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  1. Excellent tonight. Really pleased for him
  2. I’d go with the same team I thought we were excellent on Friday night
  3. Got to give Bruce alot of credit for his transfer business during his short time here Borner, Harris and Iorfa have been superb Makes our previous 6 transfer windows look a complete embarrassment
  4. Come to think of it the ref for the QPR game was a joke too. Make that 5 out of 6
  5. So that’s 4 absolute shockers we’ve had in the last 5 games now Fulham- completely ignoring 90 minutes of sh*thousery Hull- ignoring a clear penalty Wigan- Giving offside for a perfectly good goal Cardiff- Missing a 6 foot 7 defender doing starjumps infront of Dawson whilst 5 yards offside. Oh and to rub salt in the wounds the scorer shouldn’t have even been on the pitch, after him intentionally elbowing Borner
  6. Yep Things will no doubt be evening out from a Stoke perspective on Tuesday night
  7. He’s been absolutely tremendous If he carries on he’ll be worth a fortune
  8. It’s like having a 12 year old boy in your team
  9. He’s definitely flat footed, but I think he does an excellent job in defending our box near the end of games
  10. Got to be honest I don’t know what he offers He’s as weak a footballer as your ever likely to see, and can only carry the ball if there’s nobody near him Hopefully we’ll be seeing FF come on instead of him in future
  11. Iorfa my man of the match, closely followed by Bannan
  12. If the ref and linesman do their jobs right, then we’d all be on here praising Monk for nullifying the Cardiff aerial threat by bringing Nuhiu on to see the game out
  13. Got to agree. It wasn’t exactly smashed in either. More of a delicate floater
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