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  1. Rhodes cost about 8 million not like the rest. You expect a lot more for your money.
  2. We bought him to get us promoted but he never produced. Sorry, he pinch his money. Uto
  3. How about Ryan Lowe, up and coming plenty of ambition. But I think DM will be given another season. But he needs to really sort out his tactics and have a plan b+c. The recruitment for next season will be interesting. I know we had some injuries but with the squad we had we should have got promoted. Some of the displays away from home have been shocking, so that needs to be sorted. You could go on and on. But we have to keep believing because we are all Wednesday arn't we. Uto
  4. M1 just opened both ways. Sunderland team will have to get a move on. Uto
  5. Massive mistake by Hutch but later in the game he blocked a shot that was on its way into the net. He put is body on the line. Its only 1 nil everything to play far. Best home record in the league. UTO
  6. He's in great form. Create the chances and he will take us to the championship. uto
  7. Imo we have played some of our best football with Bannan, Byers, and Luongo in midfield with Bannan playing the more forward roll. Attack them from the off and with the fans roaring them on Portsmouth won't know what's hit them. I hope. UTO.
  8. Its the Wednesday way down to the last kick of the season. Everyone on edge, just hope we can get in the top six. Then anything can happen. Uto
  9. Raw talent. Strong as a bull and he's got the skill just need to control the ball a bit more. But that will come with experience and some good coaching. Definitely one for the future. Get him signed on a good contract. Uto
  10. If you don't take your chances that's what happens. Uto
  11. It's all about the three point's. Save the big performances for the play off games. We need to dig in for the net couple of away games, because we have not played too well away from home recently. uto.
  12. Where do they get these ref's from. He gave some very strange decisions today. League 1 football, league1 ref.. But a great result for the owls and great to see jack Hunt take is goal so well. We now need to keep grinding out results and the playoff's here we come. uto
  13. It should be a routine win, but I have a feeling it could be harder than we think. We need to score early like Saturday. That takes the pressure off. UTO
  14. Jordan Storey for me. He's tighten the defense up, looks very accomplished. But you could give it to most of the players, they have all played their part. Long may it continue. Uto
  15. Do we know why the pitch is in such a mess. I thought all the drainage problems were sorted out when the new pitch was laid. The blunts had the same pitch as the owls and that looks ok. uto
  16. Well done Lee Bullen. Great servant to the Owls. Uto
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