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  1. Yes on a 4-4-2. 4-3-3 is the best formation for us, just need to get the best players for the formation.
  2. We’d get battered with this. Harris and Reach can’t defend. You do realize that especially away from home they would be wing backs who are mainly defending in this formation, right??
  3. Which part of necessity did you not understand? Also all your suggestions are right footed players. Left footed players NEVER play on the right. Left footed players have no choice but to play on the left.
  4. It’s called necessity, as they don’t have the option.
  5. Absolute codswollip! Lees and Borner should start every game. If Lees is not available then Bates plays and if Borner is not available Thorniley plays. Never ever play a left footed cb on the right side of a defence. Asking for trouble!
  6. Depends on the formation for me. If we stick with 4-3-3 he may well end up in the bench
  7. How can Pelupessy be worth more than Harris? How can Reach be worth less than what we paid for him? Ridiculous article!!
  8. 1. Bannan 2. Reach 3. Forestieri 4. Lee Amazing what a difference 2 years makes. Would have been very different 2 years ago!
  9. Very true but I believe Borner isn’t one of these players. Heard he can’t speak a lick!
  10. Glad you guys aren’t our manager. You’d give it to a guy who can’t even speak English? Brilliant decision....
  11. 4-3-3 is the way to go. We’d have beaten QPR if we’d played it in my opinion as we’d have got Harris against Rangel one on one on a regular basis. Shame Bullen was tactically awful in that game. For me the only problem we are having is a lack of support for Fletcher from midfield. Hutch and Bannan are fine in the deeper roles as I suspect Luongo will be too in time. Either Reach or Lee need to really step up their game to try and support Fletch. Can’t go with two up top anyway as the options are poor. Nuhiu is too similar to Fletch, Nando is suspended for 6 games and Rhodes and Winnall are poo. In an idea world, we’d have got 5 million for these two and kept Joao but I guess beggars can’t be choosers!
  12. And yet you’re obsessed with Megson who isn’t exactly a ‘looker’. Weird just weird...
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