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  1. the bouncing day massacre

    Is a victory by two goals really a massacre? We beat them by two goals in 2007. What shall we call that?
  2. Next Manager: Nigel Pearson

    • He's f*****g bat sh*t mental
  3. Your this seasons Barnsley lad. Don't get too excited yet it's only September
  4. I don't think you understand what the last laugh is You lot were laughing in Feb 2012, You weren't in May Long way to go
  5. Very short memories dem blades It wasn't too long ago that they came down and spent an absolute fortune ( at the time) on the likes of Beattie, Evans, Sharp, Bardsley, Lee Hendrie and Brian Howard etc. Whilst we we signing Jimmy Smith and James O Connor and making our players pay their own train fare to away games We we're sick of it being rammed down our throats, we gave it back in spectacular style in 2012 Sheffield United need to realise that we ALWAYS have the last laugh and we always laugh loudest
  6. Huge squad full of strangers

    We have wasted some serious cash on fees and wages since DC took over. All decent players don't get me wrong, but many have been signed without a thought as to where they fit into our team Bus Melo Vermijl Sougou Matias Mcgugan Emanuelson Rhodes Winnall Price Wiggins Lachman Turner kean Abdi Buckley Mcgeady Mcmanaman Fox You will probably be able to add Boyd and Venancio to that list too by the time the seasons done
  7. Hugely Missed - Hutchinson

    People always say we miss certain players when we lose Everyone was saying we missed Lopez at Wembley, and that he should have played instead of Hutchinson Personally I think we missed Heffernan up front
  8. Could all be forgotten...

    I've no doubt that CC will get us into the top 6 this season Im also in no doubt that he'll blow it again come May
  9. The Women that confronted Carlos

    She's got the longest right arm I've ever seen
  10. Just remind them that we ALWAYS have the last laugh
  11. We need our Wilder

    We had our Wilder but MM sacked him after a performance we would have killed for yesterday against the filth
  12. Player ratings

    Excellent summary
  13. 150th Anniversary

    I'll be 84 in the 200th year How depressing
  14. Team for brum

    The same team needs to be given the chance to put this right and get it out of their system