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  1. If he can keep fit he could be the difference that we need to get in the playoffs. Just that bit of class at league 1 level. Uto
  2. What does he expect with the injured central defenders. When you sign guy's that are already injured and are injury prone. Uto
  3. Carlos. Bruce proven record in championship and I don't agree with what he did. Most fans look on a new manager with high hopes. That's the nature of the thing. But it does not always work out does it.uto
  4. I don't know who the next manager should be that's down to the chairman and is adviser's. But do you think DM is the man for the job. We need someone with a proven record of this division and with some success on his CV.uto
  5. Sack Moore, do we trust Chansiri to get a new manager in that's any good. NO.
  6. That's because its a results game, and that's the manager's job. Get results keep you job.uto
  7. How can anyone defend Moore. We have been playing like this all season. Will he change tactics in the second half, no chance. Sorry times up.
  8. Certainly not Moore. If you think that performance is ok, good luck.uto
  9. Sorry we are going nowhere. Wrong manager, its a big job and he is not the guy to do it. Uto
  10. It's about time he took some responsibility for the way we play. He picks the team and tactics. It's not good enough.uto
  11. Why would he come to the owls. It needs a total squad rebuild. With no money.
  12. That was embarrassing. DM needs to walk now. Most of the player's did not look interested. Defense all over the place and Moore does not do anything to change it. Why anyone is surprised with the result and performance I don't know. This was a bad result, but we have played a lot of cr-p this season also at the end of last season. Moore took us down and he had the chance to keep us up. But he is not good enough. Tactical no idea, rubbish subs. He needs to go. But will he, I don't think so.uto
  13. It's not just DM what about the player's, they are all over the place not doing the basics. We are giving the ball away all over the pitch. He needed to change thing for the second half. But does he know what to do. No.
  14. I thought you needed a tv license to listen to the bbc. Uto
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