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  1. Really hope us fans rise up now against him, he’s been getting away with it for too long.
  2. Hindsight is a great thing pal. Point i’m making is this Paixo guy is a huge part of the problem and it’s time for accountability or we really are heading for free fall.
  3. I’m starting to think Paixo has stipulated that Da Cruz must play every match despite there being better options available.
  4. Does anyone know if the team have travelled down today or are they coming down tomorrow?
  5. The left side of his head of hair was more blended in than his right side. Just saying like...
  6. Hi, I need one adult and one under 8 in the school end upper. If anyone is not planning on going and is willing to assist then please PM me. Genuine request as I want to take my lad to his first match. Many thanks.
  7. Did he walk as well? I believe it was SB who brought him in. From all reports, he appears to have made a huge impact on the players fitness. I really hope he has stayed/is staying, as he would be the most important one of the support staff to keep hold of.
  8. Are we keeping our fitness coach or is he off as well? He seems to be making a real difference to the players fitness levels, really hope he stays.
  9. It's obvious that Mike Ashelys big lawyers have found a loophole in the contracts. Feel quite hurt and shocked about all this. The club gave him time to grieve and take his leave of absence plus allow his compo from Villa to come through. And in return he shafts us right before the season is starting. Of course we need to fight this but we also need to move on and get someone like Hughton in ASAP.
  10. I would say use iFollow as a back-up option and use it on a pay per match basis to mop up any games not being broadcast or unavailable by other means. This will work out more cost effective than forking out for the whole season pass.
  11. Hi, does anyone know what my options are for paid secure parking tonight? I need to make a sharp exit back to London after the game and wanted something on the Penistone road side as close to ground as possible. Any advice much appreciated TIA.
  12. Very underwhelmjing and hijacked with questions to DC about FFP and selling the club. It was quite apparent there were communication and language problems in DC in trying to say he wanted to sell club in heat of the moment at the fans forum “if fans no longer want me” but the journos carried on their line of questioning. Only positive was SB came across well, but I though it was a rubbish press conference, journo’s should be ashamed.
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