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  1. owl4528

    Fernando Forestieri

    FF is box office. An absolute quality footballer who we should be building our team around for the years to come. We'll have a much better chance of going up if he stays.
  2. owl4528

    PL U23s and Fringe Players

    One dominating CM and one lightning fast right WB please.
  3. owl4528

    Dave and FF

    He doesn’t like being called “Big Dave” so we should all respect that.
  4. owl4528


    Picture - crystal clear Sound - lagging 5 seconds behind as usual
  5. Results have actually worked out well for us tonight, but we can’t keep on getting away with it like this.
  6. owl4528

    Championship Form Table

    You wound think from the way JL spoke about Bristol City in yesterday’s pre-Ipswich press conference that they were Barcelona on fire, but the reality was very different. I don’t buy it and he should have simply said we are not good enough right now. i
  7. He wasn’t the first choice but whoever got the job was always going to be up against it given our injury crisis. Poor man’s on a hiding to nothing. I don’t think he will be here next season, just hope we can get those 3/4 wins we need. Even with the players that aren’t injured they should have enough in the tank for this level, massively underperforming and sadly JL doesn’t seem to be motivating them to the levels required. The situation we are in required a short term hatchet man with experience to inspire players beyond their individual capabilities. Bad call from DC or Amadeu or whoever is making the decisions at the top.
  8. Poor fans who made their way down. Refund them all.
  9. owl4528

    Why didn't Gary Megson get the job?

    Meggo would have instilled some passion into the team. We were lacking that in abundance tonight. I do feel for Jos though, on a hiding to nothing.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. JL was simply keeping him grounded and a level perspective on things. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just stirring it.
  11. owl4528

    Craziest line up ever

    wtf, noting more to say.
  12. Very high likelihood that our game with Swansea will be the only replay so it is going to be televised for sure. Only thing that would stop it is if Rochdale or Wigan mange to get a draw.
  13. owl4528

    Tinpot pre walkout music

    Both pre-match and post half time music is complete tosh and needs replacing. 2-unlimited, A-team ...let's make it fun again! Or do a poll on the official website website on a monthly/match-by-match basis? And whilst we are on the subject, how about some goal music as well? Or step too far?
  14. Great game, full of running and energy. Got to give him a run of games now in this position.
  15. a lot of no shows in the crowd..