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  1. stevewhiterose

    I just go

    Fair enough but when most Wednesdayites are forking out a small fortune , then surely we've got every right to voice our concerns etc.
  2. stevewhiterose

    #SWFC Six Match Ticket Bundle Deal

    Agreed. The club is absolutely clueless when it comes to communicating with fans.
  3. Probably a stupid question with a simple answer but when booking tickets, I've always wondered why tickets in the south stand are more expensive than the north stand....I know, I need to get out more.
  4. stevewhiterose

    #SWFC Six Match Ticket Bundle Deal

    More like, we're really worried as there were barely any POTGs on Saturday.
  5. stevewhiterose

    On This Day 25 Years Ago !

    Didn't score enough goals for me !!
  6. stevewhiterose


    Ultimately it doesn't matter. The ref thought it was a penalty and thats all that matters.
  7. stevewhiterose

    Why has Jones been banished?

    But mainly because he's poo ...
  8. Not before time, the shop has got some decent stuff in.
  9. stevewhiterose

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Well in a word....yes
  10. stevewhiterose

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Yeah but it's a Yorkshire derby that nobody cares about.
  11. stevewhiterose

    York’s v Lancs

    I went to a T20 at Lord's the other week. Reckon i was the only one who changed the words to "Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday" but it still felt good.
  12. stevewhiterose

    Clare joins Swansea

    The eleven we put on the pitch are all that matters.
  13. stevewhiterose

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Wednesday have only relented and brought out a silver membership because nobody was buying the £90 ones. I'm pretty certain it has little to do with Monday's forum.
  14. stevewhiterose

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Part of me says fair enough, well done DC for listening to fans, another part of me says f it.....can't believe you treated a section of your fanbase in this manner to start with.
  15. stevewhiterose

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    Very few previous members or potg in my opinion.