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  1. What a depressing summary of the last 15 years.
  2. Sorry, at what point did I ask to use it for free? If someone wants cash for the use of a mates that's fine. I'm just not willing to pay the £33 the club wants. If you can't help then don't comment, arguing for the sake of arguing? Bet you're a right laugh
  3. I've been doing the sensible thing and staying away from Hillsborough since Christmas but all my mates are Forest fans so I have to get a ticket for next weekend unfortunately. I refuse to pay £33 at the minute, anyone got a spare season ticket they're willing to lend out at all? Can meet outside the ground before the game.
  4. Can everyone get behind him and back the number one for the next four years now, he's gonna be class as his confidence continues to grow
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51017102 Knocks me sick
  6. There's a couple of hundred left according to ticket office, was down there before
  7. Exactly but like any young player with little first team experience, mistakes are bound to happen. If everyone backed him instead of groaning when he gets on the ball or does anything you can guarantee his performances would improve.
  8. This threads gone quiet since going 2-0 up, mad that how the scapegoat stops getting talked about when we're winning ain't it. Just back the team and see where it can get us ffs.
  9. Dawson assist, Westwood would have thrown it out and found feet!!! Come on Wednesday
  10. I'd argue that some of his saves this season say otherwise but whatever
  11. No mention of his save to stop us being 1-0 down obviously, Westwood isn't coming back so just leave it and back him. Maybe he doesn't look confident cause every time he comes out he's got thousands of blokes just waiting to make him the scapegoat behind him.
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