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  1. Ran out of petrol (Mates car) on a dual carriageway nearing Croydon on the way to Palace in the early 90's (Season when we finished 3rd), Palace fan stopped for us and and took me to a petrol station, he even supplied the can then took me back to the stranded Vaulxhall Chevette (Again, mates car lol) and advised us which pubs to go in, top bloke for a palace fan.
  2. Not my choice but I'll give him the rest of the season and the summer transfer window to impress. I don't expect him to keep us up but I hope he is shrewd with the signings he makes and gets us playing on the front foot as we did last Monday.
  3. Unfortunately there are no tests for stupidity or pigheadedness.(Is that a word ? if not it should be !)
  4. We've had a crap 20 odd years and there's not been too many ups, the word "Legend" is used far too much in football so I'll say that Lee Bullen is the closest we've come to a legend over the last two decades.
  5. ----------------------------------------------------Westwood----------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------Lees-------------Hutchinson--------Brennan------------------------------------ Urhoghide------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Galvin ____________________________Bannan________Shaw_______________________________ ___________Harris________________________________________________Green__________ ________________________________
  6. Technically very good but it would be a big drop for him which may mess with his head, he's a confidence player and it would certainly be knocked coming to this c1usterf00k.
  7. Based on the quality of the players that appeared for us today and in fact this season I really don't agree, we're going down with a whimper.
  8. Pelupessy is alright he's just no good at football but even he outshone Bannan, Reach, Windass, Palmer, and Marriott, sorry if I missed anyone that deserved a mention. And while I'm on one, MR DC you need to get your £1000000 back for that pitch.......or get the resources to maintain it !
  9. IMO the only way to improve the 1st team is to bring a few young'uns through, players like Galvin, Rice, Brennan, Preston, Waldock, Hagan and Adedoyin from the U23's. Get them some game time ready for League One and lets be honest our joke of a 1st team can't get much worse, I'm not suggesting throwing them all in at once but shoe horn them in gradually. With almost all our squad out of contract in the summer Darren Moore (If he's still in charge.....debatable) is going to have to rebuild with not a lot of cash I would imagine . We always go down the older
  10. I'd be surprised if there was'nt. Club in turmoil and the lions are circling.
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS 100%^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'll wish the guy luck as I do with all our new managers (Maybe not all). He's got a F0ok1ng big job on trying to make our squad competitive and an even bigger job teaching Joey how to play football.
  12. Had Sky since about 1993ish, where ever I've lived I've put a dish up so It'll be sky for me.
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