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  1. The area around tinsley isn’t. You know the bit where Sheffield airport was
  2. Loads of room around junction 33 area of Sheffield
  3. I’d be all for flattening Hillsborough and moving to a new stadium that is fit for the modern age tbh
  4. Stoop

    Sam Winnall

    Joao and Hooper on the bench later on
  5. Betting odds are determined by how people are betting. Obviously a lot of other clubs fans are getting abit giddy about their teams chances
  6. Stoop

    Sam Winnall

    If fit I’d love to see Fletcher, FF and Winnal start at the Lane. Proper players for that kind of occasion
  7. Stoop

    Sam Winnall

    And Abdi
  8. It’s good that more people or sharing their problems with mental health these days. Not long back people thought you were a weirdo if you had mental health problems Ive said in previous threads that I have GAD ( generalized anxiety disorder) which basically means that I’m a constant worrier. I’ll never completely shake it off but some things do help like better diet, exercise etc
  9. Ross McCormack £8m to help us over the line
  10. Stoop

    Premier League here we come

    I fear we have too many weak links to mount a sustained challenge, mainly in goal and at right back
  11. Stoop

    Taking two others up

    Wednesday, Leeds and Forest up Huddersfield, Bournemouth and Burnley down Lets get some big clubs back in the prem
  12. Stoop

    We'll Get Stronger

    Plenty of goals in that team...for and against
  13. Stoop


    But the Hull fans said he was sh*t
  14. Stoop

    the Bbc, they say...

    Only club in England with more pens than injuries them c*nts