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  1. There was that one early on where Harris cut in from the right then blazed over. with Rhodes at the far post for a tap in. You could see how frustrated he was.
  2. I seem to remember him starting as what was called in those days, a utility player, no fixed position. I remember him breaking into the team as a centre forward, and can definitely remember him scoring a hat trick when i was stood at the bottom of the Kop. But it wasn't till he was switched into defence that he found his true berth, and quickly became a hard but cultured wing half, alongside Peter Swan, Vic Mobley, and Sam Ellis at various times. RIP Mr, Young. Thanks for the memories,
  3. i remember it so well. I went to my first match in nov 52, and Dooley was the big hero. Lived near my grandparents at Firth Park. Broke his leg in feb 53. Collided with Preston goalie George Thompson from Laughton, near Dinnington. They'd made arrangements to bring Dooley back to Sheffield by ambulamce, on the monday, when a nurse noticed on sunday night, he couldnt feel his toes. Had to amputate the entire leg to save his life. I followed the whole story in The Star, horrified. I'd just had my tonsils out at the Infirmary too, and i'd still got the smell of that gas they used to give you, in my nostrils, which made the pictures of him in bed more horrific for a 7 year old.
  4. I know his family have a restaurant in Downham Market, but reading posts from Norwich fans the majority are saying he's not the type of lightweight player they need right now, they've got enough, main requirement is for defenders and strong midfield players.
  5. Strongly linked with a return to Norwich, Colin at Boro keen, plus a host of other clubs apparently.
  6. Have the EFL been awaiting the verdict on Man City, or if not, will this have a bearing on our case ? As some experts are now saying, that decision has left FFP in tatters.
  7. Ralph O'Donnell with Dave McIntosh behind him.
  8. Perhaps Monk just wants players to be at the training ground every day, maybe from a tactical or moral point of view, rather than being at home half the time. Perhaps it means that physical training can be tailored to the individual, and they dont all have to push as hard as Fletch apparently does.
  9. Universally known as goal average.
  10. I remember being at Leppings Lane end v Chelsea way back, and Greaves in his young prime was sent through from half way line, only Springett to beat. He put it wide and Swanny, an England mate, who had been chasing him to no avail, put his arm round Greaves, and Greaves put his head on Swanny's shoulder. We all thought, well he can miss sometimes then. Greaves was the deadliest finisher ever. .
  11. No wonder Wednesdayites who saw that Huddersfield game were clamouring for us to sign Rhodes for the next few seasons. I've rarely seen a better centre forward display in all my years. Another glimpse of it away at Forest this season too. My cousin is a lifelong Norwich fan, and they love Rhodes there, the fans love him, the staff from Farke down love him. They want him there. ( Don't just say, they can have him then ). I suspect its another case of us not getting the best out of a player, there are plenty of other examples aren't there. It's not going to change though is it in Rhodes case, unless that fleeting partnership with Fletcher can be resumed perhaps.
  12. I was playing County Senior football for Thurcroft that day, but I spent most of the game stood near my dad on the touchline as he fed me updates from his radio !
  13. Funny thing is, I've been reading the Norwich City story of the last few seasons, from being in a similar position to us, albeit with parachute payments, having overpaid, ageing, disinterested players, and how they turned it around. They made a fresh start, and we all know the result. What i'm getting at is they brought in players who bought into the ethos, and wanted to play for the club, and in the promotion season, manager and fans alike all single out Jordan Rhodes as a key figure to have at the club, not to mention some vital goals he scored.This is why they wanted him back. I know the subject is Semedo but it shows the value of having players like that, and begs the question, why hasn't Rhodes been the same with us , on and off the field. Or is it just us thats the problem ?
  14. I would be 8 when the lights were installed,and just used for friendlies at first. I was deemed too young to go, but a lad in our class at Fox Hill had a lodger, on Chaucer Road, none other than Jackie Sewell, who was a current England international. Bit different to today eh ? This lad was allowed to go to the first night match and I remember quizzing him on what it was like, cos I couldn't imagine playing football at night. He said its just like daylight. I lived at the top of Lyminster Rd and I used to sit at my bedroom window gazing, trance like, down the valley, at the ground, lit up by these magical lights. ( At that time they were still testing the searchlights over the city area, from WW2 as well, not to mention the air raid sirens, both of which scared me to death). I was eventually taken to night matches, I think San Lorenzo was the first, and these were among the most thrilling of my life, looking up at the towering pylons, lights on half power, before being switched onto full. They seemed a lot brighter than they are now.
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