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  1. me and my mate are going up without tickets, hoping to get in our end or their end, fingers crossed.
  2. If anybody has 2 adult/under 20's tickets for ipswich can you let me know by messaging me on here. I'm willing to pay above the ticket rate. Cheers, Josh.
  3. Bet feds are sniffing round this thread like bees round honey pooing em' selves
  4. How much are pints in crown and cushion?
  5. shocking left back, too slow. Good goal against pigs tho
  6. why are people moaning about our activity in the transfer market? we've brought in a big lump up front with a good potential for scoring goals, maghoma with pace to burn, zayatte steady central defender, helan is an absolute steal brilliant young winger with bags of pace. Yeah we need a midfielder and another striker but for christ sake stop moaning, could be a lot worse. WAWAW
  7. might give em a ring tomorrow morning, will let you know.
  8. steady on the ball, reminds me of bougherra, class signing.
  9. Heard foxwood mansfield road apparently, not sure though.
  10. antonio 15 Nuhio 10 Mccabe will get a few this season too I reckon
  11. I'd easily take a draw, Remy hasn't been sold yet and I can only see him arse raping Llera and gardner, or if he plays taylor he'll get a hattrick easy.
  12. Went to bar to get a round in and this good old rangers fan said what ya having and bought em me, respect.
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