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  1. Is there anyone with a gold membership unable to make the Preston home game who mind buying a discounted adult ticket for me in the South stand? Happy to pay the postage costs of course. Please DM me if you can.
  2. owl4528

    Live Stream

    Looks like all the ifollow streams have gone down.
  3. Anyone else experiencing a very annoying audio lag of a couple of seconds vs the video feed? They really should have sorted this out by now...
  4. owl4528

    Press conference live now

    So Kieran Westwood and Sam Hutchinson aren't playing because they haven't proved their fitness over a long period .. yet Marco Mathias comes straight back in when he's been fit and able to play. Two huge first team assets to the club fit and sitting on their arses not even making the squad, what a load of tosh Jos stop playing us for fools as you are the bigger one. Complete contradiction. Just doesn't add up.
  5. Still after a ticket if anyone has one please PM me thanks.
  6. Hi, if anyone has a spare ticket then please PM me. Thanks in advance.
  7. owl4528

    Westwood linked with stoke

    Will be totally gutted if we sell Westwood. Dawson and Wildsmith good potential but not a patch on Westwood, who is premier league quality. If it’s about reducing costs then surely our focus should be on offloading the likes off Abdi and Fletcher. Mediocre season ahead without KW in goal.
  8. Absolutely brilliant deal. The kind of player we should be looking to get and develop further. This player is going places just watch him go next season. Bristol City dark horses for playoff spot imo.
  9. owl4528

    Shirts On Sale Now

    Does anybody know if last years 150 anniversary shirts have been discounted now the new ones in stock?
  10. owl4528

    Fernando Forestieri

    FF is box office. An absolute quality footballer who we should be building our team around for the years to come. We'll have a much better chance of going up if he stays.
  11. owl4528

    PL U23s and Fringe Players

    One dominating CM and one lightning fast right WB please.
  12. owl4528

    Dave and FF

    He doesn’t like being called “Big Dave” so we should all respect that.
  13. owl4528


    Picture - crystal clear Sound - lagging 5 seconds behind as usual
  14. Results have actually worked out well for us tonight, but we can’t keep on getting away with it like this.