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  1. Van Aken and Penney are both out for the season. Been mentioned on NUMEROUS occasions.
  2. I think 5 wins and a draw may be enough as long as four of the wins are against Villa, Bristol, Preston and Forest.
  3. Harsh on Winnall mate. He had a good opening 30 minutes I thought. Agree that he struggled after that.
  4. Westwood 7 Iorfa 8 Lees 7 Hector 7 Palmer 7 Hutchinson 6 Bannan 9 Reach 7 Aarons 6 Winnall 6 Fletcher 7 Pelupessy 6 Nuhiu 7 Matias 6 Started like a house on fire and I thought we were going to batter them. They have a good front two in Dack and Graham and their movement caused us some problems today but we defended pretty well overall. Iorfa is a total beast. An amazing cross for the first goal and another good finish. The idiots who slagged him need to take a long hard look. Yes he’s raw, and ungainly but he’s solid defensively and causes mayhem when attacking. A very good modern day speedy full back in my opinion. Bannan’s deliveries were different gravy today too. Winnall started well but was blowing out of his arse after 40 minutes. He’ll come good I think. Even the useless Pelupessy was ok. Take the break, we need it with the injuries, then let’s give it one last go in the last 8 games!! Come on Wednesday!!
  5. Amazingly I don’t think we played particularly well after the first 30 minutes but it’s another 3 points in the bag! Well done lads!!
  6. I’m ok with not playing Nuhiu mate. It’s the change of formation I’m against. Winnall for Nuhiu but if he’s not fit to start, go for Matias with the SAME formation.
  7. Great to hear Lucas might not be out as long as we thought.
  8. Totally disagree. The only tweaks we have done is two strikers or a number 10 in behind a striker. Your suggestion is a completely different formation which in my humble is totally ludicrous!
  9. So you change a formation that we have played for 9 games and haven’t lost with? Just let that sink in....
  10. Bet you weren’t saying that after his 14 goals last season which kept us up.
  11. A massive loss. He gives us something totally different!
  12. Agreed. Hope Winnall is ready though. Two week break after this one remember!!
  13. I totally and utterly disagree. His DEFENDING is excellent. He rarely gets beaten and often makes up for positional sense problems with his pace. He has made some good forward runs too since he came in the side. What about his excellent run and through ball for Winnall’s disallowed goal at Derby? I’ll give you the throw in problem but on top of the fact that’s he’s got us two points from his goals as well, he’s doing pretty well in my book.
  14. Can’t believe some of the low scores for Iorfa in here. Watch Ameobi running at him in the last ten minutes and how he just bounces off big Dom who comes away with the ball. He’s fast, strong as an ox and has given us an extra dimension on set plays. I personally don’t give a crap if he occasionally gives the ball away or takes poor throw ins. He is everything you want in a DEFENDER!!
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