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  1. Ore ga Suiyoubi Hito Desu

    The way you've worded the title is slightly strange but love the sentiment. WAWAW
  2. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    Cos he's better than Jones. Quite simple really mate. Even if you don't play him in midfield I'd drop Lees and play him at centre half.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    Think it's time for Joao to get a start with Hooper
  4. Calling Brian Clifford

    Hi Brian here. Sorry don't remember much about it. Alzheimers and all.
  5. Penalty

    Yes I know the rule. Just don't think it's right when it's blatant like that!
  6. Jeffers played for England. Rhodes had to defect to Scotland and still can't get in their squad or ours. Jeffers played loads of games in the Premier...Jordan hasn't. Jeffers was crap for us but he wasn't as bad as some make out before his injuries
  7. Yes. I've seen on-legged dogs run faster!!!
  8. Penalty

    Not including that one. Open goal at the back post, misses the target. Header when if he's gone with his foot he'd av scored and the one across the keeper from a Reach cross. Granted the last one was tough but he simply isn't good enough. Nuhiu would be getting murdered on here if he was missing chances like these!
  9. Penalty

    I agree. We lost because our 10 million striker has three chances all inside the 6 yard box and misses all three! VVank goalkeeping and defending didn't help either!
  10. Penalty

    Just watched it again. Seems a stone wall penalty to me. Just don't get it!
  11. Wildsmith

    Totally and utterly agree. Dawson isnetter
  12. Penalty

    Also, when Morais handled Rhodes shot that should have been a penalty and down to ten men. Yes Lee scored after that but they still had 11 men. I'm not sure this rule is fair...
  13. Penalty

    Was it a penalty? I was watching on iFollow and I was already celebrating a forgone conclusion then to my horror I see Lee and Hooper get booked. Now, I know Lee sometimes 'goes to ground easily ' but I don't think he's a diver at all. Others opinions??
  14. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    I too think Carlos has to go now. Alnwuck was superb for them though. It seemed a definite penalty too but would need to see a replay.
  15. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Hope he's ok but not a loss from a football point of view