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  1. There was a time when losing FF was a disaster, now it’s just... meh whatever Chance for Rhodes to stake his claim
  2. I’d take him till the end of the season
  3. Wow a negative thread by our local radio celebrity
  4. When it’s a big game the atmosphere at Hillsborough is unbelievable, when it’s not it’s like a morgue. Been like it for years
  5. Best arse on any Wednesday player in history. You could put your pint on it
  6. Seems to drop a clanger that leads to a goal every other game Really disappointing signing so far
  7. Definitely time for him to move on next summer
  8. Had to give my season ticket up for today. Apart from the goal, how are we playing?
  9. To be honest I’m in favour of whatever p*sses Steve Gibson off
  10. I’m starting to think that this is a last roll of the dice by Chansiri. Go on the offensive, hope it gets ugly, goes to court. Takes months to sort out, which by then he’s hoping we’re in the PL and can then stick 2 fingers up to the EFL like Bournemouth and Wolves did
  11. Bannan was free Ironically the vast majority of our best players from the last 5 years have been signed for either nowt or next to nowt Westwood free Hutchinson free Lees free Borner free Iorfa £250k Bannan free Lee £200k Wallace free Loovens free Harris free some reyt bargains in that lot
  12. I know I was really just pointing out how hypercritical Gibson is
  13. It’s a shame DC isn’t allowed to bankroll SWFC like that pob faced bell end did at Middlesbrough during the late 90’s
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