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  1. Iirc he scored his only Wednesday goal against Watford in the league cup quarter final at Hillsborough
  2. I really like CC, he did a cracking job in 15/16, plus he seems like a really genuinely decent bloke. I’m desperate for him to do well, but we are going backwards, and the football barring the odd game has been completely dire for the last 18 months
  3. 40% of the season gone.....

    This Its not looking good at all
  4. Really happy for him Been saying it for ages, he needs to get more game time, before anyone mocks me, please remember who was leading the line in CC’s first season when we were tearing teams apart Atty f*****g Nuhiu that’s who
  5. They can’t do it without Coutts
  6. Yes this is the sensible option. If this squad and manager fails then the playing squad needs freshening up, with a new manager given the resources to have a go next season
  7. Considering we’ve played the pigs, Leeds and Barnsley at home I reckon the filth will be overtaking us pretty soon
  8. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Pulls would need to completely rebuild our squad if he was our manager. We are too weak, slow and small to play the game his way
  9. You really shouldn’t be trying to stop players doing what they are naturally good
  10. RIP Owls fan Leslie Martin

    Very sad news. I didn’t know him personally, but I’ve seen him a few times at Hillsborough. Saw him stood at the bottom of the kop before kick off on Saturday RIP
  11. Loovens and Lees

    I doubt we would have had our pants pulled down by the pigs with Loovens in the side organising everyone. The mans a rolls Royce of a defender
  12. New Team Photo

    I never realised how big Morgan Fox’s head is till now
  13. Lee johnson

    He did right to try and win a penalty. If he’d have shot it’d have ended up on Penistone road like it usually does when he has a pop