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  1. Chris Waddle said that Ray Parlour came up to him at the end of extra time and said that Arsenal had blown it and the cup was ours, as they had missed their previous 5 penalties. Then 10 seconds later the cross came in and the ball was in the back of Woods’ net
  2. I think we’ll finish top 6, but I’ll not be wetting the bed and wanting Bruce out if we don’t make it. Given time Bruce will take us up
  3. In 2014/15 he had attacking options that included Maghoma, Madine, May, Bus, Keane, Nuhiu and Maguire. Plus he had to send his team out to play on sand every other week. Imo Gray did a good job here. He spent next to nothing and left a really solid squad behind, some of which we still depend on now 4 years later
  4. Forgot about Des Walker ill let him have that one
  5. Replaced.... Nillson with Atherton Worthington with Nolan Palmer with Ingesson Pearson with Andy Pearce Viv Anderson with Simon Coleman Harkes with Sinton
  6. I’d say both underachieved, one inherited the best squad in decades, the other had the biggest transfer budget in our history. That’s why many feel they failed. The other managers had bugger all to work with
  7. To summarise - poor manager - rode Atkinson’s team for a couple of years - made some excellent signings on the back of his reputation as a player - Made a complete mess of things when he had to build his own side - did nothing as a manager after he got the sack at Hillsborough It was Interesting to hear Carlton Palmers thoughts on him during his owl sanctuary podcast, when he confirmed a few of my thoughts above
  8. Great footballer, imo the best that has ever played for Wednesday in the modern era, but he’s a full weight c**t. I’d be interested to know how he came across during that city hall date he did a few months back
  9. Just tried to renew my season ticket, the site is an absolute nightmare 1. Cant log onto my account as the email isn’t recognised on the database 2. I can’t re register as my team card number isn’t recognised as its no doubt still linked to my current but unrecognised account That leaves me with the options of spending hours trying to get through on the phone tomorrow or finishing work early and going to Hillsborough and queuing
  10. Hopefully he’ll come back fire us to promotion and we can wave at Norwich as we pass them on their way down
  11. Yeah I’ve heard a few stories myself
  12. Whilst there isn’t many stand out sides, there’s definitely fewer poor ones than in recent years
  13. Maybe we should sell Rhodes for £7m then sign Madine for £6m pocketing a nice £1m in the bank
  14. Normally I’d say that £7m is too much for Rhodes, but we live in a world where someone payed £6m for Gary Madine so anything’s possible
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