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  1. We are fooked. The EFL hate us. I expect us to be chucked out of the league. Chansiri you really have screwed this one up!
  2. Kieran Lee was an outstanding player two years ago. Unfortunately he isn’t half the player now. Was pleased with part of his performance on Saturday and he got an assist for the goal. However, his performances this season have generally been pants. Fact!
  3. You just answered your own question. Harris and Reach as wing backs is the most ridiculous suggestion I’ve ever seen.
  4. How about expecting your defender to actually follow his attacker in. Look at Fox’s reaction. He knows Westwood saved his blushes. Unfortunate what happened next but I still feel it would have been given as a foul if Nuhiu had gone in on their keeper like that.
  5. How you can give someone a zero who pulled off a second world class save in consecutive home games shows what a tool you are. Yes, Westwood made a mistake for the first today but all keepers do. Without him we’d have got 0 points from the last 3 games.
  6. Westwood 6 hard to score. Pulled off a worldy, at least half to blame for the first goal and at faiult for the third if it wasn’t a foul. Weird game. Palmer 5 I prefer him at lb Iorfa 8 still a beast Lees 7 did ok but Borner is better. Lees will either be in the bench or Iorfa will end up at rb to accommodate him. Fox 6 same as Westwood. Partly to blame for the first and I believe he has lost his man on the corner. However, a great finish for the goal and one excellent sliding tackle which stopped one Murphy 6 better but should have scored at least once and loses the ball too much for my liking Bannan 7 did well Lee 6 good going forward but is too lightweight to play as a two in the middle Harris 6 does he need a rest? Been poor now for 4 games. Did make the Murphy chance though Nuhiu 8 why he was taken off, I have no idea. Poor decision Fletcher 7 unlucky not to score Forestieri 7 much better. Has to start the next game Reach 8 not on long but was excellent. This is the Reach I want to watch Rhodes 6 first 3 touches were appalling but better after that and got an assist for the Fox goal I think How the hell we only got a point I don’t know. Should have been 3 up before they scored. Then to go up in injury time and not win was a sickener. Surely that was a foul on Westwood though for the second one?
  7. I actually thought today was his worst in weeks. Him and Westwood were totally at fault for the goal and he went to pieces a bit after that. However, the thing I like about Fox is he’s a grafter and a brilliant sliding tackle which could have saved us a goal brought his confidence back. Loved his celebration in injury time too.
  8. Such a fantastic start. Can’t believe we are losing. Absolutely appalling by both Westwood and Fox for the goal both in the corner conceded and the goal itself. Poor from Westy but how the hell Fox doesn’t clear that I have no idea. Lee having a mare too
  9. No Hutch, Fessi or Borner in the starting line up. May as well go to bed now!
  10. Can see what you’re saying but unfortunately neither Winnall or Rhodes are good enough
  11. Think Monk has just said Luongo isn’t fit. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Reach Hutchinson Bannan Harris Forestieri Fletcher Subs Dawson, Odubajo, Pelupessy, Lee, Murphy, Nuhiu, Winnall Let Harris, Reach and Fessi change positions throughout the game. Let’s get at that from the off!
  12. I never ever want to see him playing for the first 11 again. One of the WORST signings in our history when you consider the cost.
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