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  1. I think we have played OK in most games. Brentford and Watford are good team's and will be up their come the end of season. If the guy's had not got injured in the QPR game I'm sure we would have won that game. So get the injured players back and we should be OK, finger's crossed.uto
  2. We need to win just to get the monkey off or backs with not winning at home. It's becoming a massive problem and will cost us if it's not solved. I hope we have some of the injured guy's back, that will make a big difference. uto
  3. Radio Sheffield always the same not got a clue. The producer obviously a blunt.
  4. Don't back off, keep attacking. Wednesday a lot better than Birmingham. Uto
  5. We definitely need a striker, but Mr Monk already knows that from what he says. uto
  6. The key to stopping up is our home form, get that right and we should be OK. Uto
  7. Taught you how to take throw ins at junior school. I blame the refs should clamp down on it .uto
  8. It's great to see all the new guys postings great comments. Mr Monk brings in is own backroom staff and things look totally different. Long may it continue. Now for Watford. Uto.
  9. I don't care what colors they play in, just keep winning.uto
  10. Don't they have 17 players who don't want to play or are supposed to be injured. Troy Deeney and co. It will be interesting what the team will be on Saturday. If Wednesday play at the high tempo they have been playing we should be ok.uto.
  11. We need to reserve judgment until we have played about 10 games then we will have a lot better idear were we are going. But so far so good. uto
  12. It was only Rochdale, but all the young lad's did great. Reach put a shift in but those misses spoilt what was a good performance from him. uto
  13. All the young guys have done great. Very promising. Uto
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