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  1. We just launched our Owls Americas City Reps initiative, over 20 fans across the Americas representing Wednesday. Get in touch if you're in their cities and want to watch the match. If you live in a city in the Americas that's not represented email us at owlsamericas@gmail.com and we'll add you as a rep! More details here. https://www.owlsamericas.com/single-post/2018/02/02/Represent-Sheffield-Wednesday-in-YOUR-City
  2. Ay up everyone, we grabbed Rob O'Neill for a quick chat this week on the podcast and it was great to actually hear his opinion on things rather than just being the commentator. Shared a couple of his highlights as a fan too. You can stream below or download on your podcast apps.
  3. Dont know why we're not on acast, will look into it. You can always listen on soundcloud from the web if its not in the podcast app you use.
  4. Also check the website out if you're ever in the states, we've got groups all over and more coming soon www.owlsamericas.com
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Our new podcast is live now in all good podcast apps or you can stream it on soundcloud below. We've got an interview with James O' Connor, ex Wednesday midlfielder, who won the US 2nd division championship last year with Louisville City.
  6. Tomorrow the Portland Wednesday group have ex Wednesday Academy Manager and current Portland Timbers assistant manager SEAN MCAULEY joining them for the Norwich meet-up! Details here owlsamericas.com/meetups Anyone in the area get down and join them!
  7. 2nd episode is now available on most platforms. Review and Subscribe please chaps. Appreciate your support! This week we review the Bolton debacle, talk to Laura from Phoenix, Evan passionately talks about the move of Columbus Crew, John Harkes returns to DC Utd and I turn the air blue. https://www.owlsamericas.com/podcast
  8. Ay up we're working with this independent artist in NYC on this awesome limited edition tee. Only available throughout October. Delivery available worldwide. UK / EU go here to buy US / Worldwide go here to buy
  9. iTunes is now working kids. Give us a 5 star rating and subscribe here and i'll buy you a hotdog from a stand next time you're in NYC.
  10. I would say yours is a bit like Adam and Joe crossed with the Big Breakfast ;) Kick us in the fanny and we'll open a can o' whup ass on yo *******.
  11. Thanks mate! Would love a shout-out. We're also pimping out our americans for media appearances if you want real-live guest(s) on the pod.
  12. Wow thanks for all the nice feedback guys! Our two hosts are bona-fide americans, and we'll be getting more on throughout the season. We've got an interview with "Brian the USA Owl" who you may have heard call into Football Heaven too. Im an expat, and there will be a few of those on the pod too.
  13. Weird. Are you listening via that stream in the page, or do you mean on itunes? Im on a macbook pro and it's working fine. Try this direct link to soundcloud
  14. Hey Owlstalkers! We've just launched our pilot episode of Owls Americast and would love you to have a listen and give us feedback. Be kind, its our first episode and we're gonna have new guests and get better and better every week. Check out the spiel on the website for more info about what we're doing and how to listen. (We're aware of some issues on itunes, but you can listen to it, if you follow the instructions below). https://www.owlsamericas.com/single-post/2017/10/12/Introducing-Owls-Americast-A-Sheffield-Wednesday-Podcast-with-an-American-Accent Much
  15. Ay up chaps and chapettes! We're giving away a pair of Semedo's match worn boots and shirt over on Owls Americas. Enter via our site here https://www.owlsamericas.com/single-post/2017/09/18/Win-Jose-Semedos-Signed-Shirt-and-Boots
  16. Chicago and Sao Paolo just confirmed meet-ups for Notts Forest tomorrow - details here https://www.owlsamericas.com/meetups
  17. We've just published all our group meet-ups happening across the Americas for this month and this weekend is looking like it will be the biggest weekend yet. San Francisco, NYC, New Orleans, Portland, Buenos Aires and more will be getting together. If you're based in the Americas and want to join one of our groups or start your own get in touch. https://www.owlsamericas.com/single-post/2017/09/06/Watch-Sheffield-Wednesday-Across-the-Americas-this-September---Meet-ups
  18. Yup, we'll be at Legends, Football Factory see you down there mate!
  19. I thought they are showing EFL Cup games, just not FA Cup. Where did you hear this?
  20. If you're talking about illegal streams I imagine they will be much more readily available yes.
  21. Bein has all the Sky Championship games + 1 3pm game not on Sky every week. Now ESPN will take over that. Im personally over the moon cos Bein didnt know their arse from their elbow.
  22. Our James just finished his write up on the Owls Americas site, its a great read go check it out. https://www.owlsamericas.com/single-post/2017/08/03/Steering-Group-Notes
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