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  1. If he gets the chance to play in the Premier league i think he will be off. But would love him to stay, fingers crossed uto.
  2. Would blue and white strips have done the job uto
  3. What ever he does he needs to sort the defence out first job. Then we might get somewhere.
  4. I have just read on the Green un app that Jos Luhukay was going to retire until Chansiri came in for him and he says he had never seen a game in England. I must say they are great credentials to manage our football club. How could he qualify to become manager, even if you don't know too much about football the alarm bells must have been ringing. If the chairman had been advised to employ him, those people who advised him needed sacking.
  5. The blunt's need two or three quality players, but they will not get any. They will not pay the wages to get the kind of players they need. IMO they will do exactly the same as last season, run out of steam in the second half of the season. Don't forget at the latter end of last season it was relegation form. Last night in the second half they ran out of ideas. Wilder did not know how to change the way they played to break the owls down. Uto.
  6. He is the best ref I have seen this season, kept the game flowing. It makes a change from the crap we usually get. Uto
  7. Why does anyone think he will get any money in January. The blunts board never back their manager.
  8. I though it was bang out of order. So disrespectful.
  9. He is a typical blunt very bitter. They are supposed to be that good but the owls kept their first clean sheet against them. They ran out of ideas and they will run out of steam, just like they did last season. Uto
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