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  1. Let's have a repeat of the 2008 game v Norwich, when we beat them 4-1 last game of the season to stay up.
  2. I know we all blame Mr C for the current predicament, and rightly so, but thinking of the squad we had around 15/16, assembled entirely with the money he poured into the club, how did we possibly manage to avoid automatic promotion ? Can't blame him or his advisors for that. You only get one shot, two at the most, to buy yourselves out of the Championship. I don't see any club now, even Norwich, who have the embarrassment of riches we had.
  3. i'm still wearing my 2013 L1 promotion T shirt. I'll just change the date when/if we get promoted again.
  4. Keith Ellis worked for my grandad at Edgar Allans. He was a trainee draughtsman and part timer at Wednesday, when players were advised to have a trade to fall back on if they didn't make it. I went in and met him in the summer of 57, just before i started at grammar school. I left my new autograph book with him and it came back with all the Owls names plus several other teams which visited Hillsboro. By 59 he'd broken into the first team and gone fulltime. I've still got a nice SWFC Christmas card which he sent to my grandad.
  5. The Santos game took place in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which looked likely to end in nuclear war, so the game took everyones mind of that for a couple of hours.
  6. The Santos game took place in the middle of the Bay of Pigs Cuban missile crisis (USA v Russia), which lasted for several days, and appeared likely to result in nuclear war. That concentrated the mind I can tell you, and this game helped to take our minds off it for a couple of hours. Very fortunately, the World was pulled back from the brink btw.
  7. Of course we can stay up, with 15 games left. I wouldn't bet on it watching todays shambles. but surely we can do enough to stay above Brum, Rotherham and Wycombe. We're obviously going to lose matches, so's everybody else, but we soon need to be trying to win games too. Today was painful to watch because we never looked like creating a chance.
  8. First yellow was never a foul, but also Shaw missed our best chance of the match.
  9. Our only attacking threat today appeared to be long throws. We got a couple of flick ons but there was no one where Rhodes would have been.
  10. Just thinking back to 5/5 2012, that wonderful day we rolled over Wycombe to gain promotion back to the Championship. The ground rocking, hugging strangers. Hey Jude playing as the pitch was invaded. The sort of day that comes along only a handful of times in a lifetime. Now 9 years later we play them again in a, not quite, must win game. Did anybody see this coming, no neither did I.
  11. Fantastic centre half, part of that great side of 60/61. Wonderful half back line of MacAnearny,Swan Kay. Brilliant in the air, long giraffe legs, hard as nails. RIP Peter Swan.
  12. Quite simply he was behind the ball when it was played, which you can see from the other available camera angle.
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