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  1. Paul Heffernan syndrome strikes again
  2. Whatever formation we play is doomed to failure due to our obvious weaknesses in defence, to play wingbacks you need actual wingbacks, not makeshift ones For me it has to be a back 3 of Lees central, Hutchinson to his right, and Pudil to his left
  3. Stoop

    George Boyd

    Well Jos seems to pick his starting 11’s out of a hat. So maybe we’ll see more of Boyd soon
  4. Stoop

    Joey Pelupessy

    He was poor today. He mainly chased shadows and when he did get the ball proceded to give Bannan hospital balls
  5. Stoop

    Morgan Fox

    I’m not one to single our players for criticism, but he’s poo ... really really poo . Like on par with Beswetherick level poo . League 2 level etc
  6. Stoop


    Abdi would be out for 6 months with smoke inhalation
  7. I didn’t read any of the thread Just saw the thread title and had visions of hearing The reverend booming out at Hillsborough
  8. Hillsborough’s depressing enough at times, the last thing we need is reverend and the makers blaring out making it worse
  9. Stoop

    Positive news soon?

    Chansiri was referring to our promotion next May
  10. Stoop

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Is this the same injury he was out with last week? Or is this a new one? I can’t keep up
  11. Stoop

    Cardiff in for FF

    Either that or it triggers a contract extension or something. It’s all guess work but somethings not right
  12. Stoop

    Cardiff in for FF

    Surely Abdi won’t be triggering any appearance bonuses anytime soon
  13. Stoop

    Cardiff in for FF

    I would imagine that there’s something in KW’s contract that he’s close to triggering Thats the only reason I can think of why he isn’t playing
  14. Stoop

    50/50...which route then?

    Go for it until January and then reassess the situation. If we’re nowhere near then maybe it’s best if we start planning for next season by bringing some money into the club via outgoing transfers
  15. Stoop

    I'd love it

    Imagine Chansiri in the Premier league tho Hed be like Viv Nicholson