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  1. No recognized striker, none of his three January signings AND Pelupessy.......scratching my head as to what Monk is trying to do. Win, lose or draw today the guy needs to go before he is allowed to do any more damage.
  2. Skybet are not quoting Us or Derby for relegation
  3. Bullen would do a far better job than the clown we have now.
  4. He's got to go. I said when we were managerless , "please not Monk" We have the players but a totally inept manager.
  5. -----------------------------------------------Dawson------------------------------------------ ---------------------Iorfa---------------------Borner---------------------Lees---------------- Palmer--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fox --------------------------------Bannan-------------------Luongo---------------------------- ----------------Da Cruz-------------------------------------------------------Fessi------------ ---------------------------------------------Wickham--------------------------------------------
  6. A proven goalscorer at Championship level would do for starters but then I was very happy when we signed Jordan Rhodes (Like 99% of us) so nothing is set in stone, even Wickham would come with questions over fitness but I would take him over Da Cruz every day of the week.
  7. underwhelmed, unexcited, just like when they gave Monk the job. I hope my pessimism is proved wrong.
  8. Mine went purple......and I mean the silk scarf before anyone starts.
  9. They were advised to do so by SAG/SYP..........so I heard.
  10. This is Owlstalk, it's par for the course.
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This 100%^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I was going to post a similar topic but you've saved me the bother, word for word I totally agree and don't get me started on the Borner situation, complete farce.
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