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  1. Our James just finished his write up on the Owls Americas site, its a great read go check it out. https://www.owlsamericas.com/single-post/2017/08/03/Steering-Group-Notes
  2. Thanks mate, this is definitely a joint venture though - James Allen, Evan Skilliter, Paul Owen and the supporter group members are all involved heavily. We're gonna make this thing MASSIVE. ;)
  3. Hey everyone, A group of us have been working really hard on this all summer, we're hoping to forge a community inspired by Wednesday across the American continent. Bringing together the existing supporter groups (Brazil, NYC, Toronto, New Orleans, Portland, Florida) and providing help to people who want to start their own. Eventually we hope to have ties with the club to bring more to our members. Read more about us here, sign up to the email if you're interested, or just follow us on social. We'll have stuff for everyone no matter where you live, Opinions
  4. I'd be amazed if its not on iOS or Android for the first game of the season. I was doing promo for them yesterday and they took plenty of shots of me pretending to use it on an iPad and my Mobile. Im gonna look a right c*** if its not now.....
  5. Totally disagree. If a player refuses to play for the club I support I want to know! This was pretty much the good case study for how to deal with with that situation and communicate to your fans too. A lot of props have to go to the chairman and the manager for the way they dealt with this.
  6. I know we all want to move on from this sorry affair but I spent all afternoon writing this so have a read eh? ;) www.premierpunditry.com/2016/08/can-forestieri-win-back-swfc-fans/
  7. Its not free beer for all though, you have to have the hospitality ticket for that. Im in 204 and was really worried about being on the Hull side, so i called Club Wembley and they said dont worry, most of Club Wembley has been taken up by Wednesday fans!
  8. Final meetup in NYC now confirmed and on the site, all the details are here http://www.newyorkowls.com/2016/05/new-york-owls-playoff-final-meet-up-in.html
  9. Hello Owlstalkers! If you or anyone you know are in NYC this weekend tell em to join us at The Football Factory. Also check out the Owls America's Facebook Group for other meetups in North and South America, Details on our blog!
  10. What do those places have in common? There will be at least 1 Wednesday fan in a pub watching the match in each of those places for tomorrows game against Hull. If you're in those areas or any other's in America check out the details on our blog. http://www.newyorkowls.com/2016/02/watch-hull-game-across-america-with-our.html
  11. Ay up, if you live in the US me and the Florida group have a little bet on today to see how many people we can get in NYC vs Tampa. Whoever loses the bet has to put a prize up for grabs. To win the (as yet unannounced) prize you have to live in the US and guess the time of the first goal today against Arsenal. If you havent joined already get on over and join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/OwlsUSA/ You'll also find details of all the meetups for todays game in there too, NYC, New Orleans, and Tampa.
  12. Join the USA Owls facebook group and ask mate. I know a couple of LA fans, not sure about San Fran https://www.facebook.com/groups/OwlsUSA/
  13. You're welcome to your opinion and at least its well written compared to the other moaners on here, but its too early to judge this team at the moment and be talking about being worse off than last year. We might be getting worse results at the moment, but thats due to everyone being new, you cant deny that the players we've brought in are better than who we let go. From what i've watched we have WAY better players than last year, it WILL take time for us to find the right way to play, sure, but for now we've got to be patient. I think Carlos was right by saying judge him and the players i
  14. You expect better than the football being "churned out"?! We're not playing badly, watching the burnley game saturday was mouthwatering at times. We expect better results sure, but if you expect better football i think you're at the wrong club mate! We're a completely new team you cant compare us to last year until they've settled in together like they had.
  15. Tell him to shift his arse. Miss you guys at the Factory, we had Jim down for the first game of the season though, we still got some of the old skool representing!
  16. They do, the rovers nyc lot are good friends of mine. Jay and Steven, tell him to search for NYC Rovers theyve got a massive facebook following and get quite a few down to the bar.
  17. Ay up kids - if you know anyone in NYC, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa or Charleston this Saturday let em know that there's gonna be places open to watch the match with fellow Wednesday fans! Details for all are up on the USA Owls facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/OwlsUSA/events/
  18. Join the USA Owls (and Canada) group and maybe i'll change the name to North America Owls ;) https://www.facebook.com/groups/OwlsUSA/
  19. Ay up lads n lasses, We've just set up a facebook group for all USA (and Canada) Owls, ex pats, Americans, Canadians, people visiting on hollybobs all welcome. Main aim is to just have friendly natter and see if it facilitates more meet ups for games across the country. https://www.facebook.com/groups/OwlsUSA/
  20. Ay up guys we just created this USA owls group, get in there and ask https://www.facebook.com/groups/OwlsUSA/
  21. Definitely one of my favourite players of recent times. Works his socks off, holds the ball up well, shows a bit of unexpected flair and has now started adding goals. It just looks and sounds like he's having a good time at the club too which makes me happy.
  22. Paddy, middle names are easy. Just put where you live in between your nickname and a random animal. eg. Derrick Mexborough Otter Kevin Parkgate Parrot I was just lucky i got Owl as my random animal.
  23. Ay up chaps, we wrote a new blog post about another of the New York Owls american fans, asking them why on earth would you follow a team you can barely watch on TV. Here's Jeff's story. http://www.newyorkowls.com/2014/08/how-did-you-become-sheffield-wednesday.html In case you missed the first one we did back in 2012 on Brian its here too http://www.newyorkowls.com/2012/10/how-did-you-become-sheffield-wednesday.html And while im here may as well plug our meet up on Saturday for the Forest game, 7.15am at the Football Factory, Manhattan. All the details below! https://www.faceboo
  24. There wont be any streams tomorrow. Theyve already got 3 games being shown in the championship across the world. As someone posted above. livesoccertv.com is the bible. If there are no foreign networks showing it, it wont be on a stream.
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