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  1. He’d clapped some reyt weight on when he signed there. Maybe he’s on the wind down
  2. Genuinely can’t remember that one at all
  3. Bit of a different style there from PM Looks great
  4. I’m 36 and I bought this years home shirt for the first time in about 10 years
  5. It’s a shame we aren’t keeping this seasons kit. Genuinely think it’s the best in SWFC history
  6. Bruce would have had us top 6 no problem this season imo
  7. OG has been a real disappointment since the restart
  8. Bristol City are a set of fairies. Bullying em is the way to go imo
  9. Wildsmith Iorfa. Lees. Borner Palmer. Reach Loungo Lee. Bannan Nuhiu. Wickham
  10. Hopefully FF travels and Monk puts him on for the last 4 seconds for lolz
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