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  1. His team mirror him perfectly Full weight bellend
  2. He’s been great this season. He’s done a full on Lewis Buxton
  3. No idea what he’s called but that number 5 was the biggest sh*thouse of them all
  4. Can’t be much money in jobs like that surely
  5. Last minute winner away at Stoke on Boxing Day.
  6. Dawson Palmer. Iorfa. Borner. Fox Loungo Lee. Bannan Murphy. FF Fletcher Or if Fletcher isn’t ready to start go with Wickham
  7. The midfield is the main problem for me When Loungo is back I think we’ll start to look abit more solid. Bannan, Pelupessy and Lee aren’t the most physically imposing figures to provide protection for a back 4
  8. Blackburn Away 2 Blackburn home 1 swansea home 1 Birmingham away 1 stoke away 2 cardiff away 1 derby away 1 reading home 1 qpr away 1 West Brom away 1 wigan away 1
  9. Genuinely not a surprise 11th time we’ve conceded in he last 5 minutes this season
  10. We have a hardcore of around 17-22 thousand fans, and the aim is to try and fleece them for as much as possible, so we can pay Jordan Rhodes £35k a week to sit at home and watch soccer Saturday
  11. If Warnock rocks up at Hillsborough then I think I’ll be taking a Wednesday hiatus
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