and later an email with a promo code, make a note of it then click on the link, scroll down to Match Passes and press Subscribe Now b
  11. Can I just throw the following into the equation: Alex Lopez Frederico Venancio Jeremy Helan Lucas Joao
  12. Its totally the players. I'll bet Pulis can't believe his eyes how bad they are. It doesn't matter how you set up. They can't do the basics, they give the ball away, run into trouble, lose every second ball. Bannan puts his heart and soul into every game but theres rarely anything on for him. Very painfull to watch, and I've been watching them since '52.
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