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  1. We're in the third trimester and therefore have to balance the books to satisfy FFP, a £15million shortfall has been mooted, who knows but whatever we still have to find some cash. Selling the ground to DC's family would be ideal but would that be legal ? Expecting players to leave and being put under transfer embargo, no idea about points deduction.
  2. I think it's going to be a case of if the right offer comes in then we sell any player, as for the out of contract players, I don't know how we stand resigning them within the whole FFP rules and regulations. One thing is for sure, we need to raise funds to satisfy FFP initially before building/dismantling the squad.
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------Westwood--------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------Lees---------------Hector----------------------------------------- ----------Iorfa---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lazaar ---------------------------------------Hutchinson------------------------Bannan------------------------------------ -----------Matias---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Forestieri --------------------------------------------Fletcher--------------------Hooper----------------------------------------- Subs Wildsmith Palmer Aarons Boyd Nuihu Winall Joao 3-2 Wednesday (Hooper 2, Matias)
  4. It baffles me how some think we are in a position to sign a ex England international who will be on a fortune at Chelsea. We'll be lucky if we can sign players at all if we don't go up, it'll be a selling start to the summer (3 or 4 of our better players out) and when if at all we satisfy FFP we'll be left with the dregs who are still available. Don't get me wrong , I think Steve Bruce is the man to take us forward but he's going to have to shop at Lidl not Waitrose for the time being.
  5. Add to that , that when we arrive back in the Premier League and a new purpose built stadium is planned it would /should be a smooth transaction when selling Hillsborough. Just my opinion, I'll get the tin hat out...
  6. If allowed by FFP then its a great idea providing its sold to DC or his family. It would get us out of the mire at the end of the season or whenever the accounts are released (Providing they have not already and I missed it)
  7. Just goes to show how reading the question properly give you a better chance of a correct answer
  8. God is a Wednesdayite cus of the clouds and sky etc.. He supposedly made man in his own image, so all who dwell on earth are Wednesdayites. Fact......
  9. I used my free £5 weekly bet for us to finish in top six @ 100/1 a few weeks ago, nowt to lose.
  10. This is Owlstalk.............where molehills and mountains are plenty.
  11. I dont consider the words 'go for it' connected with 'ultra defensive' and as for Pelupessy, hes very limited and shouldnt get a look in if Sammy stays fit.
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