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  1. Shirts

    Its a total clusterfook, I doubt this has ever happened to another club in recent years, having said that, its only a shirt, they'll be here at some point in various sizes and I'm guessing that they'll be no less in price than last years, lets enjoy the football until they arrive.
  2. Far too intellectual for Owlstalk mate
  3. There will be no trouble in the ground, maybe the odd confontation outside the ground and possibly trouble in and around the pubs. Their numbers are few which means the proper SUFC fans have the majority of the tickets. Lets hope we can concentrate to matters on the pitch, I have a feeling that things will be a little bit firey with cards of both colours flying around.
  4. Honest opinion on the derby

    Don't worry I have a grip....chill out !
  5. Wonder if the 1st delivery will include any 3rd kit shirts ??
  6. Honest opinion on the derby

    On paper we have the stonger of the two sides but derbies are a bit of a leveler so I think it could be a pretty close encounter. If we have our negative tactics on show then we play straight in to their hands, I just hope we can play with a little more freedom and attack for 90 minutes instead of getting the 1st goal and slowing the tempo to invite them on. 1 -1 scoreline...............hope to fooock i'm wrong.
  7. Sheffield United at home

    Too many as per usual. It's a police state ah tell thee!

    It still surprises me that people are surprised that DC is the one buying our players, I have no doubt that CC has an input but the final word is DC's.
  9. I stand corrected BUT in the last 3 years Hooper has scored approx 38 goals, he left Celtic in 2013, Winall has 50+ to his name. Look, we all veiw things differently, if we didnt then it would be a very boring life, we all have our favourite players and players that we think should do better. I was disappointed that Winall was let go, I think given a decent run in the team he would score as many if not more than any other striker we have, we'll never find out. Lets hope he does terribly at Derby and he dosnt come back and bite us on the bum .
  10. Firstly he spends more time on the treatment table than on the pitch. Secondly I just don't see this dynamic link player that some do, for me he dosnt contribute enough, he goes missing in matches. And thirdly, I think if you look at the stats Winall has a better goals to games ratio over the last 3 years. Just my opinion for what it's worth, that's what football is all about after all.