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  1. stowyowl

    Ins and outs

    I would only sign players in January if they're players that are unlikely to be available in the summer if we don't sign them now (ie Alexander Milosevic) or the club anticipate another embargo (which seems not to be the case) and we need to get some players in for next season now. Otherwise I'd save the money until the summer, we aren't going up or down so give Bruce a few months with the squad as it is. I'd only loan someone in if it's someone we're looking to sign in the summer, or is to replace a position (ie if Baker goes out on loan then loan in another right back).
  2. stowyowl

    Chris Turner

    He's still got three years left, we can't judge him on it yet.
  3. It does, but I think it also has Jos' draw and loss stats the wrong way round so his ppg works out correct...
  4. Can't be bothered to check line by line but how accurate is this table? There's no way Jewell's 12 wins and 5 draws from 38 games is 1.5 points per game. No way would we have got 69 points in Jewell's season with us. Looking at the top few either the L and D headings are the wrong way round or the ppg calculation gives a point for a loss rather than a draw, so most will probably be worse than that table suggests.
  5. stowyowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Great to see they've listened and introduced this. I will now be buying, and I expect many others too. Something they got horribly wrong in the first place but at least they've done something to correct it.
  6. stowyowl

    Stripes next

    I'd heard that we were definitely returning to Stripes next season but the release date would be 1 August. Not like that was from an official source or anything though.
  7. stowyowl

    Jos "We were solid"

    I'll definitely take three draws from those three fixtures given how the season has gone so far. Ifs and buts but if Joao puts his header against Cardiff anywhere other than straight at the keeper we're talking a very respectable 5 points from three tough games. It's very fine margins (likewise you could say for chances against us). Jos is doing and saying everything right so far, I'm impressed.
  8. One of my biggest annoyances at a Wednesday performance ever was in the FA cup a few seasons back, when we played Charlton at home with the winner playing the Pigs for a place at Wembley and we just did not turn up for the game. I really hope we get the balance right of rotating the squad (Nielson etc) and giving it a real go.
  9. stowyowl

    Relegation or a trophy?

    Cup every day of the week. Club's should exist to try and win trophies.
  10. stowyowl

    Dutch Connections

    That was definitely our second kit rather than third shirt, wasn't it? I still have one with Di Canio on the back.
  11. stowyowl

    We are going up this season!

    As positive as the last couple of weeks has made me feel (and there seems to be a genuine shift in mood through the club and fan base) given our recent form / results let's just get a win in the league first, and when we do that, try and get back to back wins.
  12. I know O'Grady and Nielson looked promising last night and I'm all for them being involved in the squad and getting further chances but surely it's too early to list them amongst the best central defenders in the league?
  13. Talking about being aware of Sheff Utd's game but that isn't the only focus, we need to know our own game and what we can do. Excellent.
  14. Early impressions are positive. He comes across well, talks sense but gives nothing away. I like him so far, best of luck to him.
  15. stowyowl

    Season ticket refund OFFICIAL OFFER

    These conditions are fair and I expect there will be a very low take up. I do though feel for anyone who may be in a far worse financial position then they were when they bought their ST, who may not be able to refuse having a bit of money back (both in that they're in a position desperate to make ends meet and that if / when they get back on their feet they wouldn't be able to return to Hillsborough as a ST holder) but hopefully that is an absolute tiny minority, if at all. Far less sympathy for people who just aren't enjoying it and want a refund, the conditions are fair to them, and you buy your ST knowing you could see anything from 23 wins to 23 defeats so should support through the sad times. That said, even though I am not enjoying this season or the football over the last 18 months, I still love the club and I find it sad for them that anyone in our fanbase would get to the point that they have fallen out of love with Wednesday and don't want to go any more.