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  1. Thought we played well today. Hit the woodwork too and had one cleared off the line. Deserved at least a point ESPECIALLY as the ref was bent! In deep do doo though now as we are edging towards the drop!
  2. Brilliant mate. Not the football talk but the stuff about your missus had me in stitches!!
  3. Poo! Forgot about Matias! Is that the 16 then??
  4. I don't get this 16 injured. Westwood, Palmer, Lees, van Aken, Thorniley, Hutch, Bannan, Lee, Forestieri, Fletcher, Abdi, Hooper. That is 12. Jos was suggesting that Joao was injured too, but that's still only 13. Even if you include Rhodes, who I thought was fine and Winnall who is technically our player on that list, it's still not 16.
  5. Go and support someone else then! Why support something or someone who are bullies?
  6. Still doesn't explain why we didn't start with a striker on the damn pitch. Do feel sorry for him after listening to that though
  7. Glenn loovens please retire

    Have to love the poo Loovens gets. He's been a colossus for us. Yes he's struggling this season but the mistakes that cost us last night were made by Fox and Venancio not marking on the first goal and s pathetic attempt at a sliding tackle by Thorniley. Not saying he played well but the last night was not his fault
  8. Encouraging news about JT

    I agree it was a pathetic challenge but this is a bit out of order mate. You don't stay down and go unconscious with no contact.
  9. The facts post Millwall

    It's not about the best 11. I'm fine with rotating with a small squad but the way he rotates is ridiculous. Leaving out the best players from previous games and playing no strikers! Poor man management and quite frankly dumb.
  10. Pelupessy

    Okay smarty pants!
  11. Resting players

    Sorry but this is all a load of bull!! Sure, rest a few players. I would have rested the 30 year olds who played on Saturday: Boyd, Wallace and Pudil but wait, who did he rest? Sean Clare and Joao! Two players who played a grand total of ten minutes between them on Saturday. Jos hasn't got a clue!!
  12. Few things we learnt tonight

    Boyd has to be left wing back. Personally I'd play Reach there but Jos has no idea.
  13. Few things we learnt tonight

    Agreed with all of that except that Thorniley was also garbage today. His fault for the goal and managed to injure himself with a crap slide tackle. Hope he gets well soon, of course.
  14. Jos post-match interview

    Just listened and I'm still angry. Jos talked borrocks! Joao should have started and Nuhiu should have replaced him off the bench. Then if Joao is knackered for Saturday, Rhodes can start as he's probably fit. It's gonads and I'm worried we have a manager who is out of his depth.
  15. Stobbs

    Stobbs struggled badly, but then again he isn't a centre forward! Jos to blame!