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  1. Bullen did nowt wrong today (Although I would have gone with Odubajo and not Iorfa). Bad finishing and Millwall parking the bus are the reasons we lost today, 5h1t happens, we move on.
  2. Come on Mr Chansiri, get him appointed now.
  3. Just promote from within and then fill their vacancies.
  4. My heart says Bazza should be back in but my head says never change a winning team unless forced to do so, So drop Dawson/Westwood and play goalie wag, Millwall won't penetrate us anyway so we won't need a goalie
  5. I'd take a point but our style is made for away games so 3 points isn't out of the question.
  6. He seems to have a new lease of life, Looks fitter, faster, eager, I bet he's covering 50% more ground than in previous seasons....would be interesting to see the stats
  7. I think that as an institution SYP were found culpable on that awful day and the scar is still open which rebounds back on the club, just my opinion which I'm entitled too, their attitude towards policing football in sheffied is one of over compensating and going overboard.
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