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  1. Loovens will play against us soon if he signs for the mackems!!
  2. Kagoshimaowl

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    If we withdraw the offer, we don’t get any compensation right??
  3. Kagoshimaowl

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    Two totally different players. How exactly would they ‘compete’ for a place?
  4. Kagoshimaowl

    Squad Numbers!!!!!!!

    Only three changes to the squad numbers. I’m in shock. They usually change shed loads.
  5. Stupid question!! Westwood every day of the week and twice on Saturdays!!
  6. Difference is all the others were tactical except Rhodes who was just poo !!
  7. Better younger goalkeepers? You’re having a tin bath path. Westwood is still by FAR the best goalie we have!
  8. Kagoshimaowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Then give Borukov a run out. I’d much rather we brought in wing backs and a centre back with what little money there may be available
  9. Kagoshimaowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Did ok for Jos last season when given a chance.
  10. Kagoshimaowl

    Wing Backs

    Maybe Byram and Malone could be available for loan? Maybe that’s what we are waiting for!!
  11. You do realize that isn’t humanly possible, right??
  12. Kagoshimaowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I’d be happy with this. A striking pool of Forestieri, Nuhiu, Joao, Hooper, Winnall and Matias is pretty damn good if you ask me. Hope we can get a fee too.
  13. Kagoshimaowl

    Jack Baldwin

  14. Kagoshimaowl

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    So you won’t be worried by going into the season with Baker and Palmer?? Now that is ridiculous! I’m fine with giving Baker a chance as back up and I did not write him off like you incorrectly suggested. However, as a pair, they simply aren’t good enough.
  15. Kagoshimaowl

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Huge mistake letting Hunt leave. We have 3 right backs and he is far better than Palmer and Baker, plus less than 2 million is rubbish. Very poor Jos!!