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  1. My first Wednesday manager, what a legend. RIP Big Jack
  2. Still mathematically possible Yes Very doubtful but not an impossibility
  3. IMO the Championship is by far the most competitive and equally matched league in Europe but that is mainly because of the pull of the PL, if finishing 3rd and losing the play-offs or finishing 7th and missing out of the play-offs by goal difference/1pt floats your boat then i'm jumping ship. The PL is the place to be and its been 20 years too long, i'm 51 next month and have been fortunate to see us being more than competetive in the top division , I've since had one 1 heart attack (2 stents fitted) and have diabetes and Bi-polar and i'm wondering if we'll get there before my final whistle blows. I hope we do so our younger fans can experience the ride.
  4. Great shout, Monk out, McCarthy in, would 100% love that !
  5. 50 years old, born an Owl....it's like banging your head on a brick wall repeatedly, thinking ,why, why, why...... 21 to be exact
  6. I think we're going to get shafted, 21 point deduction with other sanctions on top. and yes i'm a "glass is half empty" kinda guy.
  7. Can't really think of hero's ATM, I'm just hoping we don't go completely down the toilet. Our best players not signing contracts and departing a sinking ship, promising talent released without giving them a chance, a totally inept manager, a chairman that makes so many bad decisions, our transfer policy is absolutely d0gsh1te AND our future is in the hands of the EFL. Can't think of an hero............we could make a massive cake shaped like a massive football
  8. How old is Jack Stobbs ? He seems to have been in the youth set up for years and years
  9. The U18s/23s will all be our new squad. We DO have a pot to p1ss in but the EFL won't let us use it.
  10. The only way that any action will end early is if the EFL have dropped all actions against the respective clubs.
  11. It is a contract extension, players perogative ? We all know we're in the poo , don't see the point of a statement till he knows how deep the poo is, that's all i'm trying to say. With Fletcher and Fox reportedly on the move there's no reading between the lines really.
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