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  1. stevewhiterose

    Rhoys Wiggins

    Last player we sold, surprisingly enough.
  2. stevewhiterose

    70's Owls T-shirt

    Very nice. The shop needs to be a lot more imaginative with its stock instead of the usual tat in there.
  3. stevewhiterose

    Random pre-season games you were at

    You've got a better memory than me !!
  4. stevewhiterose

    The future of Joao

    Nuhiu got most of the plaudits after Christmas but thought João did really well and scored some much needed goals.
  5. stevewhiterose

    Robert Huth

    Loovens led Wednesday out at Wembley two years ago. That should have been for the last time....in my opinion.
  6. stevewhiterose

    Random pre-season games you were at

    I remember playing Brondby and from memory, Schmeichell was in goal for them.
  7. stevewhiterose

    Robert Huth

    We've just got rid of one centre back who was well passed his best. Do we really need another?
  8. stevewhiterose

    Big sam

    Jos deserves a crack at it.
  9. stevewhiterose

    New Kit

    Hummel means bloody chevrons everywhere.
  10. stevewhiterose

    New Kit

    Old school...Bukta or Gola
  11. stevewhiterose

    New Kit

    July?... you'll be lucky.