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  1. There are plenty of foreign door mats for DC to employ, that's the way he will go IMO.
  2. He's not failed at Hillsborough though has he ?
  3. Hi Lawrie. tricks is magic, abracadabra.
  4. I'd take him above, Cook, Coleman or The Cowleys. He could have a big influence regarding loan signings which is all any incoming manager will have to work with, at least in this window.
  5. The oversea's managers are used to working as a coach with all the decisions made by their chairman, but that doesn't always work out as a bad thing, Carlos being an example for us. Thing is, there is always five Jos Luhukay's for every one Carlos. There are four names that look a decent option for DC to take IMO, René Weiler (Young Coach but experiened with a great win %) , Domenec Torrent (A couple of blips on his record but has also been at some big clubs as a coach and also has a good win %), Bruno Lage (Our old coach under CC, inexperienced but managed Benfica s
  6. I'll stick my neck out and say that there will be no Nigel Pearson nor Paul Cook. DC will be looking to employ a foreign coach IMO, Jemez, Weiler, Morais to name a few will be the ones that are on his radar and more likely appointments than a British candidate.
  7. If this is accurate then good luck to him, he definitely was not my choice, I would have gone for Mick McCarthy or chosen the overseas coach route, with Rene Weiler . Time will only tell if he becomes another who ends up on the scrap heap like so many before him or someone who can work with our beloved chairman and maybe reignite the heart of our club and take us forward because that's the only direction we can afford to go at this present time.
  8. Got a good history, but he's no Big Mick
  9. I sat in the north stand (Lane End) against Man Utd in the 3-3 draw, the one where Waddle had Giggs on his arse. United had taken over that end of the stand unknown to us, and me and my best mate had tickets right in the middle of them, suffice to say there were a few words exchanged, I don't think they were happy chappies when we went 3 up but took great pleasure in letting us know score what the score was at FT when Wednesday had ....well done a Wednesday.
  10. I would love it if he came to Hillsborough, wanted him for years. Proper manager.
  11. I think that most of us have come to the conclusion that we're not an attractive pull any more, we've accepted the fact that there is'nt a queue of quality coaches/managers lining up to take on the job (contrary to what some may say). It's pot luck time, will we win the lottery this time? I'm close to not caring..........only close though.
  12. Would'nt be my first choice TBH. I'd like Eddie Howe but I definitely don't want Paul Cook.
  13. -Chansiri is a totally different entity. He's a chairmen that dosen't act like or resemble a chairman. Paul Cook is a man with opinions, the two don't mix I'm afraid. Tim Walter or Domènec Torrent are of a type that we can expect which like I said may not be a bad thing.
  14. Overjoyed if Cook goes somewhere else, if he came here there would be another manager/chairman "situation" and it'll be groundhog day, We will end up with a foreign "yes man"
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