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  1. The Wilder Factor

    I'll be glad when tomorrow comes, so the talking can be done on the pitch. The waffle coming out of S2 this week has reached levels I've never seen before Remember, it's the empty can that rattles the most
  2. Carlos To Do A Brian Laws

    Rhodes last minute winner in front of the kop will do for me
  3. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    Kop with my dad, same as I have done since I was 8 years old
  4. Sharp and Clarke Id be more concerned if they had Will Keane and Stevie May up top
  5. Inflatables on the kop

    What an awful picture
  6. Wallace, Jones, Lee and Bannan is a decent midfield but it still lacks height, pace and power
  7. One defeat in 17

    This is very true
  8. Didn't know they supported Ipswich
  9. CC v Wilder

    As expected CC has come out of all the pre match interviews looking the classier individual Wilder hasn't stopped talking about Wednesday all week, like most pigs he's obsessed Carlos' only mention of the filth is that he's expecting a tough game, which is basically what he says every week anyway
  10. I must have missed united's years of dominance.... unless he's referring to those glory years where they were still sh*t, but not quite as sh*t as us
  11. Talented Individuals

    Donaldson and Sharp tho Anyone would think they're waiting on the fitness of Harry Kane and Zlatan the way dem blades are going off
  12. We will be ready for Sunday.....

    I'm confident, but then again I was confident going into the playoff second leg, and look how that turned out
  13. That idiot Kevin Gage

    A Kevin Gage smiley would be great