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  1. I'm not a fan of the collars but i like them. Home kit not that different, but last year's was superb so subtle changes to it makes sense and I still like it. Away shirt, brave choice, but i think it works. Not everyone will like it but as a change kit I'd rather they try something new rather than play it safe. Good work.
  2. Really. Most clubs will have a decent idea through agents drumming up interest / trying to get their players new deals elsewhere / better deals where they are etc, and that will be come more clear over the next few days too, but the suggestion that the deadline passes at midnight or whatever time it is and everyone involved in football suddently knows the exact updated contract situation of every player at every other club is laughable 🤣🤣
  3. Yeah, exactly, so any players who have extended now may be in the fold for sunday when they weren't before, so why give Bristol City too much of a heads up.
  4. Maybe, given Monk will only likely play those whose contracts are extended beyond June, the cub are deliberately delaying it so that Bristol City don't know exactly who we'll have available on Sunday. And now I've written that down I can see I'm giving the club far too much credit and it's just down to poor communication.
  5. Says it all. Never trust a man who doesn’t let a cuppa brew properly. Be weak as pi$$ being ready that quickly.
  6. I have no faith in the leadership of the club but I hope to be proven wrong. This summer is obviously massive for the club in terms of squad refresh with a large number of players out of contract. There's going to be a big issue in replacing them without too much money available. We should have been planning for this for months now, putting in place a long term recruitment strategy, targeting young and hungry players and those we know are available. I fully expect us to get to 1 July and start thinking then about finding some new players.
  7. I like Bannan, I think he's clearly one of our better and most talented players. I don't necessarily think that means we're always a better team with him in it and we become too one dimensional sometimes. There aren't a lot of options to replace him with him though. My friend made an interesting point on Wednesday, is it a bit of a Signori at Lazio type situation - a good player but better for the team if the focus and play isn't built around him?
  8. Went to my first game in the 93/94 season away at Swindon (mum's side of my family are all Swindon fans). I was 6, I knew they'd got to two cup finals and won one recently so were pretty good and we beat them 1-0. I expected it to be like that all the time. Thanks dad.
  9. I get he's said we are fighting for it, which is fine, but we beat Bristol City, Forest, Brentford, Leeds (and had the better of them at home), drew with Forest, should have had a point at West Brom etc - all teams who would have solid ambitions of getting promoted - we've shown we can compete, why could the play offs have become a realistic ambition? It's only a few weeks since we had the chance to go clear in 3rd.
  10. Rhodes definitely has another year left after this. Given Dawson as signed a new contract, Fox is the only other one I would consider. With some of those out of contract this summer is a real opportunity to give the squad a much needed refresh - we need to take it.
  11. Yes. I had real issues getting there due to Northern cancelling two of my trains home, then traffic issues so arrived moments before kick off. I'm going to be putting a complaint in to Northern for not cancelling a third train so that I still had to witness that gutless sh!t show.
  12. After the Huddersfield semi final for me.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS0h8DeSo3E Sums hip up tbh.
  14. Dan Jones was a (not particualrly good) left back who's best moment for us was booting a clearance right up in the air letting it bounce and smacking him in the face. After falling away from the side he randomly got a run of games in the Championship under Jones before being released. There's a video of him at Chesterfield after he gets tackled where he flops around for about 30 seconds like a fish out of water, which is incredibly embarssing for him.
  15. Absolutely the right move to get Penney out on loan for the season. He started well, then faded badly in his last few games and with being out injured for a long while Fox has really cemented his place at LB so the experience Penney will get playing first team football (and the experience of playing abroad too) far outweighs any thing he'd get from playing from the U23s. I'd much rather see our players like Kirby etc out on loan getting proper game time experience.
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