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  1. He is a big unit and very mobile, not looked out of place. Mr Monk will keep an eye on him and make sure he is handling everything ok. I hope.
  2. They have always been the same. Some of them are total scum. Leeds always trying to kick lumps off anything that moves..
  3. That's great to see, really pleased for the lad and he had a good game never looked out of his depth..A few more like him would be great. uto.
  4. Well done Bruce, showed everyone how to beat the blunts.
  5. What's Hinchcliffe on about a total knob. Leeds are no better than Wednesday. Uto
  6. Reach never produces a end product. Runs around like a spare part. Why does he not shoot anymore. Something not right with him. Give him a spell on the bench,see if that changes anything. Uto
  7. People slag him off but all our managers have kept him. Must be a reason.
  8. Bigger challenger's to come. I think Huddersfield we very average, the Cowley's have a big job on there hands. Fulham will give us a clue how Gary Monk is going to handle things with the shape and tactics of the team. I think we are in for a very interesting ride with Mr Monk. Uto
  9. He sounds like he knows what he wants from the team, but we need to give him a bit of time to sort thing's out. The chairman will give him the time will the fans. I think they will because we all want what's best for our club. UTO
  10. Lee Bullen as had 3 goes at the manager's job not happened for him, so we move on and now its Gary Monk's chance. If people don't want to take the job like Chris Houghton and co why do we want them. We want someone who is up for it and is totally committed. So I believe we should give Gary Monk a fair crack of the whip. You never know he might surprise us. Finger's crossed uto.
  11. Give the guy a chance we have not played a game yet.uto
  12. I don't believe anything the bbc says. A waist of time just listen to Radio Sheffield.
  13. I though he did OK tonight, a couple of great tackles. Good squad player but not first choice for me.
  14. Sorry not the man for the job, the first half tonight was shocking, no tempo. They looked like they did not have a plan. Second half a lot better especially after the goal. But Lee will have the job up to the international break, then the decision will be made.
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