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  1. Meggo is awful mate. Turgid football and he couldn’t even get us out of League 1. He left and one of the worst managers we’ve ever had in Dave Jones did that for us. Meggo is a dinosaur who if he wasn’t an Owl wouldn’t be given the time of day on here. Holloway getting Blackpool up and almost keeping them there far outweighs what Meggo has done in football. Plus he’s a miserable bar steward unlike Holloway who has an amazing personality. I for one know which one I’d prefer.
  2. I’m pretty sure Odubajo is going to play at left back so I doubt one is on the radar.
  3. I gave you a plus mate. Just felt the negs were unfair.
  4. So we don’t want experienced Championship managers such as Monk, Rowett or Holloway but some of you want Thierry Henry whose one managerial job at Monaco was a total disaster? I honestly think some of our fans are from another planet at times!!
  5. Drama queen!! Listen, I don’t want Pulis either. He would be extremely low on my list of managers. But to say ‘he’d lose the fanbase’ Is ridiculous. We aren’t Newcastle....we would support the team whatever.
  6. Holloway took bloody Blackpool up. Much harder!
  7. What’s Gary Megson done? Absolutely nothing yet some idiots want him too. Would take Holloway over Meggo any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  8. JP doing well?? At what? Running around like a headless chuck!!
  9. I’ve just seen Chris Coleman is now second favorite. I’m starting to come round to this idea. Remember, this is the man who took Wales to the semi finals of the Euros.
  10. No, there was never a cult. It’s one guy with 20 different user names.
  11. I know but I just don’t get why we haven’t had an official announcement.
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