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  1. I loved Degryse. Couldn’t believe we sold him after only one season.
  2. Dawson Hendon Carr Maddix Beswetherick PS: Ok maybe not Dawson...Adamson?
  3. Good point but I’m color blind so you can cut me a bit of slack for a spinster I think? It’s not like the beastly red that the pigs where that anyone can see!!
  4. Needs to play every game from now till end of season. Use him in front of Bannan and Luongo with Nando out left.
  5. I thought he cost us 2/2.5 million??
  6. Very true. I had no problem with selling him at the time. What I had a problem with was the fee. Didn’t we lose more than a million on him?
  7. I agree to some extent. However, when I saw Hunt back at Hillsborough this season with Bristol City, he was truly the worst player on the pitch.
  8. It’s easy to pick. Just put the 1991/1992 team in and we’re done!
  9. flipping hell...Fredrick Nielsen? That’s a ridiculous choice!!
  10. All brilliant. Possibly Hirst’s v Villa is the best
  11. I’ll never forget that one. Knew we were down when the full time whistle went.
  12. Andy Pearce. He genuinely looked like he wanted to break your legs!
  13. No he’s like Barry Bannan. Not Bannon.
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