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  1. TBF to Neil swarbrick

    probably one of the best hashtags I’ve ever seen
  2. Ross Wallace

    Shame is that Hes been off it this season, but who hasn’t? On the whole he’s been a good servant and has scored some memorable goals
  3. Not Big & Not Clever

    I’m very very confident that Robert Snodgrass has an extremely small pen!s
  4. Pudil

    Providing we stay up ( I’m getting less confident about that every week) the defence needs a serious overhaul Pudil and Loovens are past their best, Fox and Palmer are not championship standard and Venancio and Van Aken keep dropping major b*llocks. There’s only really Tom Lees who is to be relied upon once fit
  5. Controversial..

    If Megson was in charge CSI South Yorkshire would be drawing a chalk line around Neil Swarbrick in the referees changing rooms as we speak

    If I was Manager I’d just go straight into the press conference and accuse him of being currupt and challenge the FA to watch the game back and argue otherwise
  7. Controversial..

    If Carlos was in charge today we’d have had a crippled Bannan, Lee, Lees, Hutchinson and Hooper hobbling around the pitch after injections in agony, and the two lads who scored would have been sat at home watching soccer Saturday
  8. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    I bet he went home with John Terry’s shirt
  9. I wonder if Hooper, Bannan, Lee, Lees, Van Aken, Westwood, Van Aken, Fletcher, Abdi, Matias etc have been offered th luxury of warm weather recovery?
  10. Dear Dom I went It was sheite I wish I hadn’t gone Im not going tomorrow despite having a season ticket
  11. It’s true Westwood isn’t injured either, he gets 100k a clean sheet, so it’s cheaper to play Wildsmith who gets a £100 Marks and Spencer voucher for every shut out
  12. Probably the worst article the star has run since the ‘blade to renew rivalries with John Terry’ story from last season
  13. Apparently Joao isn’t injured. We’re just not playing him because he’s on for a £2m bonus if he scores more than 5 goals a season
  14. This season has the feel of when Megson took over from Irvine in 2011, Hopefully Jos can sort it out this summer like Megson did back then