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  1. He’d clapped some reyt weight on when he signed there. Maybe he’s on the wind down
  2. I liked the mule, but it kinda just went off when I thought it was just about to get going
  3. In no particular order Platoon Downfall Shawshank redemption Inglorious basterds Django unchained The hateful 8 Pulp fiction Gran Torino American history x Intersteller Gladiator Troy Con air Bad day at black rock The good the bad and the ugly Braveheart Full metal jacket Goodfellas Casino Scarface Joker See no evil hear no evil Curious case of Benjamin button Dark knight Whiplash Airheads Stand by me Captain Phillips Rocky The shining Fight club At number one spot is inglorious basterds. The opening scene in the french diary farm, and the meeting in the tavern are two of the finest scenes I’ve ever seen in film
  4. Yeah just had a look. It doesn’t seem to be available to stream anywhere. Shame
  5. Watched the first two episodes of the crown yesterday. Majestic stuff
  6. Yeah great movie is Cool hand luke When it comes to the classics, Bad day at black rock is up there too
  7. I’m 36 and I bought this years home shirt for the first time in about 10 years
  8. It’s a shame we aren’t keeping this seasons kit. Genuinely think it’s the best in SWFC history
  9. It’s not always about a great story for me, the way it’s shot or the atmosphere and music do it for me too
  10. Huge fan of Tarrentino, I’d have Pulp fiction, Inglorious basterds, Django unchained and The Hateful 8 in my top 10
  11. Bruce would have had us top 6 no problem this season imo
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