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  1. I take it the loans will have all gone back If none of the outfield contracted players stay beyond the end of June our starting 11 will be a reyt laugh
  2. Wednesday aside I’ve very little interest in football at all these days
  3. Exactly No money in Leagues 1, 2 and below.... meh cancel em stinks
  4. Not remotely interested tbh The only reason it’s getting finished is because of money
  5. Love Big Ron, proper football manager. I bet he was unbelievable to play for
  6. We’ve had some bad players with good attitudes, and some good players with atrocious attitudes, so it’s hard to call
  7. Agreed Clubs could be looking at finishing the season with very different looking first teams than they had at the beginning of March, which imo makes finishing this season a bit of a farce
  8. If my contract was up, no way would I sign a short term one. Too risky
  9. Next seasons season tickets situation is a tricky one Like I’ve said before, I don’t really buy my season ticket to go to all the games, I usually miss between 5-10 per season for various reasons. I see it more a a small donation to the club pot Be interesting to see what the club come up with
  10. All pigs, Barnsley and Rotherham fans secretly wish they were Wednesday
  11. No he’s too busy strutting his stuff in Sheffield United’s greatest 11 of all time
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