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  1. We must have best three GKs in this league.. When next ten are in same league.,. Watch us soar !!!
  2. Buttercup is a waste of a shirt - Jones less so... but remember how how many thirds we have on the pitch. We'll be reyt next year - long as we avoid pub leage.
  3. Nope not new here - watch a lot and sigh at poo that is slung at fellow owls - and put me £ in to ST for 20 yrs. Agree it can be entertaining - but also embarrassing at times - keyboards can be poor excuses for guff. love Wednesday - don't much like arses that that chuck at each other - but guess that's ok now... We'll be ok - n I'll be here til I die.
  4. Yep it does - prem team - v us at moment. We did well to put 11 out - new gaffer, U23's who've done nowt - and now 19 players out - what the feck do we expect ! All gutted - but we go again - as long as we keep out of pub league. UTO FTB
  5. No !! Take youre opps when they come - just like the clown has....keep the faith.
  6. Goodness me. - we all follow same team n say stuff like this to each other ?!?! Crap season - as kept gaffer season too long - will go again next season ! Get a grip....
  7. We have third choic players in this team - are you lot for real ?!
  8. I reckon Spain... That MMT sponsor board - is MMT Insurance - Spanish insurance company...guess who they sponsor.... Real Madrid.....but also Zamora FC..!...real name [pardon the pun] This could be the swap that Semedo has been working on for the last few years...
  9. Really liked him trying to hear pigs plans for the free kick....winds em up. And i thought any hands up to a player was booking or red - he had it done to him two or three times in full view - and got nowt. He blows hot n cold for me - and i do give him stick - but made a difference last night.
  10. It will come... He has spent months having his natural game drilled out of him - and his best 'foil' was swapped for a bag of poo from Derby. We can't let him be one of the numerous players that have come to us with ability that we craved when signing them - only to fail here, and then pick it up again after a move out.
  11. He is a best a back-up, squad player. He isn't a specialist full back or wing back - and will only ever - imho - be a gap filler...a body when needed. His body language has been as bad as Fox in recent games - and that is saying something. So without having a go a the lad - he' gets most praise cos of where he's from; not cos of his ability or potential. As for captain material - not sure what he's ever done to remotely be mentioned alongside that word. Since Hull the two key positions for me have been RB & LB - we haven't covered either with top 2 class or experience.
  12. Look on the bright side - at least he could talk to Loovens and Van Ark in their mother tongue...
  13. I think you're expressing what a number of us feel...royal. I can remember walking up Herries Rd as it all went pear shaped in late 90's with Gerald et al...thinking why do we put ourselves through this - and this feels exactly the same. ST with me isn't going Fri - and can;t give it away - can't believe it's gone as sour as this. Dean Smith for me. UTO
  14. ...perhaps a song variation could help....? First post - so be gentle - and for context....first match 80/81, first ST 87/88 & current ST holder. The song: Carlos had a dream, to build a football team, It started great, but now its not very good, We build from the back, but then don't attack, We're sorry Carlos, its time for the sack, der de, der de, der de... (repeat until all ground comfortable singing it..) UTO
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