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  1. Da Cruz has done more in sub appearances than Rhodes has. No doubt about it. For me though I’d put Reach on the left and put Harris up front with Wickham.
  2. It says it all that Da Cruz has done more than Rhodes as I don’t rate Da Cruz either. id be tempted to start Reach at LWB and try Harris with Wickham.
  3. Wildsmith 6 beaten at near post Palmer 6 did ok Iorfa 7 some good tackles Odubajo 5 so hard to score. Did some good things but three moments of lunacy, one which gave away the penalty and the other almost a goal. Murphy 7 great but faded last 20 minutes Bannan 6 shackled Luongo 5 not his usual self tonight Reach 5 couldn’t get in game Harris 7 played well and unlucky with shot that hit the post Rhodes 5 (sigh) Wickham 8 good performance. Unlucky not to score Da Cruz 6.5 start instead of Rhodes on Sunday Lee 6 Nuhiu 6 Hunt 6 Dont think we actually played that bad. Feel if we could have got in front we may have actually won as we’d have had more space down the sides. Was impressed with West Brom. They weren’t anything special but clinical finishing and cynical fouls to break up our play. Wish we were more like this!
  4. Playing really well but a total moment of madness from Odubajo again. Shame because he’s actually had a good game.
  5. I think there may be 2 changes. Lee rested and Rhodes out. Think Reach and Da Cruz will start.
  6. What and Monk does have the pedigree? Do me a favor!!
  7. Hopefully it means we never see Calamity Cam in the shirt again unless for a cup tie.
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