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  1. Totally disagree but I guess I’m on my own here. I can see what people are saying but for me, the back three needs to be our experienced players. The rest of the team can be rotated I think but with no Lees or Iorfa we’ll get hammered. It could have an effect on morale. Need to try to win
  2. We’ll get battered if that’s the defence
  3. Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Pelupessy Hunt Penney Dele-Bashiru Kachunga Reach Subs: Dawson Odubajo Shaw Harris Bannan Rhodes Adedoyin A mixture of youth and first team. I want to see how our back three play together because I still have doubts about van Aken. Also no way would I risk players who’ve had injury problems over the last year or two such as van Aken, Luongo, and Brown. Windass is too important to risk as well.
  4. Penney doesn’t look ready to me yet. Still seems very naive so by default it has to be Palmer on the right and Harris on the left. While I get the OP’s points about Harris I still think he’s worth playing. His work rate is so good and he’s also switched on defensively as with the two excellent clearances yesterday. He also stretches defence a due to his outstanding pace. To be honest, I think I can put up with the odd poor cross because overall he’s a decent Championship wing back.
  5. I thought it was a stonewall penalty when watching live but not so sure now. My 8 year old says he thinks it wasn’t a foul and he loves Wednesday so maybe not.
  6. You obviously didn’t. Penney is not good enough...yet. He’s got good energy and he CAN whip a good ball in like against Walsall. However, every ball in today hit the first man. Very poor which is why he was replaced, Monk even suggested as much. Harris also wasn’t exactly great going forward but he saved us twice after the two Dawson saves as they would have been easy tap ins. I guarantee, Penney wouldn’t have been there. Not aware enough.
  7. Why? We are clearly a team that suits playing away from home. I reckon we’ll get far more points away this season
  8. Even Lees said he hit the post in his interview. Accept you are wrong! It happens to even the best of us. Lol
  9. Penney was worse than Harris. Can’t cross at all
  10. Borner is a better defender 100%. However, van Aken is probably better suited to the back three. I was impressed with Joost last week and first half today against Murray. He struggled a bit after that and some of his clearance out for corners were school boy level.
  11. Totally agree. Was the worst of our 3 defenders by a mile today.
  12. Dawson 7 too decent saves but should be getting stronger hands on them. Saved by Harris both times Iorfa 7 solid. Missed a good chance Lees 8 outstanding. -1 as he should have scored van Aken 6 ok but Borner is better Harris 7 defensively excellent. Not great going forward Penney 5 struggled and poor crossing Luongo 8 battled brilliantly Bannan 6 not his kind of game Brown 7 outstanding first half but not great in the second. Poor header at the end Windass 7 worked hard, great block and should have had a penalty Rhodes 6 worked hard Palmer 6 Kachunga 5 struggled Reach 6 Take a point all day long. Desperately need a big centre forward.
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