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  1. RuncornOwl94

    Streams for tomorrow

    you got a link pls or is this your ifollow?
  2. RuncornOwl94


    Exactly but like any young player with little first team experience, mistakes are bound to happen. If everyone backed him instead of groaning when he gets on the ball or does anything you can guarantee his performances would improve.
  3. RuncornOwl94


    This threads gone quiet since going 2-0 up, mad that how the scapegoat stops getting talked about when we're winning ain't it. Just back the team and see where it can get us ffs.
  4. RuncornOwl94


    Dawson assist, Westwood would have thrown it out and found feet!!! Come on Wednesday
  5. RuncornOwl94


    I'd argue that some of his saves this season say otherwise but whatever
  6. RuncornOwl94


    No mention of his save to stop us being 1-0 down obviously, Westwood isn't coming back so just leave it and back him. Maybe he doesn't look confident cause every time he comes out he's got thousands of blokes just waiting to make him the scapegoat behind him.
  7. Bought one this evening but got knocked off my bike as luck would have it on way to buying it! Bit worse off than I thought I was at first so if anyone wants an Adult Forest ticket, £25 and it's yours. PM me and can sort collection.
  8. RuncornOwl94

    X1 Adult Forest Ticket AVAILABLE

    Messaged you mate
  9. Any spare Forest tickets I'll have them please, thanks.
  10. RuncornOwl94

    Any spare ID's for Hull away?

    messaged you pal
  11. RuncornOwl94

    Any spare ID's for Hull away?

    we'll see...