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  1. Alright geezers, I wrote a blog about the meet-ups happening for our opening game in the states. We've got em in NYC, New Orleans, DC and Orlando / Tampa. If you're in the area or know of anyone who is tell em to get in touch. http://www.newyorkowls.com/2013/07/american-owls-assemble.html MASSIVE!
  2. Meet ups being arranged in DC, New York and New Orleans for this game now. I'll get details up soon, if you know ppl in the area let them know. MASSIVE.
  3. Confirmation that Bein will be showing it here in the US. Think this means its on the TV channel and not their online service :) http://www.beinsportplay.tv/schedule
  4. What VPN are you guys using and can you just get an online subscription to their online service?
  5. I do like this thread, but feel like theowlsman is having a public mental breakdown with this forced positivity.
  7. If Buxton / Lee and Reda are injured, looks like we're stuck with Palmer at RB and I'd stick Helan at LB with JJ on the LM.
  8. Its a bit concerning that we havent really fielded a proper first team XI in any of our friendlies, due to a mixture of injuries and DJ wanting to trial people. If Reda and Buxton arent fit for Saturday we're gonna struggle to keep QPR's stars out. An injury free ideal first XI for me out of the current team would be Kirkland Buxton Llera Gardner Reda Antonio Maghoma Prutton Helan Niuhu Maguire (gets the nod over Madine as he seems to be a bit more up for it in pre-season and has a better overall game)
  9. Gotta keep Madine. Give him one more year to improve and fight. If he doesnt we'll have to move him on.
  10. Wednesday Player has audio commentary. If you can get the fricking thing working.
  11. Is the beef just because he left them? Or did he say something?
  12. Luis Suarez will have signed for a new club, scored an amazing goal, bit a guy, called someone a n***** and then be put on the transfer list.
  13. THANKS. Your Saturday must be just as active as mine.
  14. Is June Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovis mum? What kind of music does she play?
  15. You need to have the blue stripe on each side of the flag mate otherwise it just looks off centre. I like the striped ones best if you do that.
  16. Just to clarify that link wont work to watch it, that site just tells you what broadcaster is showing it.
  17. Picked up by Setanta Australia now too, so I'd say its pretty much a banker that we'll get a decent stream. http://www.livesoccertv.com/schedules/2013-08-03/
  18. Did you really expect any better from a user named after these?
  19. Quality, hope it comes through and the useless Bein Sports US pick it up here.
  20. If they're well off fans who know how to run a business then yes that is an ideal situation but to restrict it to people that reside in the same country is just no way to run a business!
  21. A bad businessmen is a bad businessmen, what does it have to do with where they come from? We had Dave Allen who was crook! Venkys are useless, but there are useless english club owners too.
  22. Yeah, why open up our arms to all these wealthy milliionaires across the world looking to invest money into our club when we can narrow it down to our tiny little island. While we're at it we should stop signing foreign players too, coming over here stealing our young uns jobs and women. In fact rumble it lets just have an all white, english team and see the trophies and money roll in...
  23. How do you pronounce Dieseruvwe? Is it a bit like Kaiser Soze?
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