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  1. Stoop

    Ageing squad

    Westwood and Hutchinson are leaders. Put them back In this team and I’m certain we’d see improvements
  2. Stoop

    Ageing squad

    It’s all boll*cks Waddle was 32 when we signed him Buffon, Pirlo and Maldini we’re still playing in world cups in their late 30’s I’ve seen Graham Kavanagh, Michael Johnson, Steve Watson, Trond Egil Soltvedt and Carlton Palmer walk into struggling Wednesday sides and make an instant impact Jos is incapable and needs to leave asap
  3. We’re now in a race against time to bin Jos off, before some of our experienced pros are shown the door in jan
  4. Stoop

    Squad photo

    Tom Lees showing some excellent posture
  5. Agreed If only we had someone like him in charge from the start of the DC era. We’d be a lot better off now if we had
  6. Concentrate on your ‘which celebrity is going to die next year’ competition and leave harmless threads alone
  7. Doubters will be owing the OP an apology this time next week, I’ve also heard it’s a done deal
  8. Stoop

    Paul cook

    I wouldn’t want him anywhere near Hillsborough
  9. Biggs knows something is about to happen at Hillsborough. You can read him like a book. When he starts suggesting things like managerial changes, then you know there’s going to be a change, he just never comes out and says it
  10. Stoop

    Harry Redknapp

    Hopefully he’ll have left itv bankrupt like some of his previous clubs, then we might not have to endure this god awful show any more
  11. Stoop

    Has there ever ?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again If you want to watch a side competing for the prem then you have to pay top doller
  12. My crystal ball is telling me that it’ll take a dry bumming by Swansea and West Brom before DC sacks jos
  13. Stoop

    Alan Nixon

    Tbf it’s a blank canvas for someone next season. Half the squad is out of contract. We have 3 saleable assets that could fetch decent money in FF, Reach and Bannan if needed. It’s a decent job All we need to do is sack Jos and stay up then start afresh next year
  14. Stoop

    Alan Nixon

    I’d be delighted with Bruce tbh Anyone who saw the size of his hard on when he was talking about our support at Wembley will know he’d love a crack at the Wednesday job