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  1. graz gp

    hirst to united

    Very boring now. Get shut and tell him to take his father with him.
  2. graz gp

    Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    Even Radio Sheff said it was not a pen, Newsome said Bannan never touched him. they were going down ever time they went in the penalty box. W-nkers.
  3. graz gp

    Richard Hawley

    Richard Hawley great singer song writer and massive Wednesday fan, what more do you want.
  4. graz gp

    Lawrenson hates us.

    Who cares what that kn-b head thinks. he always talks rubbish and he thinks he is funny.
  5. graz gp

    Young George Hirst

    We should all move on, what will be will be. uto
  6. No sorry born and bred sheffield. uto
  7. graz gp

    Respect to Sheffield Wednesday

    Why does anything the scum do surprise anyone.
  8. When are they going to realise that whatever they do they will always be in the shadow of Sheffield Wednesday. So just suck it up and take it. We will all be seeing Wilder playing bingo in the Arundel club with Brian (no brains) the blade in the near future. K-ob heads together.
  9. Who cares what Bassett thinks. Who cares what anyone associated with that club thinks.
  10. They will be on radio blades calling for his head very soon. First division manager nothing more. championship managers have found him out.
  11. graz gp

    SUFC official tweet

    The worst club in the football league. They think everybody owes them something. No class at all. They think they are a good team 1 win out of ten, and they still believe they will get promoted. The fans are hated everywhere they go. I bet they are smashing London Road up are i type. uto
  12. That's the way football is now. It's all about money. Build new ground's change team colours. Tradition as gone through the window. uto