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  1. Away shirts

    I like both especially the away kit, more gold than yellow surely ? Seems I'm in the minority according to Owlstalk...which means it'll break records sales wise. Owlstalk, the voice of our fan base
  2. Dingle derby ont telly

    Not on TV and only available to IFollow customers overseas.
  3. If we were winning games and sat in the top 6 playing good football and our Megastore was packed with quality items that people could afford, almost all the hysteria around the club would disappear.....simple int it.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Or page 6....
  5. If not Carlos Carvalhal, Who?

    I'd break the bank to get Mick McCarthy in. Having said that, we still have a coach and I'll support him while he's in charge.
  6. Short list

    CC End of thread
  7. The question is not why we signed him but Who signed him ?
  8. Had a quick scan and didnt see another thread, do I have to sit on the naughty step or maybe get a good thrashing with the headmasters cane now ? My humblist apologies mein fuhrer.
  9. My feeling is that CC has to add a bit of pace to the team, Joao is a bit hit and miss (Nice Pun) but is our only option, Derby are not a great team but they are improving and I think we'll be under the cosh for most of the match which will mean us playing 10 yards deeper and so looking to catch them on the break, Joao has that extra accelleration which could be effective if he gets his timing right. Another big factor could be the return of Glen Loovens, Van Aken looks a good prospect but Loovens' experience and the partnership that he and Lees have maybe a big factor in how our season pans out.
  10. I'm sick to death of all the negativity thats floating around and I havnt seen a thread for Saturdays match against Derby County. Here's my 18. Back to basics.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Westwood/Wildsmith~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Loovens~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lees~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hunt~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pudil ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hutchinson~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bannan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reach ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Joao~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hooper~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subs Wildsmith/Dawson Palmer Van Aken Jones Wallace Matias Fletcher We all need a result on saturday whether you're for CC or not. Derby 1 v 3 The Wednesday (Joao 2, Bannan)
  11. I've said it many times that CC has very little input as to who we sign which explains some of the duff signings we've made. If CC does finally bite the bullet it makes you wonder who would come in and work under these restrainsts. Ths is only my humble opinion and is probably a work of fiction ?
  12. I watched most of the Scotland game because I refuse to watch England whilst ever the FA appoint a proper manager and not a yes man office junior. Bannan looked a little bit lost in the first half if I'm honest, 2nd half was much, much better and by the end end of the game he was bossing the midfield. Just my opinion.....we all have one.
  13. 2 Positions in Jan.....

    I'd bring George Friend in from Boro, him and Reach on the left would be immense. And along with many others a pacy winger who works his arse off and can cross a ball.....whats Antonio doing at the minute