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  1. I’m certainly not under his spell as you put it. He was sacked at the right time or if anything too late. However, he was nowhere near as poor as some on here are making out.
  2. I’m not saying you are wrong mate. However, that first season was sublime and the second season we were pretty close too. Save the hatred for really crap managers like Wilson, Yorath, Jewell, Irvine et al.
  3. I find the Carlis hatred on here weird. We were ONE game away from going up in a season where we played the best football I’ve seen since the mid 90’s and in a season where some pundits predicted us for the drop. Yes, it went south after that but I will never hate him for that season that he gave us. Weird really as Megson is treated like a god in here, yet that was in a lower division and he didn’t get us promoted either.
  4. Kagoshimaowl

    Onomah And Reach.

    Disagree. Reach is a very flexible player and is very fit. I think Reach will start on the wing for either Matias or Joao with Onomah in the middle. Jos likes a bit of rotation. In the long term though, you may well be right.
  5. Kagoshimaowl

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    Thought it was dumb myself. Could have cost us a point
  6. I meant isn’t a winger. He can play there but his best position is centre mid. Doesn’t matter now though as I look a right tvvat!!
  7. Apart from the fact he is at a winger!!
  8. Kagoshimaowl

    Matt Penney

    He got totally done by Ince for their first goal but I thought he was superb after that. Just wish there was another decent left back at the club which would allow him to be rested every so often without weakening the team.
  9. Kagoshimaowl

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    Dom obviously knows what he’s talking about then!
  10. Kagoshimaowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Gave you a thumbs up. Agree with most of what u are saying. A bit hard on Reach though imo.
  11. Kagoshimaowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 6 Palmer 6 Lees 6 Thorniley 6 Penney 8 Pelupessy 4 Bannan 9 Reach 5 Matias 6 Joao 8 Fletcher 6 Nuhiu 7 Onomah 6 Hector N/A A great fight back after such a bad start. Bananas was immense and that goal just topped it off. Joao was everywhere and Penney recovered from his mistake for the first goal to have an outstanding game. It’s also an excellent finish byMatias. He’s so calm one on one. Negatives. I think Jos has done a lot of good things since he’s been here but the decisions to playDawson and Pelupessy are beyond me. There is no way Dawson is better than Westy. A good shot stopper but slow and cumbersome at times with awful distribution. Pelupessy who I praised against Reading was back to his awful worst. The amount of times he gave the ball away and lost one on one battles was ridiculous. One decent tackle all game to set up the Reach chance and that was it. Hutch is miles better although obviously that wasn’t an option today. All in all, happy with a point today against a very strong side. UTO
  12. Kagoshimaowl

    Stoke were quite good

    Spot on matey. They were excellent, although maybe a bit shaky at the back. Great fight back. Definitely a point won and not two lost and I don’t say that about home games very often.
  13. Ryan Woods is an AMAZING footballer! Superb player
  14. I’m baffled as to what Jos sees in Joey. I know Hutch is unavailable today but surely he’s a better option.
  15. Pelupessy is crap! End of story.