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  1. Don’t know why you all waste your time. It will be 3-5-2 regardless of what you all want. I’m not a huge fan of the formation but it’s better than 4-4-2 which is a formation that is crap in modern football as you get over run in midfield. 4-3-3 or a diamond is the way to go but Monk won’t do it so pointless wasting my breath.
  2. I’ve been saying all this for a year but got hammered on here. Dawson and Wildsmith are both garbage, especially Dawson. Westwood is still our best keeper by a mile.
  3. I don’t get this love in with Matt Penney. I see a player who runs about a lot but whose crossing is generally poor and who has poor positional sense. He played well against League 2 Walsall but was poor in the league games. I know Reach isn’t exactly amazing but his crossing ability is miles better than Penney.
  4. Absolutely garbage! I’ve tried hard to give Monk a chance this year but the last two starting line ups and performances have been appalling! Reach is pathetic!
  5. Totally poo starting eleven again. Really getting sick of Monk again!
  6. Maybe so but he’s more suited than Borner. Probably won’t be in the side anyway when Iorfa, Dunkley and Lees are fit!
  7. Agree with the sentiment but van Aken was nowhere near as bad as you are making out.
  8. Don’t bother defending him. He does it every time!!
  9. Dawson 4 he’s awful. Sick of saying it. Shocking technique Odubajo 4 never play him as a centre back again. He’s awful there Flint 7 did ok. Solid van Aken 7 did well and some decent passing Harris 6 one excellent cross for the goal gets him an extra point but Henry had him in his pocket Bannan 5 quiet tonight Hunt 4 woeful. I’ve said time and again that I like him but he’s nowhere near ready Reach 4 back to powder puff rubbish Paterson 7 though he did well. Almost seemed to be playing in the Brown role which is weird. Great header for the goal
  10. We battled but just weren’t good enough. Wonder if we’d have had a better chance with Iorfa, Luongo and Brown in? Think we may have got a point.
  11. Think we have to accept the fact that Brentford are just miles better than us. Toney up front is quality! Be over the moon with a point.
  12. Bloody Moses! He just can’t defend in the area. Desperately need Iorfa back!
  13. Brilliant cross and a better header from Paterson. Get in!!
  14. And yet again, Dawson with his poor technique costs us again!
  15. Anyone have a clue what the formation is? I can’t work this out. Luongo is a MASSIVE miss!
  16. I like to judge this on positions. Keeper: same No change to the personnel and Westwood still ridiculously expelled. Not good enough options but the same as last season centre back: Much stronger Flint is a superb signing and I think Dunkley will be too in The long run. We only lost the invisible Bates and Fox who would have been at cb this season who I don’t rate anyway. Also van Aken has come back slightly better too. Midfield: stronger We’ve replaced an aging Lee with Dele- Bashiru who could be a star. Hutch has also
  17. Not good enough anymore unfortunately. I agree with the sentiments that he is of course still better than Pelupessy!
  18. Dawson 6 did ok. Nothing to do really Odubajo 7 solid and decent going forward Flint 9 outstanding first performance. He’s perfect for us Van Aken 8 had a great game. What a brilliant block at the end Harris 7 at full back? Wow. Stick to his task admirably Luongo 8 outstanding. Been out player of the season so far Bannan 7.5 did well but quieter than usual. Great penalty Reach 7. Decent game. Worked hard and should have scored Kachunga 5 thought he was the one blot on the performance. Really struggled I thought Windass 7.5 very good. Harries an
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