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  1. Pearson would fall out with Chansiri in a week. uto
  2. Appointing foreign managers has not been a roaring success in the past apart from Carlos maybe, so i don't think we should be going down that road. I would give it Cook and hope he can steady the ship and keep us up. That's the main objective for the rest of this season. uto
  3. He needs more experience and with luck will only get better. But don't want everyone saying he is this or that, just keep playing the games and we could have a very good player on our hands. Uto
  4. That was brilliant from Shaw, got better the longer the games gone on.uto
  5. All the young guys have done well. Not let anyone down. Uto
  6. Just keep Barton away from our club. That would be disastrous for us. Uto
  7. With all the things that are going on at the club for the player's to dig in and get that result we should give them plenty of praise. Not pretty but much needed. Well done. Uto
  8. He is a cheat always has been. Ask WBA fan's.
  9. 20 attempts he must have been talking about Burnley. Uto
  10. Me too. They were totally poo one sided. But all the sweeter. Warnock face like a smacked bum. Uto
  11. Paterson is a liability. How can he be in the Scotland squad, oh yes they are cr-p also.
  12. Paterson what is he supposed to be doing, because I have no idea. Uto
  13. He should never play for Wednesday again. Totally out of order. I bet nothing is said to him. Pulis needs to say what we are all thinking. F---koff.
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