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  1. The gap is now 7 points...

    It would but we all know it won't happen.
  2. Was it Over the Line?

  3. TBF to Neil swarbrick

    I don't usually moan too much about refs as it's usually a case of swings and roundabouts but today was I believe an obvious case of a weak ref sucking up to a so called big club and it's so called big name players.
  4. Sean Clare

    Yeah someone will come sniffing if he continues to play that well.
  5. Anyone remember a Villa 4-0 win in 1975 (I think) when thousands of Villa fans were on the East Bank. They went up and we went down, from memory.
  6. SWFC Home Shirt – Hummel Style

    God I just hope DC doesn't see this and get any ideas !!
  7. SWFC Home Shirt – Hummel Style

    Fine by me but God knows what abomination they've got lined up for next season. I dread to think.
  8. To be fair we didn't see any side of him!!
  9. Win against Villa

    Will settle for that.
  10. Glenn loovens please retire

    Even the goals have dried up.
  11. Do us a favour Jos

    Even the guys on Radio Sheffield sounded baffled by the team selection. Ridiculous not to play at least one striker. Surely you always need an outlet or the ball just keeps coming back.
  12. Rate jos so far?

    Like most people, I knew nothing about the bloke and to be fair he's come in during a difficult time with all the injuries. Hopefully we can stay up and have the mass clear out, which should have happened last season in my opinion. When he puts his own stamp on the team can we really judge him. Heaven forbid we go down I'm sure Jos will be gone.
  13. Glenn loovens please retire

    I hate his constant faffing about on the edge of the box. Scares the life out of me.
  14. Glenn loovens please retire

    Can't believe he still gets to write an article in the programme.
  15. Glenn loovens please retire

    Just want to be safe and season to finish to be honest, then Loovens and others can be gone.