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  1. RIP Barry, lovely man, Wednesday through and through
  2. You and a lot more, tram stop busy at about 10 pm some people have very short memories, at least he didn't call is " cretins" .......
  3. She was pretty good tbh, probably the sharpest on that table
  4. DC said he was too tired to have a plan . He also said he had to sort out the FFP issue all on his own with no helpers, could this be true or is he going for the sympathy vote?
  5. Don't worry DC said he was confident on that, in fact Saturday would signal an upturn
  6. Amazing, he said earlier in the evening he wasn't going to sell as who would want to buy swfc
  7. Katrien smoothed that one over with some comment on cultural differences, rather than the alleged ' bullying,' Rhodes spoke about
  8. Interesting as he had previously said he wouldn't criticise his staff/ players in public, only in private, then he came out with the Abdi stuff. Actually the room applauded him for confronting Abdi about his alleged attitude.
  9. Having been there tonight, I think this sums him up perfectly.
  10. Still there, stewards milling about looking confused. Much more litter this morning
  11. A few Dodgy patches viewed from the north today, but generally ok
  12. Agreed, great crosses and importantly showed composure for a young inexperienced player
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