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  1. Pulis was up front in saying all along that we would struggle with the present squad until the January window when additions would help to balance it out. Given backing we would not have been in our current postion. Alas, that backing was not to be and here we are.
  2. Harris needs to play as an out and out winger.... he was effective in that role when he first arrived.
  3. The memory of MA that springs to mind first with me is when he showboated in the S.E. corner v Wycombe... running round in circles...PMSL! Has anyone got the clip of that? I remember someone put it on a loop.
  4. DC is an educated and cultured man with integrity, it would have been totally inappropriate, not to say most unbusiness like to openly discuss sacking Jos at the forum. There could arguably have been legal issues if he had done. How would you have felt if your boss had discussed sacking you in similar circumstances?
  5. You'd be surprised by what can be achieved by a co-ordinated mail campaign, It's worked for Amnesty International on hundreds if not thousands of occasions..... mind, you do have a point when you hinted at illiteracy levels! https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2015/12/50-ways-you-changed-lives-in-2015/
  6. Because it's polite and also against the law to smoke in a place of work.
  7. I'll second that..... probably about the best goal I've ever seen, bearing in mind that Dobson popped the ball over his head twice, left Ron Flowers (England international and no mug) totally bewildered and crossed for Bronco from under the North out by the halfway line. Never seen any footage of it, but then I suppose very few games were filmed then.
  8. Has to take the prize for the most "up his own rectum" player we've ever had.
  9. So a "real man" is one who feels the need to drink heavily? dear oh dear oh dear!
  10. Believable.... until I saw the word "circumspect"..... when have we ever had a player that would use a word like that?
  11. Can we beat Leeds?.... of course we can.... Will we?.... not so sure, we are very fragile just now, but then... all runs whether good or bad come to an end sometime.
  12. It was terrible defending for EVERY goal... the free kick was stupidly and unnecassarily given away and then we gave them a huge gap to aim at... unlike Bannan, they smacked it into it.... poor, very poor.
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