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  1. I genuinely think that people bring their own personal frustrations with them and take it out on some players. I have a bloke near me who berates Tom Lees constantly strange but it happens
  2. FF’s insistence that he plays upfront isn’t doing him any favours imo
  3. We did this with Atkinson Took over from Pleat, kept us up. Got rid of him..... then hired Danny Wilson
  4. Never said we were great Never said millwall are poor said they are very very average and I’m disappointed we didn’t do better
  5. Would anyone take him back if he’s sacked in a months time?
  6. No positivity from me today, whether we played well or not, the fact remains that we lost to a very very average millwall side with 10 men for 55 minutes
  7. Is it the energy drink elev8 or the sports ware brand elev8?
  8. No doubt the players like him. But can he give a boll0cking when needed and leave players out like, FF, Winnal, etc and still keep everyone inside
  9. I would have been tempted to leave Reach out for Luongo, as Reach is a bit reluctant to get stuck in sometimes
  10. No he’s right I went to the shop last week with the intention of spending some serious cash in there. As soon as I pulled into the car park and saw the old badge and narrow doors I turned back around and left immediately
  11. Agree How good would it look on it’s own with no shield on the current kit
  12. Anyone who poo poos the 70’s- 2016 badge has no taste and doesn’t appreciate art The new one is an abomination imo
  13. Why did you want Bournemouth to lose?
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