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  1. Hi, does anyone know what my options are for paid secure parking tonight? I need to make a sharp exit back to London after the game and wanted something on the Penistone road side as close to ground as possible. Any advice much appreciated TIA.
  2. Very underwhelmjing and hijacked with questions to DC about FFP and selling the club. It was quite apparent there were communication and language problems in DC in trying to say he wanted to sell club in heat of the moment at the fans forum “if fans no longer want me” but the journos carried on their line of questioning. Only positive was SB came across well, but I though it was a rubbish press conference, journo’s should be ashamed.
  3. Great for weight loss goals if he goes in he'll trim the belly...
  4. What an incredible effort to shift all those tickets and not even make it to regular season ticket holders with 460 TPP. For a game that's live on terrestrial tv and is a pain in the ar*e to get back up north after. Hats off ..
  5. Hi mate, i also have a 5 year old boy who I want to take to his first match and am seriously thinking about the family stand. I think there is an area right by the away end so it could work? Just the usual worry about the home fans potentially making things awkward when they hear a 5 year old say “come on wednesday”!!
  6. Hi, I am a club member but as we know it definitely won’t reach that priority level. If anyone has 2 or 3 tickets and unable to make it then please get in touch, thanks in advance.
  7. Think that’s it for the away end. However, they do have a couple of family areas in the home end which are available on general sale.
  8. Doesn't sound like it will make it general sale..there's always the home end!
  9. Whats the away end like? If I remember right the lower tier wasn't the best view but I guess will be getting the upper tier as well?
  10. Our players were simply not good enough to compete with an in form Hull today, irrespective of who the coach/manager is on the touch line. Hopefully we have enough to beat Luton on Tuesday.
  11. When do the FA announce the replays to be televised?
  12. Completely ditto that, SA came across brilliantly. Really looking forward to what the future brings, we are in great hands.
  13. Cheeky bump ..any gold member unable to make Preston game and willing to help out woud be appreciated. Of course will pay for ticket and postage.
  14. Is there anyone with a gold membership unable to make the Preston home game who mind buying a discounted adult ticket for me in the South stand? Happy to pay the postage costs of course. Please DM me if you can.
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