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  1. Andy Booth against Bolton in 1997 as the most recent before Rhodes?
  2. Whilst I think the club have definitely chanced it putting it in the 17/18 accounts, what I don’t get is in the summer we were under a soft embargo that needed the EFL to review and sign off the (late submitted) 17/18 accounts before we could leave the embargo. So if they were happy enough in the summer, what’s changed now? I appreciate they will be doing more of an in depth review and analysis now, but surely the stadium sale in the accounts would be the main area of quite substantial focus before they let us out the embargo?
  3. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/november/penney-thriving-in-germany/ Update on / interview with Penney on the OS.
  4. If we bet Blackburn and Birmingham and drew the other 3 I think I'd be happy.
  5. Interesting read that, thanks for sharing.
  6. 22, made his debut when he was 21.I agree Baker won't make it here.
  7. My mate in Newcastle who's usually pretty clued up on the goings on up there seems to think Murphy is most likely to currently set to sign for Huddersfield. Not saying that's definite before I get shot down, not pretending to be ITK!!
  8. Brentford Can't answer that yet, will come back to you in the future. Brentford, I just told you!
  9. It's sky sports readers. If I was filling out my predictions I wouldn't take it seriously. I'd put us top and Leeds bottom. Plenty of people will have done that just cos they don't like us. Others will have seen the embargo and figured we're in trouble, going down he Bolton route etc.
  10. It's the equivalent of us doing predictions on here and us all putting Leeds last for a laugh. Means absolutely nothing.
  11. His ban was for violent conduct. So in effect its 9 games, 3 served for the violent conduct and 6 being appealed for the alleged racist language that accompanied it.
  12. Whilst I agree to an extent, the allegation against Jay Rodriguez was found not proven despite it being on camera (albeit with his mouth slightly obscured), so I'm baffled how they can find FF guilty with the distinct lack of hard evidence.
  13. Absolutely brilliant statement by him though.
  14. There will be some disappointed refs out there, reduces the amount of games they can book him for diving in when he gets two footed into the air.
  15. Not remotely surprised, but disappointed nonetheless.
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