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  1. Do you trust DC to employ a descent manager. I think not. So that's us up the creek without a paddle. Uto
  2. He needs to solve some of the problems and show the fans that we are making some progress and the fans will then give him time. Because if he does not get the fans onside it will soon become toxic at Hillsborough. Then there will be no way back for him. Is he capable of doing that. The jury is still out. Uto
  3. It does not change a thing. We are still shocking. Moore will think everything is ok, but it's not.uto
  4. It's embarrassing. Like watching a pub team. Moore needs to sling is hook. They don't seem to know what they are doing. They can't do the basics.
  5. I don't know where we get them from. He was injured when we sign him. He played 45mins now out for God knows how long. Send him back pronto.
  6. DM is giving him every chance to play himself back into some kind of form, but he is running out of time. He needs to get up to speed pronto. Uto
  7. Why would you think DM will pick the best team when he does not know who is best team is. I think he pulls them out of a bag and says away you go and Bannan sorts them out. Uto
  8. I think we just about deserved to win on the second half performance. The first half hour was typical of the way we have been playing most of the season. DM changed the system to 442 and we looked a lot more effective, creating quite a few chances. Will he revert to what he thinks is the best system. I hope not. But it would not surprise me at all. We are at home so we should be going at the opposition. high tempo and attack. Tack the shackles off and give it a go. uto
  9. Just play 442,and take it from there.uto
  10. Radio Sheffield totally rubbish. I stopped listening to that cr-p a long time ago. Giddings the worst commentator on local radio. I watch I follow and most of the local commentry that you get on away games is a lot better than Radio Sheffield. Just stop listening. Uto
  11. Why are we having to watch this crap week after week. Someone needs to take responsibility and sack this Muppet. Even if we get something out of this it does not change anything. Been shocking all season.uto
  12. Wing not at the races, give him 10mins, if no improvement sub him. Wimbledon there for the taking. Another goal should do it. Uto
  13. Chansiri will give DM plenty of time to get it right. We are one point off playoff's. I would think the chairman will be quite pleased with that. So no chance of him sacking Moore. I just hope he gets it right, we need to get promoted.uto
  14. Moore can say what he wants, but we have all watch the match today and all the rubbish we have played all season. He must think we are all stupid. He's not bothered about performance's. Good performance's produce good results 9 times out of 10. He would not know about that. Never won anything. Uto
  15. I can't wait for full time. I can then listen to the total bullsh-t that Moore will come out with. Even if we manage to win it will not change a thing. It's just like all the games this season disjointed no tempo sh-t tactics. Uto
  16. Bolton bossing this. Typical Moore team no plan. Just in an attacking position and they pass it back to the goalkeeper. What a load of rubbish. None existent midfield. We have played like this all season. Moore got to go. Uto
  17. I think he is walking a tightrope with the fans. A couple of bad results and it could turn nasty. But how long do we stick with him, some of the performance's have been dire. He needs to get the team playing at a higher tempo and pick what he thinks is best team and stick with them. Chopping and changing the team has not worked. Some of the player's look like they have never seen each other before, can't put two passes together. So come on DM get it together. Have a plan and stick with it.uto
  18. The goal does not change a thing. Still rubbish. Tactics all over the place. Do we have a plan. No. Moore will come out with the same crap as always. He should be apologiesing for the load of crap we are producing match after match.uto
  19. What's happening. Have these players seen each other before tonight. They don't have a clue. Trying to pass it out from the back. They can't put two passes together. Like watching the kids on Sunday morning. Get Moore out of the club. He is a waste of time
  20. Sorry but it's a no from me. Not got a clue what he is trying to do. It's all about results and he is not getting them. Uto
  21. He needs to say it as it is, not all the bullsh-t. Sort the midfielder out that's the engine of the team. Then we might get somewhere. All this Mr nice guy has not worked, time to get tough. Uto
  22. We have been listening to this guff from i don't know how many manager's. They must think we sit with our eyes shut when watching games. Get a grip Moore and give some good rollokins out and lay down the law. Tell them perform or they don't play. We are playing in the 3rd division. These player's should be good enough to play at this level. uto
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