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  1. God is a Wednesdayite cus of the clouds and sky etc.. He supposedly made man in his own image, so all who dwell on earth are Wednesdayites. Fact......
  2. paddyowl

    Good odds?

    5h1t.........I may cash out
  3. paddyowl

    Good odds?

    I used my free £5 weekly bet for us to finish in top six @ 100/1 a few weeks ago, nowt to lose.
  4. paddyowl

    Danny Murphy

    This is Owlstalk.............where molehills and mountains are plenty.
  5. paddyowl

    Bruce’s instructions from here

    I dont consider the words 'go for it' connected with 'ultra defensive' and as for Pelupessy, hes very limited and shouldnt get a look in if Sammy stays fit.
  6. paddyowl

    Bruce’s instructions from here

    Go for it, 5h1t or bust, all in, nowt to lose, points wise its doable, welcome to Hillsborough Stevie baby !!!
  7. Goosebumps, spine tingling, hair stood up on the back of my neck and even my eyes welling up. Fantastic effort !!
  8. paddyowl

    Hull City goal

    He's only made 5 or 6 goal certainties though...........................apparently.
  9. 100% agree mate but your words of wisdom are totally lost on 95% of posters on here.
  10. paddyowl

    IF..You were selling the club...

    If you were selling us, would you be asking £200 million ?
  11. paddyowl


    No doubt he should have gone by now but I fear option 2 is the reason he's still here and why we are going to struggle to replace him with a half decent manager.
  12. The word legend gets used far too much these days in football speak and LB is definitely not one but he is the closest thing that we have had in the last 20 years. If our current squad applied the same determination and fight that Bullen had when he played, i'm sure we'd be in a far better state than what we are now. Any one doubting his commitment and application must have a screw loose.
  13. paddyowl

    Alan wheen

    Fly High Big Man !!! RIP.
  14. paddyowl

    Big Viv Anderson - 40 years on

    Ffffffforty years ago, ffffffffffffookin hell.
  15. paddyowl

    Happy 60th Bob Bolder!

    My 1st Wednesday Keeper, Signed from Dover.