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  1. Nailed on a Rotherham win maybe 4....no 5 nil, Hirst to get 4 and an own goal from Joey "OMG Where's Bannan" Pelupessy.
  2. Can't get rid of Bazza, who would Pelupessy make his 3 yard backward passes too ? It really would fooook his game up.....
  3. Can't really remember the 70's but I love this picture...
  4. ^^This^^ Palmer was a no brainer and god only knows what Borner has done to p155 Monk off. We have a manager that has no idea ( how many times have we said that in the last 20 years?) I really can't get behind the man but I am behind the team even though that is getting harder by the minute.
  5. He's gone from an attacking, forward thinking player to a nervous, negative player, the amount of times he played the ball backwards when he could have either run with the ball or made a forward pass was astounding, I was probably watching a different match.
  6. Adam Reach Joey Pelupessy Jordan Rhodes Three names that are just not good enough, I think whatever happened to Rhodes has now been passed on to Reach, they've both just lost it. In Pelupessy's case, he's never had it to lose. Terrible player IMO. I know we have injuries ATM but a manager has to have a plan for all eventualities, if these 3 are his go to guys then I'm afraid it's going to be an even longer season than we were looking forward too.
  7. I opened this thread thinking someone's girlfriend/wife had had a change of mind in the bedroom department... Was I the only one ??
  8. No expectations where Wednesday are concerned. 40 years in and that only gets stronger by the year, expect nowt and be happy with what you may get. Then again, I AM a miserable old barsteward.
  9. AND he will fail I'm afraid, P155 poor manager.
  10. Not the first Jack Marriot we've had....,
  11. As much as we love Bazza and he does add something to the team I would be tempted to take a decent offer for him. The last couple of years he's had to adapt his game, going from a fantastic forward thinking midfielder to a slightly negative back pass, square ball player. No fault of his own, he's now too good to be effective in our current team, playing in CC's team he was dynamic and played some quality forward passes to players who would make the runs for him to pick out, he still has this ability but unfortunately he's now playing with inferior players, so he's less
  12. It'll soon be one up, one down, no play-offs. The ruling bodies of OUR beloved sport are all aimed at making money and not interested in the common supporter and it stinks to high heaven IMHO.
  13. I fell in love with the game (and Wednesday) 40+ years ago not the politics.
  14. Sick of all the bullshite TBH, Football is on its arse, the game is dying.
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