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  1. Hey guys, we're absolutely chuffed to bring you this hour long chat with John Harkes. He was bloody lovely. If you like it please subscribe on your podcast apps, youtube, spotify etc, spread the word and we'll try and bring you more content like this. UTO!
  2. Ay up Owlstalkers! If you, or anyone you know are in NYC, LA, San Fran, New Orleans, Portland, Charleston OR Orlando this Friday tell them to join us at one of our bars! All the details are in this little blog. Also, we've got a new episode of the podcast out and it has reviews of the Villa game and a chat with the NY Villa leader about how poo they are, plus we give our american fan from Charleston his full podcast debut. Check it out in your podcast app of choice or have a gander below,
  3. Hey everyone, Owls Americas is growing across the states and this weekend we will have seven places across the country that will show our game. Please come out and support us if you're nearby, we need to show the new bars especially that if they put Wednesday on, they'll get customers! Details below and on our facebook page SEP22 VEGAS Meetup - Villa v SWFC Sat 07:00 PDT · by Owls Americas Crown & Anchor Pub Las Vegas, NV More SEP22 San Francisco Meetup - Villa V SWFC Sat 07:00 PDT · by Owls Americas Kezar Pub San Francisco, CA More SEP22 Charleston Meetup - Villa V SWFC Tomorrow 10:00 · by Owls Americas Madra Rua Irish Pub - Summerville Summerville, SC More SEP22 NYC Meetup - Villa v SWFC Tomorrow 10:00 · by Owls Americas Football Factory New York, NY More SEP22 Orlando Meetup - Villa v SWFC Tomorrow 10:00 · Robbie Kennerney is going Harp and Celt Irish Pub and Restaurant Orlando, FL More SEP22 New Orleans Meet Up: Aston Villa vs Wednesday LIVE! Sat 09:00 CDT · by Owls Americas Finn McCool's Irish Pub New Orleans, LA More SEP22 Portland Meetup - Villa V SWFC Sat 07:00 PDT · by Owls Americas Toffee Club Portland, OR
  4. Ay up chaps and chapettes. We turn the tables on Rob Staton this week on the Owls Americast and ask him some questions for a change. He was a proper gent and it was nice to get to know more about the voice we've heard on Radio Sheffield over the past 7 years before he buggers off. There was a bit of sound issues in the middle, but stick with it, it clears up. Interview starts around 33mins in if you want to skip to it, but before that is a review of Reading and the end of the loan window business :)
  5. Great news for fans in New England, Orlando, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Midwest and the Pacific Northwest - Owls Americas is turning your states and cities blue and white. First Boston meetup is happening tomorrow and more will follow. Details are on our site here. Plus the latest (drunken) podcast is live covering our past few games. Can be found in most good podcast apps or stream here!
  6. Clearly its the goal vs Preston too, not Norwich. It wont let me edit the OP :(
  7. Thanks to everyone who voted in the Owls Americas goal of the season competition. We had loads of votes but the clear winner, with over half of all votes is..... Atdhe Nuhiu vs Norwich Reach vs Villa came in 2nd place, with Forestieri vs Reading in 3rd. You can watch all the nominees below. We talk about the goal of the season and some of our favorite moments of the past year on the latest Owls Americast podcast which you can listen to below. Thanks for supporting Owls Americas in our first year, we're still aiming to make The Wednesday MASSIVE over here and hope to get more groups and fans formed in time for next season. Follow us on socials below and check out the podcast over the summer as we replay our interviews with American fans from our first season, there's also something in the works with a special guest which you wont want to miss. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. www.owlsamericas.com
  8. We had that in our initial top 9, but it didnt get enough votes to make the top 3 im afraid. LAST DAY FOR VOTES TODAY. Vote on the www.owlsamericas.com homepage by 10pm EST and we'll announce the winner on this weeks podcast (which we have a VERY special guest for).
  9. Thanks for all your votes last week, we counted em all up and these were the top 3. Place your final vote for a winner at www.owlsamericas.com
  10. The Owls Americas team have put together some of our favorite goals of the season but we want you guys to pick your best one. Comment on our Youtube video below (or our Facebook / Twitter) with your favorite and we'll publish the top 3 next week. We'll do another vote and then announce your winner at the end of the season.
  11. Some people are saying this is our best episode yet (genuinely! two people said that!) so if you haven't checked it out this week is a good one to try. Still not convinced? Here's a daft song about a squirrel and Sheffield Wednesday.
  12. I think Evan did a good job this week at convincing his missus to let him get an Atty tattoo (a Tatty?) - have a listen at this clip from this weeks Owls Americast, if you like you can download the full thing from your usual podcast apps or go here for options www.owlsamericas.com/podcast.
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