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  1. Are you out of your mind? We have only one actual winger in the squad and that’s Reach. We need at least 6-7 players with TWO of them being wingers!!
  2. Charlie Austin is absolutely brilliant at this level. He would be a fantastic signing. However, with our money issues I’d only do it if we offload two from Winnall, Rhodes and Forestieri/Joao.
  3. Absolute nonsense! I live in Kagoshima, Japan and have done for 18 years. While Wednesday are my only true love ( in the footballing sense of course) I am also a Kagoshima United supporter. I was over the moon when we got promoted last season. Wednesday are more important but I most definitely support two teams!
  4. Odubajo can play in either full back position and on the wing. I think you’ll be surprised.
  5. I don’t want to lose Nando but for 14 million I’d personally come back from Japan to drive him there myself regardless of the fact it’s to the pigs!!
  6. Totally disagree but even so, Palmer will get the first few games to stake a claim with big Dom suspended.
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