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  1. Kagoshimaowl

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    How many times?? Megson FAILED in the Pub League!! FFS!!
  2. Kagoshimaowl

    BCFC U18s 0 v 3 SWFC U18s

    It’s probably a load of rounduns and this O’Brien lad does nowt!!! Just kidding, really like these reports
  3. Why would Japanese or Chinese players come in when he’s half Indonesian? Very strange comments
  4. Kagoshimaowl


    You sure?? Says who?
  5. Kagoshimaowl

    The 'pen'

    Duffy the short beast was clever. He dangled his leg which made it look like numpty Fox caught him. Not a penalty but would have looked like one from the referees position. Can see why it was given,
  6. Kagoshimaowl

    All the Dawson haters

    Dawso better than Westwood. I’ll have some of what you’re on pal!, Ha ha ha ha ha!
  7. Kagoshimaowl

    All the Dawson haters

    He was excellent tonight. Good on him. Doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t a patch on Westwood!,
  8. Kagoshimaowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    I’ve never seen anyone quote themselves before...
  9. Kagoshimaowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    Really? You’re happy with that? Yes, the boys fought until the bitter end but they should be doing that every game. The tactics were appalling. Defend deep and no pace or creativity to break which is why the ball kept coming back. Felt sorry for Fletcher tonight. Yes, defensively we were excellent but we created only one chance from a set play all game. Still not good enough and still Jos out for me!
  10. Kagoshimaowl


    That performance made Jos look even more of an idiot than normal for dropping him last week,
  11. Kagoshimaowl

    Man of the match

    Dawson 8 Baker 5. Not good enough Lees 7 Hector 8 immense Thorniley 7 Fox 7 should have scored though Pelupessy 7 Bannan 6 Penney 5 totally lost in midfield Reach 5 was he on the pitch Fletcher 6 Matias 7 Fortunate to get a point. Defended really well but it was embarrassing at times the gulf in the two teams(granted we are missing a lot of players). Still Jos out for me
  12. Defensively we have done well in that first half. Too much space behind Baker though which we need to stop. Problem is when we go one down, and we will, it’s all over. Well done Dawson too. I’ve slagged him this season but that was a superb penalty save after a total dive!
  13. Anyone got a decent stream?
  14. Penney in midfield again. Jos, PLEASE just go for the love of God!
  15. Kagoshimaowl

    Forestieri screamer

    He said a premonition not a bleeding pipe dream!