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  1. If he sacks Monk, Chansiri would only leave Bullen in charge until the end of the season. Wake me up when the lot have gone including Monk, Bullen, rest of coaching staff, rotten Apples in the club and all of the out of contract players.
  2. This would be a great idea in my opinion. Championship 20m League 1 10m League 2 5m Every single club has to adhere to these rules and create a team within this wage cap. Would be interesting!
  3. I can't take any more of this. I'm off to bed ..
  4. Nuhui was dropped because of his footballing abilities in 99% sure as I think he's a terrible footballer. Westwood and Hutchinson are arguably our best two players and no manager in the right mind would drop these 2 and especially when we are desperate for points for this reason alone I assume that the manager must have been undermined or something serious must have kicked off. If the reason for our slump is down to these 2 then I seriously think the power they both hold is an issue and both should leave. These 2 players aren't our saviours they are both out of contact and then end of season I think and we all know they ain't getting a new contract. We need to let it go.
  5. People on here crying about Westwood and Hutch. These guys have both been dropped again by a complete different manager, do you think this is down to their footballing abilities or perhaps they're a bad influence or somewhat troublesome. Hutch only manages 50% of games a season... He's either injured or suspended and Westwood exactly the same injured most of the time We need a good clear out, let's try and survive this season and start building correctly. Let's look long term and recruit young hungry players who want to play for us and will take pride in playing for us. No player is bigger than SWFC.
  6. I'd release Hutch straight away as well as Westwood ...
  7. I want to know which idiot was clapping...
  8. I don't even care whether Monk has lots the dressing room or not but I will never forgive these bunch of pansies that play for us right now. I hate every single player more than I hate the manager. There isn't 1 player out there in that team I would be bothered about losing. Weak, spineless, cowards!
  9. Both our recent managers have come in and frozen the exact same two players out. Westwood and Hutchinson are both quite possibly our best players however I doubt very highly that they have both been frozen out on footballing abilities but probably more to do with their attitude. These managers see these players day in day out and I don't think it's a coincidence that it's happened again. I think we need to stop asking the same questions over and over again and use our common sense. I also think that these kind of players are the root of our issues. No player is bigger than our club and we will be here a lot longer then these guys. If their attitudes stink then get rid! Wonder what Wilder would do? The sooner we have a good clear out the better in my eyes, change our business module, recruit young hungry lower league players (Brentford style) and just build for the future.
  10. Really? I thought it was one of his better games tbh and considering he was playing at left back rather thank RB! You should cut him some slack. Think we defended quite well on Saturday as a team.
  11. Millwall have smashed the supertram up 3 years in a row and guess what they'll do next year?! Why don't we just refuse public transport for the scum bags!
  12. Hutchinson left the training ground very early this morning before any of the players arrived with a suitcase.
  13. I couldn't care less if they stop playing for him now- I want %80 of these players gone and if by doing that we need to have a terrible season then so be it. I'm behind Monk on this one.
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