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  1. Harris is so frustrating. He never looks for the run or the through ball pass from the Wingback or Cm. He demands the ball deep and attempts to beat the winger at the start of the season it was working but I think he's been sussed now. His performances have been gradually getting worse. I'd have sent Murphy back along time ago! Harris has the potential but Murphy is just useless!
  2. Dawson - 7.5 Good distribution Odubajo - 7.5 Played well and seems to be gaining confidence. Iorfa - 8.5 Guys a unit and has a real burst of pace. His heading of the ball isn't the best however he makes up for this with unbelievable anticipation and acceleration. Lees - 7.5 Captain steady. Fox - 7.5 Didn't put a foot wrong and was very good defensively. Very happy for him as he has more than cemented his place at left back which I never thought I'd say. Murphy - 6 Tried hard but wasn't his day. Hutchinson - 9 This guy is unreal, his determination to win the ball back is insane and a pleasure to watch. Good range of passing and he seems fitter and faster this season. My man of the match Bannan - 6 Amazing how some people see games differently as a previous poster said he played well. I thought the opposite, quite negative with the ball and when he did pass forward tended to go to a Brentford man. Unusual off day for Bannan. Harris - 7. 5 Defensively superb, attacking always a threat and never stopped running. Fletcher - 9 Just pipped by Hutchinson for my MOM won some great headers, never let his head drop and is always a pain for the opposition. Nuhiu - 5 I like him but he wasn't very good today. Rhodes - 8 played very well when he came on and completely changed the dynamics of our team. Well done. Maybe when %100 a possible Fletch / Rhodes partnership? Reach - 7 Positive substitution Luongo - N/A
  3. Could someone upload the goals please?
  4. Wednesday all day long for me. If Wednesday were playing live on Tele in a MASSIVE competition I'd be so nervous, I'd also be counting down the seconds for kick off. Don't get me wrong I want England to do well but for me there's no comparison! UTO
  5. was driving through Portsmouth yesterday and this lorry passed me with a swfc flag behind his seat...boy I went flipping mental head out of the window and everything. that's when you know your a owl! Does anyone else do this?
  6. In all fairness no stewards that close by. I'm not sure why I chose to ignore but next time I will not. People who were sat by did look disgusted and there were a few comments but he was never confronted.
  7. I was shocked too. Like i said in my OP never really heard anything like that at Hillsborough. Worst thing he was sat with a child too I'm assuming his grandchild.
  8. I agree should have reported him! I was with a 12 year old and am not really one for confronting some one and I did feel it was important to share on here as this should not be happening.
  9. I was at the match on Saturday as per usual and what a game it was. Fantastic first half performance, great atmosphere and what a finish by Antonio! However I was left slightly disappointed by a comment of a supporter who was sat 3 rows in front of me. When JJ missed the sitter and should have squared it to Madine this particular man stood up and shouted "get the black b*stard of the pitch". At first I pretended that I didn't hear it but my little brother immediately asked me if I'd heard what the man had just shouted. To be honest I was quite shocked firstly that he was openly being racist and secondly it was towards one of our own players. I'v been following Wednesday all my life (21 years) home and some away and have never really heard any racist comments or chants. I'm writing this now as I only started thinking about it on my way home and to be honest it pissed me off that I didn't put him in his place and the fact that no one else did either. My little brother (who was sat by my side) is a minor and is of mixed race. I'm all for banter and understand kids may hear things if taken to games which I understand but this for me was unacceptable and crossed the line. This particular man was prob in his early 60's and it may have been deemed acceptable in his day but it ain't now, anyway the fool left after Carlisle equalised and missed our winner which made me smile. All in all it was a gr8 day and let's hope the blunts mess it up! UTO
  10. Brought up in Heeley Green and considering how close the sty is it's surprising how many owls live round here.
  12. Megson has made me proud to be an owl again. My team are no longer full of pathetic *******, they are a team of battlers and fighters. U made me proud sunday and the smile that I had after the game only left last night once I had heard u had gone. Never thought i would get attatched to a manager as we have seen so many come and go. I will be singing ur name at dale on saturday. U will be back. Uto
  13. Gutted for meggo. Really pissed off at the mo. Would be unreal if he was sat with us at dale. Deflated owl at the mo......
  14. CRAZZYY! Bad timing, our players looked like they were brimming with confidence after the Derby win. O'grady's goal celebration showed they were with megson. Hopefully this will not cause a divide within the team.
  15. Enjoyed reading that and yes the kop was definately rocking my friend. Chris Evans seems a top bloke and sounds likes he loves it here.
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