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  1. Was still the right decision regardless of everything else
  2. I never want to see his smug shitty face at Hillsborough again!!!
  3. Both are so bad that I will consider not watching next season. A goalkeeper is an ABSOLUTE MUST if we want to get out of that awful league!
  4. I think we’ve got this almost perfect. Only Urhoghide deserved the new offer. Personally I’d have let Hunt go as well though.
  5. I’m still not clear on the rules but you’re right on the first part as it’s under 21’s not 20’s so our young uns plus Bashiru don’t count.
  6. You do all realize that we are only allowed to register 21 players over the age of 20 in League 1 right? We’ll be lucky if we get 5 new players in after all those in contract and the u23 squad who have resigned are counted up.
  7. Really? Dunkley’s no Beckenbaur but he’s better than Lees with the ball. Tom Lees absolutely shats his pants when the ball is at his feet. I can smell it here in Japan!
  8. All true mate but you’ve admitted yourself that they are better than the players they replaced. At the end of the day, you can’t polish a turd can you!
  9. Maybe so but more to the fact we’ve had so many managers and injuries. I’m talking about last season just as much as this one anyway
  10. Good riddance. One of the worst centre backs I’ve ever seen in a Wednesday shirt.
  11. So we didn’t improve when Westy and Hutch played? Are your eyes painted on?
  12. Totally overrated. Our fans go totally overboard and act like school girls meeting a Hollywood actor when we get someone coming through the ranks to the point where it’s actually embarrassing. The same has happened in the last two seasons as well. Both Hunt and Shaw are crap yet get seen as messiahs on here. I just don’t get it.
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