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  1. Jackie Sewell

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Michael Robinson.
  2. Jackie Sewell

    Fantastic photo

    Craig hadn't got three legs and two heads, I think that's Griffin behind him.
  3. Jackie Sewell

    Fantastic photo

    Believe this was 11/3/61, 0-0 draw with Wolves. The season we finished second in the old First Division, with Wolves one point behind us.
  4. Jackie Sewell

    Fantastic photo

    For what its worth, Eddie Clamp, left, Malcolm Finlayson with ball, and Barry Stobart behind. But you didn't want to know that did you.
  5. Jackie Sewell

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    Wouldn't 6 have been better value than spending it on Madine?
  6. Jackie Sewell

    David Jones....did i hear correctly ?

    And he also said that DC doesn't like to sell his players because they're part of the family !!!
  7. Jackie Sewell


    .According to my cousin, a Norwich fan, they got the most almighty rollicking at half time for their first half, unacceptable performance. I wonder if our players got the same ? Or is this something we are lacking eg big Mick.
  8. Jackie Sewell


    Has Mr.Chansiri ever even heard of Megson btw ?
  9. Jackie Sewell

    75 Today !

    I was playing for Thurcroft in the County Senior that day , spent most of the game by the touchline where my dad had a radio.
  10. Jackie Sewell

    Bronco Layne

    Bronco was sensational. Big , strong, shot like a cannonball. Bit like Lorrimer's shooting a few years later. Great in the air. Jimmy McEwen the Villa player he thumped. Green Un headline that night.. Bronco sent off ! Sending off was rare in those days, and the player had to stay away from the club for the length of his ban !!!
  11. I first went in 52 and it cost a bob, and two bob for adults. I went in the kids entrance for at least 10 years ( and btw it was another bob to go in the North Stand), and these prices never went up in all that time.
  12. As a kid in the 50s I loved listening to the Dannemora brass band.It was part of the build up for me. The teams ran out at 5 to 3, no warming up beforehand. There was a build up of tension which I've never felt since they started warming up on the pitch, and playing records before the match. Those team photos were taken quite often too.
  13. Jackie Sewell

    Check out the Star's Batth story!

    Ben 10 in fact.
  14. Jackie Sewell

    So who identified transfer targets?

    The only player I can think of in recent memory, that the fans were directly responsible for us signing ( obviously pre DC), was Antonio. And that was because we knew for certain how good he'd be for us.
  15. Jackie Sewell


    Don't forget Hooper.