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  1. Stoop

    Next season

    Excellent summary from the OP I think we’ll surprise a few next season, as most clubs won’t be aware of what went on here this year. To the rest of the country we probably look like a club who threw some cash at it and failed, and are now on the fall If Jos gets this lot fit and confident, we’ll be top 6 no doubt
  2. Stoop

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    I noticed that too
  3. Stoop

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    Yeah I don’t know how he’ll come back from that. Goalkeepers are remembered for their howlers (like Rob Green and Massimo Taibi) but to do two in such an important game is scary
  4. Stoop

    Rhodes to ranges

    I’ve tried reading the OP several times now and all I’ve got from it is a headache
  5. Stoop

    England squad - What might have been.

    Lees is better than the Munster
  6. Stoop

    Starting XI

    The key to making this current formation work is the quality of the two wing backs and the holding midfielder. We will score a hell of a lot of goals next season with a front 2 and FF and Bannan playing in behind
  7. John Bostock Came with a very good reputation and ended up being absolutely completely utter toilet
  8. Stoop

    25 years ago tonight !

    I was only 8 but I remember it well. Me my mum and Dad were sat in a bar in Bodrum watching it with some Man City and villa fans, who were all cheering us on I was absolutely devastated when that goal went in
  9. Stoop

    Surely bloody not!

    But we’d be getting a £5m footballer for free
  10. Stoop

    Player signings

    Villa surely didn’t spend £87m?
  11. “He’s one of the best strikers I’ve worked with... and I’ve worked with Chris Wood”
  12. I know. I bet they still haven’t got over that
  13. It’s not been Derby’s week has it
  14. Yep Awful manager who has stole a living everywhere he’s been since Lazio
  15. Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, Ferdinand, Terry and Beckham were all world class Infact the sides we took to the world cups in 98,02 and 06 were all unbelievably good, the one we took in 2010 wasn’t bad either. Imo the problem is a mixture of having sh!te managers, players not being able to shake off club rivalries (also a problem for Spain for many years) and bad luck