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  1. Still there, stewards milling about looking confused. Much more litter this morning
  2. A few Dodgy patches viewed from the north today, but generally ok
  3. OwlontheRock

    Ash Baker

    Agreed, great crosses and importantly showed composure for a young inexperienced player
  4. OwlontheRock

    The Wednesday Tap

    It's a nice place once you actually manage to find it. Signage needs improving so you can see it exists from both leppings lane and Penistone Rd. Kids are allowed in on non match days apparently, really hope it succeeds but people need to know it's there .
  5. OwlontheRock

    Big Ian

    Really sad to hear this. I knew him through Wednesdayite, travelling on the away coach and in the ground. He was a true supporter following the Owls through good and (mainly) bad times. As Daz says, pity he didn't manage to see us get back to the good times. RIP Ian, I feel priviliged to have known you.
  6. OwlontheRock

    If you pay on the day, stay away.

    I've done that Nigel, its called 'seen it all before, cant bear it anymore'.... comes with advancing years
  7. Hutchinson treading a fine line....
  8. OwlontheRock

    You're as Sheffield as?

    My thoughts exactly. Been working in Gibraltar and living in Costa del sol for last 3 years and another year to go. Will be back to Sheffield tho. Life good here but wears a bit thin after a while. You don't realise how great Sheffield is until you have to leave.
  9. OwlontheRock

    Gibraltar on Friday

    Is that Ivy Bar Alcaidesa?
  10. OwlontheRock

    Gibraltar on Friday

    Yes - although I'd rather be int' Rawson where's it on in Gib? Coming down like stair rods atm
  11. OwlontheRock

    Lees to Norwich?

    Hope you're right joel - could be the test we are waiting for in terms of ambition. I'm old enough to remember Brunt etc .....which is why I'm probably more worried about this than I should be.
  12. Sorry if Popes dead, but heard on Radio Norfolk (partners a Norwich fan) that NCFC are thinking about putting in a bid for Tom Lees in January -
  13. Exactly - it's stylish yet functionally warm with a hood option in case of snow....