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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I yearn for the good old days too. Doesn’t change the fact that Liam Shaw was a moron to do that tackle in the year 2020!
  2. 100% red card. Don’t see how anyone can see it any other way.
  3. Van Aken- correct decision Lees- correct decision Harris- harsh Windass- correct decision Shaw- correct decision No we aren’t being persecuted against.
  4. It wasn’t grim under Monk? Jesus, what were you watching??
  5. Because we had ten men in two of them and Monk has no plan B. We’d have been pummeled!
  6. We’d have got 0 points under Monk in these 4 games. Go shove your stats up your arris!!
  7. Outstanding gutsy display. I honestly think we may have done it with eleven men. Terrible goal to concede though. Wildsmith 8 outstanding especially one save. Could he do more for their goal? Palmer 4 got ripped a new one Lees 6 ok but gives away dumb free kicks. Third game in a row. Borner 8 warrior Van Aken 6 meh Harris 5 felt sorry for him Bannan 5 poor Luongo 7 battled away. Silly booking that will cost us against Norwich Shaw 1 total prat! Complete moron. Fine him and throw him back in the under 23’s Reach 6 great cross and battled
  8. Absolutely superb in the second half to a man. We were very lucky as they had three penalty shouts. 1. Odubajo tackle- probably a pen 2. Reach handball- definitely a pen 3. Kachunga tackle- excellent decision but god knows how he saw their lad pulling him Get a decent striker in and we may just be ok. We’d have been thumped in that game with Monk in charge!
  9. Are you for real? Can’t you see the studs up there? On top of that, this doesn’t show the follow through which was shocking. 100% red under the rules these days! Personally I hate the rules. In the old days it probably isn’t even a foul but the game has changed. Anyone saying that isn’t a red card needs to take off their blue tinted glasses!!
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