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  1. I think we will bounce back against Huddersfield and get a good away win, to many supporters moaning about Carlos, but we played against a quality side in Brighton, Everyone will lose some games this season, I still think we will finish top 6 1 Newcastle Utd P 2 Norwich City P 3 Sheffield Wednesday Play off Winners 2017 4 Brighton 5 Bristol City 6 Huddersfield Town
  2. I would have started with Abdi Forestieri Hunt Dont agree with Palmer
  3. Like I always say, I take a win and a clean sheet, never happens
  4. 2-0 Don't care who scores, just as long we win all are home games
  5. Just wanna win and a clean sheet maybe fletcher to score 2 or 3
  6. I would love a Wednesday win as always and another clean sheet, but i just hope the fernando saga does not have affect on the team. come on the owls 2-0 fletcher lee to score
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