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  1. After just seeing the supposed new shirt on t'other thread can I change this sentence. How the chuff do you manage to balls up blue n white stripes?
  2. Im so desperate for a home kit right now I dont care what it looks like as long as its our blue and white im getting it. Ive "grown out" of all my old home shirts and wearing yellow just isnt the same.
  3. I like the Town shirt and if it was done in our blue I'd be very happy with it. I just hope the sponsor is OK.
  4. Saga?! I posted it on a flag thread a while back and you can see all our photos on the blog / Facebook www.newyorkowls.com But to save you a saga here you go ;)
  5. The guy that opened Nevada Smiths is Jack the guy that runs our place Football Factory at Legends - top man.
  6. Alright boys n girls, we have an awesome new t-shirt available on the store. Available in both UK and US. Check out our site for details: www.newyorkowls.com
  7. Just seen this, sorry mate! You're very welcome, we love having the tourists down with us too. Its always the same: the men pop in early to watch the match and the missus' go off shopping for a couple of hours. Everyones a winner... well, except the team on the pitch.
  8. The first time my lady wore a Wednesday shirt was *ahem* amazing.
  9. Tip for you though lads, dont search for Hooters images while at work. :st2: Alternatively as it is past 9pm in the UK and you're all probably half-cut in yer pants - google yer boobies off.
  10. Great idea for another t-shirt. Hooters rip off - New York Owls theme.
  11. Surprised to see Prutts and Coke on that list. But maybe DJ knows he aint getting the cash for wholesale changes. At least hose 2 have shown that they can do a back up job that will see us just escape relegation, which I spose is the very least we want to achieve this season.
  12. Haha is that a comment on my missus?! I got the skills that pay the bills mate ;)
  13. Ay up ladies and gents. Just thought I'd pop by and let you know that we have a few t-shirts up for sale. Not in it to make money, all profits are going to a members boozy do at some point, we just thought it would be cool to have people where our logo. Full details and links to the US and UK store are on our site www.newyorkowls.com Cheers chaps!
  14. It's cos they've reached their bandwidth on iTunes mate. You can still listen to it on YouTube and their website. They're trying to fix it though.
  15. Not that im doubting your source but my main source http://www.livesoccertv.com/match/466999/sheffield-wednesday-vs-barnsley/ doesnt have it listed yet. Which channel is it that you saw advertise it?
  16. Thats 2 west coast owls that have come out of the woodwork today. Found a guy in LA on twitter earlier, are you anywhere near there? LA owls would be cool.
  17. Oh no Neil was this an attempt to get a sane thread going after my rant yesterday ?! Sorry I missed it mate! Anyways, I listen to most games on Player (which is way more reliable nowadays) get up at 9.30, get a pot of coffee brewed and listen to the drama unfold while tweeting using a lot of exclamation marks usually. When we're on TV its a slightly different routine as I try to cajole the 30+ members of the New York Owls to join us at The Football Factory bar in midtown manhattan to watch the game together. Think the most we've had down at once was about 13 wednesday fans, but we always pick up some stragglers and friends of friends who are converted by the end of it. Im very optimistic for the season, think we'll push up to mid-table mediocrity, its been a decent transfer window but I reckon a cpl more loans will come in. Very Happy with Lita and Helan, the latter how nice is it to have a loan player who WANTS to play for us and will choose us over a play-off team. Just shows that DJ has cultivated a good team atmosphere. Overall, onwards and upwards, we'll keep the blue flag (here in NYC) flying high!
  18. I want to meet with these guys. I wonder what the convention is? Star Trek?
  19. My contribution from New York. Hope you all had fun, wish I couldve been there it looked banging. I'll be at the watford game next week though :)
  20. Should be a decent group of us down at The Football Factory, NYC for the game tomorrow. I just hope we outnumber the Leeds NYC supporters. Anyways details are over at the blog, hope to see some newbies down there or people on there hollybobs! www.newyorkowls.com
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