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  1. Colin's Comments

    Indifferent towards him. Just another manager.
  2. Seen plenty of moaning about kits, but..

    Just about sums it up. The shop is an embarressment all round. How they have the cheek to sell last season's shirts at full wack i'll never know.
  3. David Jones

    I've moved to the South stand because some in North were driving me mad. Totally blinkered and not very knowledgeable.
  4. Herries road ...again!

    South Yorkshire police do some actual policing?....do me a favour
  5. Joost

    A defender who can actually pass to another Wednesday player. That's got to be a bonus. Looks very promising.
  6. Added time tonight

    Ref was an idiot...total attention seeker.
  7. Weather forecast for tonight

    Exactly a year ago against Bristol City it was baking.
  8. Hutch

    Great player don't get me wrong but his constant absence from the team, for whatever reason, is starting to annoy.
  9. Colin Murray

    Top bloke and quite witty. Much better than that Leeds clown they had before.
  10. Joao - It's Time

    Reckon he's had plenty of chances already.
  11. T-shirts outside the ground in the 90’s!

    Lose the Union Jack and just have blue and white. Job done.
  12. It's my understanding that negotiations continued for some time before they decided to go with somebody else, which has obviously led to the delay etc.
  13. They should have pulled out in May when they tried to stiff us. Surely there are other manufacturers they could have gone with. It's a total embarrassment, especially in the anniversary year. I hate to say it but I'm afraid it's typical Wednesday.