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  1. The word legend gets used far too much these days in football speak and LB is definitely not one but he is the closest thing that we have had in the last 20 years. If our current squad applied the same determination and fight that Bullen had when he played, i'm sure we'd be in a far better state than what we are now. Any one doubting his commitment and application must have a screw loose.
  2. paddyowl

    Alan wheen

    Fly High Big Man !!! RIP.
  3. paddyowl

    Big Viv Anderson - 40 years on

    Ffffffforty years ago, ffffffffffffookin hell.
  4. paddyowl

    Happy 60th Bob Bolder!

    My 1st Wednesday Keeper, Signed from Dover.
  5. An experienced CB and two proper wing backs would be exceptional.......but we are Sheffield Wednesday so prepare for nowt.
  6. paddyowl

    Hillsborough 1969

    The year of my birth.....it were a good'un. Dont remember this match though
  7. SAG would just label it an offensive weapon and confiscate it.
  8. paddyowl

    If Hunt leaves....

    Hunt leaving finances signing Venancio, who by all accounts is our top summer target. Anyone expecting top signings is seriously deluded, more departures to come. U18's/19's/23's to fill the void and reduce the wage bill. It's a strange situation to be in, loadsa money but we're unable to spend it........
  9. Backed Germany @ 5/1, easy money
  10. I have 400+ autographs from days gone by, players that have played for us going back as far as the 20s/30s, most are signed pics/photos/. I have all but one of the 1935 cup winners just missing Jack Palethorpe.
  11. paddyowl

    The 1990's Forestieri

    Not fit to scratch Benni's left b0110ck I'm afraid
  12. paddyowl

    Happy Birthday TC.

    He was half way through his time at Hillsborough when I started following the Owls, one of my favorite every Wednesday players, a total maverick and a bloody great player. Happy Birthday TC !
  13. My spelling may be wubbish but my take on make believe is not.
  14. Theres no place for religion in a logical intellegent society.
  15. Surely if a coach has players or a team in our case with confidence issues it's the coach's job to instill it, no good giving the same answers in the pressies. If he can't then he's in the wrong job. He's an alien in the championship ATM and needs to wise up sharpish. All the players that are injured are slowly filtering back into the first team but they all need a month or so to get up to speed so we can't bargain on them making a massive difference. What scares me is Jos has a certain way of playing, defend first, and wer're conceding for fun. Speaking of confidence lifting, where's our chairman, not heard a peep recently, makes you wonder if he's got bored ??