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  1. What a load of crap. It will be a good job when a lot of these player's have gone..
  2. Reach is not the only one who does not give a f-ck. All those out of contract are exactly the same. Uto
  3. We will be ok until we meet a descent team, then it's by by.
  4. Another crap performance. I thought we might have improved under Mr Moore. But the player's are just not good enough. When Barnsley take the lead it will be all over.
  5. Played ok first half, reverted to normal second half. Could not do basics. You can see why Norwich are top of the league.uto
  6. Just been told Wilder to Celtic and Lennon to the blunts. Don't know where these stories come from, next thing Monk for the lane. I hope.
  7. Who cares about Wilder. We have enough problems of our own. Uto
  8. Even in the dark days of the old division 3 we play better than this lot. The most disjointed squad, all over the place. Moore is going to have a massive job trying to sort this lot out. Uto
  9. You can see why Moore was set on so that he can manage in the 1st Division. Disgrace.
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