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  1. Did you not know the New York Owls do the same as East Mid Owls? We have a jet that picks us all up then flies over to Hillsborough. I do the driving, its a right ball ache.
  2. Ay up, thought I'd capitalise on all this free advertising Madine has thrown your way and post up our first blog asking our born n bred American fans how they became Wednesdayites. Im gonna start with the New Yorkers first but if there are any other US Owls out there that fancy blogging let me know. Brians story was really interesting - nowt to do with John Harkes! www.newyorkowls.com
  3. Very good question Dan, we have 3 americans on the New York Owls books (but more across the US) and Im actually in the process of getting them to blog for us to tell us exactly how they became an Owl. Will post the first one up this week and let you know.
  4. Alright chaps, A few of us will be in attendance down at The Football Factory, NYC this Saturday for the game at Wolves. If you know anyone in the area tell em to join us. Details are on our blog www.newyorkowls.com
  5. I realise this may look like a desperate attempt to get people to go to our blog and well it is, but only cos I have a scoop! You can check my source over at livesoccertv.com They're rarely wrong about this http://www.livesoccertv.com/match/556554/wolverhampton-wanderers-vs-sheffield-wednesday/
  6. Alright chaps, being stranded over here makes me check for foreign TV networks showing our games almost on a daily basis so imagine my delight when I see we're being shown again on Ukrainian TV for Saturdays game. Rather than repeat myself head on over to our blog for details www.newyorkowls.com
  7. Born in Mexborough, moved to London when I was 21, moved to NYC when I turned 30 after I met my american wife in Kingston upon Thames. Now living in Weehawken, NJ, just across the river from NYC. Started the New York Owls in February, now we're massive www.newyorkowls.com ;)
  8. Hi exiled owls. We now have our own website up and running, so please go and have a gander and leave us some nice comments :) Paddy http://www.newyorkowls.com/
  9. Owl Rly, I know at least 3 owls in Toronto. In fact since starting the New York Owls in Feb Toronto is by far the heaviest populated with Wednesday fans ive found over here (aside from NYC of course), unless your one of the people ive spoke to!! Check out my American Owls list I started on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/NewYorkOwls/american-owls/members
  10. Haha. I cant swear on here can I? So there will be a whole lot of fudging going on.
  11. Why do I only get cryptic responses when I post on here? I swear you guys have your own language!
  12. This site is usually pretty accurate and its currently showing that our friendly against Reading is being shown on TV. Im guessing its not on UK tv but if its being broadcast somewhere it means there will be an online stream available. http://www.livesoccertv.com/teams/england/sheffield-wednesday/#_schedules Makes no difference to me like as Im at a fudging wedding in Scotland. What dya reckon? Portuguese TV might've picked it up.
  13. Ay up lads. Ive found 27 US owls just on twitter through my New York Owls group, check out the list I have here if you want to get in touch with any of em https://twitter.com/#!/NewYorkOwls/american-owls/members
  14. I cant do labor day weekend this year, I have a mate coming over from the UK.
  15. Alright mate, its a good idea and keep me posted but I fear reality may scupper any plans of myself joining you. I have barely any holiday days over here and what I have is saved for visiting family back home or in-laws in South Carolina. I can certainly help you out though and spread the word to the NY Owls, see if they're interested.
  16. Got a good mate who's a blackburn fan and he's filled me in on the situation. Keans agent is the same guy who got Venkys in and promised them they would make money with no investment and if they brought Kean in as manager. They have no clue how to run a football club and Kean has been very arrogant and disrespectful to the fans. Look on a few Rovers sites, its not just about poor results this and if it was happening at hillsborough we'd be doing the same thing.
  17. There's nowt mate. This is the best site to find out if anything is being shown on any world tv network (which then means you can get it on a stream) http://www.livesoccertv.com/ I've checked there every minute for the past week and there's still nowt. Ive messaged ESPN, Fox and Sky Sports but got nowt promising. Looks like its radio commentary only.
  18. I've deliberated over this and in the end decided Id rather do it than sit at home on my own listening to the radio, so as odd as it seems we'll be having the Wednesday commentary played at the Football Factory NYC, with Soccer Saturday visuals to see the other league 1 scores. Yes, listening to the radio in a bar is odd, BUT the alternative seems very underwhelming. Tell all your mates in the NYC / NJ area to get down to Football Factory NY. We'll have the commentary then we'll have a wee wee up to celebrate this awesome season! Event details are on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/271727069589809/ UTO!
  19. Actually 3pm games can be shown in the US. So it's not a complete lost cause. Where did you hear it's being shown abroad Mark?
  20. Wasn't really an argument was it? I've heard the 3pm thing elsewhere. I realise we're probably too late to influence this season but think it's a good cause for the future. And ya never know! I always love the positivity on this forum!!
  21. Alright Lads n lasses, I started this petition to try and get next weeks games on sky, would appreciate your support! Makes no sense that they can do it for Championship, and Premier League, theres bugger all on at that time on Saturday - SIGN UP! Cheers http://www.change.org/petitions/sky-sports-fox-soccer-and-espn-show-the-league-1-promotion-games-live-on-tv-saturday-5th-may
  22. Hi mate the best place to check in advance if there is going to be a stream anywhere is this place http://www.livesoccertv.com/ they tell you all the televised games across the world. If its not on here, its not on. And its not on.
  23. Are the people saying their coming along actually in New York or are you having me on?! I ask cos Im only aware of about 5/6 of us so far! If you're from New York, Ace! I'll see you there
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