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  1. Moore is useless! Would have been better keeping Thompson in charge. Penney is crap. Why take our best player off? Total prat!
  2. To be fair to the lad, he hasn’t once played in his best position, right wing. Have to agree that he has been bobbar though!
  3. Doesn’t take away the problem of us having crap full backs. It’s also the most boring formation in world football!!
  4. Oh I agree but the options are pathetic. Rhodes and who though? Penney and Reach can’t be anywhere near the team
  5. This formation that Moore played on Wednesday cost us the game in my opinion. We are so poor that the players have been drilled into one system ( by the useless Monk) and that’s all we can play. It should be 3-5-2 but it will be 4-2-3-1 and we’ll get battered because we have the worst full backs and goalkeeper in the league. However, this is what I’d try Wonky Wildsmith Urhoghide Lees Dunkley Borner Hutchinson Shaw Kachunga Bannan Harris Paterson
  6. Really wish the rest of our season was canceled
  7. For the first time in my life, I don’t care. Going out instead.
  8. Ok. I’m not getting involved in this again. We’ll just beg to differ.
  9. Yep he makes van Aken look like Roberto Carlos!
  10. I’ve finally calmed down from the other night but having watched Brown’s corner, it’s about the same level as my 9 year old son. Totally embarrassing. What actually wee wees me off more is Shaw, Marriott and Harris. With time up on the clock Shaw and Marriott should have killed their lad on the touch line even if they got carded. Then Harris is one on one. Take the lad out. It’s the last kick of the game FFS! Look at what Brentford did to us last week. We are ******* and it costs us time and again and as a result we will be relegated!
  11. He’ll fit into Moore’s formation perfectly. Much better than playing Windass there out of position!
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