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  1. I’m sure it was said that his English is actually quite poor. You do a actually need good language skills to be captain nowadays because of all the stuff they do off the pitch. I guess you could have a club captain and a field captain though.
  2. Helps I’d they can speak the effin language though! FFS!
  3. Better than Monk! His first season was the best football I’ve seen Wednesday play since our Premier League days. Unfortunately he lost the plot against Udders and it went downhill from there!
  4. Except for Fletcher the rest can go for me. I’d only keep Dawson and Fox if they sign this week or they can be flogged to the highest bidder too. Also maybe Hutch because I think he said he had another year on the radio a few weeks ago.
  5. No he should stay. I’d be tempted to have him as an option at cb rather than midfield though. Cash in on Iorfa if we get offered silly money or sell Lees and Hutch can move back. He’s an excellent defender
  6. Hutch was the only decent outfield player in Saturday’s debacle
  7. I get the idea but you’d more than likely concede. Maybe try it if winning 2-0 or something
  8. Yeah exactly what I thought! I’ve said a thousand times that I think Westwood is a better keeper but that Dawson deserves the shirt right now. Not a vendetta at all, I’m actually supporting the lad!
  9. I don’t rate him, doesn’t mean I have an agenda against him. However, I can understand why it looks like that. To be fair I was so angry when scoring them, they are lucky they didn’t all get 1/10!!
  10. Not quite sure what you mean. Didn’t say anything about the second goal, did I? I also gave him the highest marks of any player. Yes, I would leave him out for the cup. Would like to see what Wildsmith can do. Most teams do this in cups, not sure why it means I have an ‘agenda’.
  11. Dawson 5 awful for first. 2 good saves Urhoghide 1 not even Sunday League standard Iorfa 3 bambi Borner 2 shocking Fox 3 this is the lad I remember Bannan 4 marked out of game Lee 3 past it Luongo 0 idiot Murphy 2 abysmal Reach 3 Winnall -1 what’s the point on his own Nuhiu 3 at least tried to foul Hutch 5 ran around Lees 3 poo with ball at feet One of the worst performances I’ve ever seen. Keep Iorfa and Bannan in and change the other 9 for next game
  12. Good save by Dawson that then...straight back into bloody play!!
  13. Not sure I see the difference. In some ways you get a better view on the screen than you do at the ground. Really wish I could watch live though before anyone starts!!
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