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  1. I think that's the end for Rhodes. This as been dire.
  2. It looks like Pulis is going to be the boss. What he says goes, as it should be. All we need now is a good result on Saturday and we will be on our way. Uto
  3. It can't be any worse than Monk's rubbish teams. We might score a few goals that would be a change. I just hope he can win a few games early on or it will be carnage on here. uto
  4. Imagine if Pulis losses the first couple of matches. This forum would be in melt down. uto
  5. We need to stay up, that's the main job. Anything else will be a bonus. So whoever takes over give them to the end of the season then have another look. Uto
  6. Big disappointment if true. Not for me. I thought we had someone all lined up to take the job with him sacking Monk and all his coaching staff. But this is Wednesday we are talking about.uto
  7. Whoever takes over they need to get the striker situation sorted. None of them look like strikers and don't look like scoring. Everyone slags Rhodes off, but who is doing any better. I'm not a Rhodes fan but as I have said who is stepping up to the plate.uto
  8. It could be just a bit soon for him to take the Owls on. Lot's of pressure at Hillsborough. Uto
  9. We would be religated for sure.uto
  10. Play like we did against Bournemouth and we should be ok. But it's a tough game, they always play well against us. Uto
  11. Who cares what Luton or any of them say. If this covid goes on much longer a lot of them will be getting 12points deduction. That will make them cough. Parry and co could not run a ******** up in a brewery. Uto
  12. Only Wednesday do anything like this. Sign someone who has had a broke leg and won't play before xmas. Mind boggling.
  13. Hard work but the player's ran there socks off. Why don't we have that sort of commitment every game. It shows it in them. Bournemouth big time charlie's, diving about little taps here and there. Got what they deserved. Uto
  14. That was a horrible performance. The back three had no idea what they were doing. Midfield the same. No service for the front guys. Tactics non, nobody new what they were doing, just hoofing the ball anywhere. Rotherham are not a very good side. Their for the taking. But all they had to do was put us under a bit of pressure and wait for the mistakes. We're we go from here anybody knows. But Monk is not the answer. Very disappointed. Uto
  15. We're do we go from here, lost for words. Just totally rubbish.
  16. A bit disappointed with the team selection,but can only pick the guys that are fit. Some good service to the forwards and we should be ok. Uto
  17. I think we have played OK in most games. Brentford and Watford are good team's and will be up their come the end of season. If the guy's had not got injured in the QPR game I'm sure we would have won that game. So get the injured players back and we should be OK, finger's crossed.uto
  18. We need to win just to get the monkey off or backs with not winning at home. It's becoming a massive problem and will cost us if it's not solved. I hope we have some of the injured guy's back, that will make a big difference. uto
  19. Radio Sheffield always the same not got a clue. The producer obviously a blunt.
  20. Don't back off, keep attacking. Wednesday a lot better than Birmingham. Uto
  21. We definitely need a striker, but Mr Monk already knows that from what he says. uto
  22. The key to stopping up is our home form, get that right and we should be OK. Uto
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