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  1. stevewhiterose

    Has there ever ?

    I'd love to know how many half season tickets they've actually sold.
  2. Hutchinson "Nurse...what's the wi-fi code in here?"
  3. stevewhiterose


    Agreed. Many like me I'm sure who just can't be bothered any more until something changes. I'd rather go and watch a non-league match at the moment.
  4. stevewhiterose

    Booing at half time

    I remember a match years ago, we were so bad in the first half that we got "boo'd on" for the second half.
  5. stevewhiterose


    Sometimes shyte players make good managers* *I'm joking
  6. stevewhiterose


    Get him in. We're only going one way with the Sparks tribute act.
  7. stevewhiterose

    Sam Hutchinson

    Who in their right minds would want Hutchinson?
  8. stevewhiterose

    Sam Hutchinson

    Don't get this obsession with Hutchinson in the team. We all know the script if he does. If we're crying out for a proven crock to sort out this mess then we're in bigger trouble than I imagined I'm afraid.
  9. stevewhiterose

    Rotherham United

    God, that takes me back. A week after the Blunts did the same.
  10. stevewhiterose

    How much longer

    Indeed...it's goes on and on...
  11. stevewhiterose

    How much longer

    Hopefully it ain't me who's gonna leave...
  12. stevewhiterose

    How much longer

    Personally I don't. Won't put another penny in DCs pocket until he ditches this Sparks tribute act.
  13. stevewhiterose

    Rotherham United

    Why do people get involved with this Alanlee nob? He's just a knuckle dragging, Greggs pasty muncher.
  14. It's took him 4 years to come up with something that's been mentioned on Owlstalk many times. FFS.
  15. stevewhiterose

    Half Season Tickets

    Is it April 1st?