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  1. One of the highlights of a disappointing afternoon for me was watching his complete mastery of a football at half time. Yes I know he's a professional footballer but his control is on a different level. Then that bit at the end when he cushion volleyed that towering, dropping ball, over his shoulder, straight into the waiting ball net the guy was holding.
  2. And Bobby Craig, for a season, was as good an inside forward as I've seen.
  3. I went to Carrow rd two years ago when they were inconsistent. They beat Forest 5-1 that day. This season I could only recognise one player from that time, Klose. So they've managed to transform their squad in one season with " unknowns " ?
  4. I recall him asking me to sign amateur forms for Rotherham United after I'd played in a trial game at Millmoor, when he was their manager. Spring 1962.
  5. Craig hadn't got three legs and two heads, I think that's Griffin behind him.
  6. Believe this was 11/3/61, 0-0 draw with Wolves. The season we finished second in the old First Division, with Wolves one point behind us.
  7. For what its worth, Eddie Clamp, left, Malcolm Finlayson with ball, and Barry Stobart behind. But you didn't want to know that did you.
  8. Wouldn't 6 have been better value than spending it on Madine?
  9. And he also said that DC doesn't like to sell his players because they're part of the family !!!
  10. .According to my cousin, a Norwich fan, they got the most almighty rollicking at half time for their first half, unacceptable performance. I wonder if our players got the same ? Or is this something we are lacking eg big Mick.
  11. Has Mr.Chansiri ever even heard of Megson btw ?
  12. I was playing for Thurcroft in the County Senior that day , spent most of the game by the touchline where my dad had a radio.
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