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  1. stevewhiterose

    QPR Restricted View

    I had one last season but it was fine to be fair.
  2. stevewhiterose

    QPR Restricted View

    I had one last season but it was fine to be fair.
  3. stevewhiterose

    Sheffield, city of students

    In any case, how are students ever going to get to Hillsborough by 3pm?
  4. stevewhiterose

    Sheffield, city of students

    Do we really want loads of layabout students littering the place?
  5. Get rid of them all. Would rather see youngsters given a chance.
  6. stevewhiterose


    He's becoming a prolific scorer.
  7. stevewhiterose


    Didn't go today but thought he was excellent on Wednesday.
  8. stevewhiterose

    Brian Cox

    He was good in the Bourne Identity.
  9. stevewhiterose

    Patience required

    It's pretty obvious to me that we're going to have to be patient with regard to promotion. Jos inherited a bit of a mess and along with embargoes, youth development, injuries etc it's going to be a while before we can contemplate a promotion push. We might as well get used to mid table mediocrity in my opinion.
  10. stevewhiterose

    Match officials

    Not sure where they got 7 mins added time from
  11. stevewhiterose

    Simple Question

    Got bored after "A..."
  12. stevewhiterose

    Last nights attendance

    These mid week attendances will continue to dwindle due to Ifollow, red button etc, especially when the bad weather kicks in.
  13. stevewhiterose

    David Jones

    Not his biggest fan but surely better bet than a kid who just looked out of his depth.
  14. stevewhiterose

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    Unless they were injured, taking Nuhiu and Onamah off cost us that game... simple as.