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  1. Stoop


    Maybe Bruce hasn’t forgiven him for helping him on his way to the sack at villa
  2. Stoop

    These clean sheets

    Keeping a settled back 4 keeping a settled formation Playing you best keeper playing your best defensive midfielder pretty much doing what everyone except Jos said to do
  3. Stoop


    Him and FF have never worked as a pair
  4. Stoop

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    On our way we’re on our way
  5. Stoop

    club crest

    Nobody would bat an eyelid if they saw this anywhere
  6. Stoop

    club crest

    Anyone who prefers our new medieval Harry Potter crest to the iconic stylised owl, has either... A. Bad taste B. Bad eyes C. Is over 70 D. A combination of all 3
  7. Stoop

    club crest

    The new one is absolutely dreadful, the sooner it goes the better
  8. He also says “ya know” a lot too
  9. The only thing more boring than the Megson worshiping is the Megson bashing He did a good job at this club, both as a player and manager
  10. Stoop

    Onomah injured again

    No stepping for Abdi anymore, he had a stairlift fitted at Christmas
  11. Stoop

    S.T renewals.

    Im definitely renewing now we have a proper manager. Probably get one in the summer though, when they are abit more expensive cos I’m a proper fan
  12. Stoop

    Brentford at home : prices

    Chansiri’s English isn’t great, I very much doubt he’d have been that disrespectful to the fans in such way
  13. Stoop

    Brentford at home : prices

    Tbf I think Chansiri meant to say that our money doesn’t cover everything as opposed to anything
  14. Stoop

    Brentford at home : prices

    If parachute payments were abolished prices would be around that across the board in the football league. Until this happens everyone has to charge extortionate prices to try and get near them