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  1. I understand why people want Jos gone, and I agree that it would be best if he went. But no matter the manager the underlying problems are still there. I fear that the focus is on the manager and the reel problems won’t get answered, especially if jos goes before the meeting. I’ve worked at a company where really talented managers have failed, moved to another company and succeeded. The difference between the companies was the ownership, direction and culture. Feels a bit like we all put our pitch forks down once the manager has gone and think everything will be ok.
  2. No it won’t be ok, as it will just paper over the real problems.
  3. Kenilworth Owl

    We need to forget the Chairmans plan

    A plan would normally involve a strategy, with a number actions to deliver the intended result (promotion) I see no plan
  4. Kenilworth Owl

    The Money's got to come from Us

    We keep paying more to compensate for poor business practice? This carries on and we just continue to pay? How is it other teams manage and we can’t, where is the external commercial investment, rather than a made up drinks and taxi company?
  5. I can't see it as just bad luck that we have all these injuries...
  6. The more I read, the more I think we are just funding DC’s gamble to get in the prem. He gets the financial rewards once there, not us
  7. Kenilworth Owl


    Both look terrible and poor quality to me. DC gone in house or just to a cheaper supplier, either way the end game is a poorer quality product and increased profit
  8. Kenilworth Owl

    Huddersfield deserved to win

    Good luck to Huddersfield, they deserved it
  9. Kenilworth Owl

    Next season

    Exactly! We should remember we're not man utd. Thankfully WAWAW
  10. Kenilworth Owl

    Pubs for QPR

    Straight into Mabel's from train near Euston
  11. Kenilworth Owl

    Tube closers for QPR away

    Hammersmith line open, without having to change
  12. Kenilworth Owl

    Scenes at half time

  13. Ripping catering signs down with army of people filming on phones. Junior stone island troops