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  1. or 4-4-2, Monk's preferred formstion ------------------------------------------------Westwood------------------------------------------ -------------------------------Hutchinson-----------------------Borner-------------------------- Iorfa----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Palmer -----------------------------Lee-----------------------------------Bannan------------------------ Harris--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reach -----------------------------------Fletcher---------------Winall--------------------------------- or 3 at the back maybe ------------------------------------------------Westwood------------------------------------------ ---------------------------Iorfa-----------------Hutch---------------------Borner--------------- Palmer-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reach ----------------------------------------Lee-----------------Bannan------------------------------- Harris---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Murphy -----------------------------------------------------Fletcher---------------------------------------------
  2. ------------------------------------------------Westwood------------------------------------------ -------------------------Iorfa/Lees--------------------------------------Borner-------------------- Odubajo-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Palmer -----------------------------Lee-----------------Bannan----------------Luongo--------------------- Harris-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reach -----------------------------------------------------Fletcher---------------------------------------------
  3. Quite happy with Lee Bullen as were most of our bipolar supporters on certain weeks, will Monk be here at the end of the season......IMO , no.
  4. Not sure about your reasons but totally agree with the thread title, shocking appointment and will be surprised if he's still here in January. Just my opinion, hope I'm made to eat my words, we'll see.
  5. Would have all them (Except McLaren) instead of Monk. If Monk is announced this afternoon it will be a massively underwhelming appointment, I'd rather us stick with Lee Bullen. 7 weeks and we've ended up here FFS !!
  6. Please no ! Give me Bullen everyday of the week. Besides, it's the bookies trying to lure punters in, a new favourite every couple of days, they don't have a clue as is shown in the last few weeks.
  7. Each to their own I suppose, some want pretty football some want a possession based team, some like the long ball and then there's high pressing game, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 5-3-2, 3-5-2, 5-4-1 etc...wing backs full backs, box to boxes, players in the hole or down the flanks or even in the channels,, its all b0II0cks really because It all comes down to one thing in the end and that's WINNING when we're winning we're happy, anyone who says different needs there bumps felt. Just saying
  8. SB left to manage his boyhood club, Premier League football, better financial clout with a massive potential. LB is doing a good job ATM so why change things, they may have an agreement in place that they will review the situation after a certain amount of games or a certain date. Too many bv115h1t conspiracy theories on here at present, FFS just enjoy supporting the club and leave the running of the club to the man in charge, he's made a few mistakes but is doing fine.
  9. Perfect game to shake things up a bit tonight.
  10. Crystal ball? Tarot cards? A Medium? Time traveller?...........are you Doctor Who? Did Billie Piper do a turn? Seriously, how can anyone make a statement like that and not be in charge or be one of the above?
  11. DC needs to appoint LB now and then bring in a experienced assistant to work along side him, he can then work with no uncertainty, knowing he has the confidence and the backing of the chairman. Yes, he's a novice and will make mistakes but he come's across as someone who will learn from them rather than panicking and losing the plot. He bleeds Blue and white and although this is not essential it's not a bad thing to have, is it? As fans we can do one of two things, we can get on his back, post ridiculous remarks on social media and be negative or we can roll with the punches , deal with the losses without throwing our toys out of the pram and back him and the players he selects and plays 100%. There has been some p1ss' poor names linked with the job and the one that most wanted (Hughton) did'nt want the job, the rest (Van Bronkhorst, Allardyce etc..) are way out of our league and would be beyond our financial clout. Stability, continuity and unity is the only way to go IMHO.
  12. Don't get ideas, I have it copyrighted.
  13. Watch out for the Fannies lol

  14. I draw £110 if Rowett gets the job but £330 If Ian Holloway is installed but I'd willingly give it up for us to have a successful season with Lee Bullen at the helm. PS - Look out, look out there's Fannies about
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